4-Year Old Dinosaur B'day Party

Updated on April 06, 2010
K.S. asks from Billings, MT
12 answers

My son wants a dinosaur-themed party. Any good ideas for games/cakes/decorations?

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Thanks for great ideas. I wish I could hire some of you to come and do the planning!

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answers from Indianapolis on

I'd try something like Oriental Trading company or Kipp Brothers to see what decorations/goodies you can find that aren't too expensive.

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answers from Dallas on

My son had a dinosaur party and we had a great time. I made paper mache giant eggs with plastic dinos inside. All the kids had to break their eggs to get the dinos out. The kids had a blast and still talk about it 3 years later. With it being close to Easter you might be able to find some eggs at at your local craft store. Good luck



answers from Salt Lake City on

First, the inviations-Cut TWO identical egg-shaped pieces of cardboard stock paper or construction paper. Take one piece and cut it in half in a zigzag pattern. (You've just created the top and bottom halves of a broken egg.) Glue the bottom half exactly over the uncut oval cardboard.

On the top part of the uncut cardboard, write: "BREAKING NEWS! Dinosaurs discovered in (your hometown)!! Come and join in on the new discovery at our cave (address) - at (time). Please don't be extinct!! RSVP to prehistoric parents (phone #)." (You can also finish each kid's name with "-osaurus".)
Now, here's the coolest part! Take the top half of the cardboard you cut before and use a brass fastener to connect it over what you've just written. The fastener allows the top part (that's hiding the written part) to open upwards as if the egg is breaking.
If you don't feel like doing all that work for a invitation, you can place the invitations inside a dinosaur (Easter) egg or cut out a dinosaur footprint and decorate it.

Party food
Dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets (available at the frozen food section of some of the large supermarkets)
Dinosaur Bones (pretzel sticks)
Pasta-Raptor Salad (pasta salad)
Chicken wings for the meat eaters and a vegetable tray for the plant eaters.
Bronto bites (BBQ meatballs)
Brontosaurus Burgers
Dino Dogs
Tyrannosaurus Mex-Dip with Fossil Fries (potato chips)
Hot lava (chili) and rocks (cornbread)
Red punch as "Lava" Juice (you can also swirl in some orange sherbet into the punch for a thicker effect)
Green soda pop (or 7up with green food coloring) as "Swamp water"
Games http://www.coolest-kid-birthday-parties.com/dinosaur-game...

I have been waiting for one of my children to want a dinosaur party so I could give each guest their own dinosaur egg. Cover small balloons with paper mache. Leave one side open. When its dry, pop the ballon and fill with any dinosaur favors you want, then close the open end with paper mache . When its dry, paint them, either the same or different designs. They can be used as decorations and party favors. So fun.
Birthday express has party ideas as well.Good luck


answers from St. Louis on

Have the kids paint 'dinosaur' eggs - hardboiled eggs (or maybe make paper mache balls that are larger).

Tie animal gummies to a string and have a race to see who can eat their 'animal' the fastest without using their hands. Or just have each one try if you do not want competition.

Dinosaur hunt - this could be where you have several plastic dinosaurs placed throughout the yard or house (kind of like looking for easter eggs). Tell each kid they have to find 1 then bring it to you.

Make dinosuar shaped sugar cookies then let them decorate them.

Pin the Teeth on the T-Rex (or Pin the tiny hands)

Print out pictures of different dinosaurs and put them around the house. Name the food accordingly - dinosaur chips, T-Rex dip, etc. Streamers and balloons in your son's favorite colors.

Cake - any dinosaur shaped one will do. Or see if they can make one that looks like a field with hills and rivers and put plastic dinosaurs on it.



answers from Philadelphia on

we did a dinosaur dig at a local farm near us last summer, and a friend of mine used a few of the ideas for her son's birthday party.

they buried some "fossils" in the sand, and strung out some boxed areas for the kids to help dig out the bones, using old toothbrushes.

they also dug for fossils by sifting sand.... the farm hid sharks teeth in the sand (they had a huge bag of them). you could make the sifting boxes pretty easily... they stapled screen onto a frame.

they made fossils with plaster of paris and shells (you could use anything for that, or make handprints, whatever).

they built a volcano and exploded it.

For food, they have those chicken nuggets that are shaped like dinosaurs!!!



answers from Topeka on

I was going to do this for my son's 5th birthday but he changed his mind I found some dinosaurs at the Dollar Tree for party favors there small ones and then they had some med.sized ones that I bought a whole bunch of for his cake I was going to make a huge tiered cake and place these all over also if you go onto Shindigz they have great plates napkins etc or go to your local Party America they can be found there as well



answers from Honolulu on

try looking on E-bay



answers from Boise on

We got dinosaur decorations from Dollar Tree (I dont' know if they have those back East) and they were fun! Try your local dollar store if they have a party section.

For a cake, make it easy on yourself and find some tiny dino toys. Of course, when I needed them, I couldn't find them, but I've seen them since. It's pretty easy to frost a cake with hills and a little river or pond or something, then stick dinosaurs around on it. I have some little plastic palm trees that would look cool, too. Which brings me to another suggestion for the cake. I discovered that WalMart will sell you their little plastic decorations from the bakery. Ours was a Diego set (that came with a Diego toy and the palm trees), but i bet they have a dino theme, too. They run about $5.

We didn't do any games, because he was only 2, but you can always draw a dino on big paper, cut it out, and cut the tail off. Tape the body to the wall and have the kids pin the tail back on. Have your son get out all his dino toys for decorations, and let all the kids play with them after opening gifts.



answers from Seattle on

Check out www.pepperspollywogs.com and search for dinosaur party. She has great kid party plans that will give you some great ideas. Sounds like a ton of fun!



answers from Pittsburgh on

the best place for ideas is www.celebrations.com
They have everything for party games and cakse and ideas
and http://www.orientaltrading.com for your party supplies




answers from Philadelphia on

We had a dinosaur party last year and I purchased most of the supplies and favors at the Dollar Store and Oriental Trading. The big hit with the kids was the dino dig in the sand box. We buried interesting shells and rocks then gave the kids mini shovels, sand sifters and brushes. They were so excited each time they found a "fossil" and it kept them busy much longer than I expected. We also had pin the tail on the dino skeleton and I hung foam pterodactyl fliers all around as decorations.



answers from Allentown on

As a children's party leader with Noah's Ark Animal Workshop, I often need to find games, foods, and decorations to fit specific party themes. What I usually do is an online search which always gives me tons of ideas. Just type "dinosaur theme party" in the search window and you will get a whole list of websites with fun ideas for a dino party. Also, check out www.orientaltrading.com for theme-related crafts, prizes, decorations, etc.

If you want to add something really special, consider a stuff-your-own dinosaur activity led by a Noah's Ark party leader. It's an awesome craft activity and unique party favor all in one! Details at www.partiesbyvicki.com.

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