Toddler Dinosaur Party Ideas

Updated on September 16, 2010
C.M. asks from Denton, TX
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My son's 2 year birthday party will be here in October. It will be a dinosaur theme with a few relatives and other toddlers invited. So far I'm going to hide small dinosaurs and other related objects in the sandbox for digging. I'm also going to make a dino board with holes for the kids to throw bean bags through. I already have a cake planned out. I'm looking for other fun ideas to add to the party....either activities or food or decorations.


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answers from Washington DC on

If you are serving lunch, you HAVE to do the Tysons Dino nuggets!!

You could also buy large eggs at a craft store and they can decorate dino eggs.

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answers from Honolulu on

input "dinosaurs" in their search box. LOTS of dinosaurs things will come up.
This is a good site and which many of my friends use as well.
Nice quality stuff and cute 'personalized' items.

good luck,

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answers from Kansas City on

Sounds adorable! I think you probably have enough activities for a 2 year old party. I would only do 1-2 games/crafts and that's what you have, so I think you're good! Other than that just set out some play toys and let them occupy themselves for a while.

For food some other ideas are to make jello-jigglers (make the jello in a jelly roll pan) and cut them out with dinosaur cookie cutters (which would also make a cute addition to a goody bag), you could also serve chicken wings and have them be terodactyl wings instead.

For party favors I'm sure they would love dinosaur figurines or some safari hats (looking kind of like a paleontologist hat) that you can get at US Toy or probably Oriental Trading. Also some dino cookie cutters or dino shaped cookies (buy pre mixed nestle toll house dough, smash it into a jelly roll pan, bake and then cut out dino shaped cookies...also works with brownies)

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answers from Tallahassee on

Hi there my son's 1st birthday is in October too! I have used they have a cute dinosaur theme that we are using. Have fun!

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answers from Houston on

my husband's favorite party was a dinosaur/caveman party when he was little. they ate bbq chicken wings (pterodactyl wings).

another fun excavating project, is to freeze pans of ice with little toys and such in it. the children can have fun chipping away at the ice, melting it with a pipette and such to get the treasures (which could be a small toy dinosaur or something from a party store pack).

they hung large dinosaur cutouts they made from poster board from the ceiling of flying dinosaurs and other dinosaurs on the wall.

you can make dinosaur footprints from cardboard and make a trail, the kids have to follow it for a prize or look for clues to find the dinosaur nest, which will have dino eggs they can all decorate then later eat.

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answers from Detroit on

My friend just threw a dinosaur party for her 5 year old and she got a bunch of stuff from the oriental trading website. She got dinosaur themed activities and decorations from there just a few weeks ago.

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answers from Dallas on

We used dinosaur cookie cutters on peanut butter sandwiches. Simple and the kids loved them.


answers from Dallas on

Just an idea (I don't know what your budget allows), but I offer Build-a-Bear type parties at homes where the children actually stuff the animals with their own hands AND we have two kinds of dinosaurs for children to pick from.
It's a cute idea because it is a great hands-on activity that 2 year olds can do and it is a wonderful take home gift for the children (in lieu of the typical "junk" that we normally send home).
Just an idea. Here is my website for more info:

R. :)

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