Girl's Dinosaur Birthday Party

Updated on June 16, 2008
P.B. asks from Occoquan, VA
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My oldest daughter is turning 5 at the end of July and has strongly requested a dinosaur party. She wants it to be "girly". I know very well about those party suggestion websites, but none I have found has specifically addressed a GIRLS dinosaur party... I have found TONS of ideas for dinosaur parties, and I am going to use some, but I also wanted to sneak in some "girly" things... So, I'm just asking if anyone has any ideas that could make an aspect or two of the party girly???

I'm aware that I can use pink tablecloths, balloons, cups, etc...(haha) Maybe an activity you can think of though??? The party is catering to all girls (except one boy) ages 3 to 6.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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Rebecca, I'm guessing you are familiar with The Oriental Trading Company? If not, this is a website / catalogue where you can order party favors and decorations for almost any theme at very low cost.

I didn't scour the site, but did notice they have craft kits you can buy, like "Dinosaur Necklace / Nametage Craft Kit" -- $5.95 for a dozen! I liked this one because the girls can make necklaces while the boy guest (or a non-girly-girl) can opt to make his/hers into a nametage, or whatever. And, if you want to make the project more "girly" you could provide glitter, ribbons, beads as an option to jazz it up.

There are probably other ways you can adapt a dinosaur theme...this is completely off the top of my head, so not very brilliant (I'm sure you can do better, but maybe this will trigger some ideas at least...)

You can call it a "Dinosaur Tea Party" or "Dinosaur Dance Party". For the dance party, you could let the children dress up in "dance clothes", tutus and so forth. Games could include a dino-themed version of musical chairs -- I'd call it "Extinction" or could also cut out "dinosaur footprints" in different colors, tape them to the floor and create a game like T-Rex Twister -- or you could number the dino footprints and create a "dance" where the kids have to hop on certain numbers as you call them out...

again, just off the top of my head...but best luck with the party!



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I was at A.C. Moore shopping for some foam craft stuff for a younger girl's party... I was surprised and interested by a lot of the foam stickers they have, which can be used to decorate foam sun visors, door hangers, etc. They definitely had dinosaur stickers and I think they may have even had some in some neutral or girly shades.

The other thing I noticed was little wooden cutouts of many different animals (at least one type of dinosaur spotted)...which can be fun used in a painting activity. It's terrific fun to have the children get a chance to paint and each child can use whatever color(s) appeal to them.

That's all I can think of at the moment... good luck!

Oops...just thought of something else... pin the tail on the dinosaur if you can freehand it (or get someone else to freehand it for you). I'm sure there are other dinosaur crafty things that could be located too. A.C. Moore is practially endless!



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That's a really cute and funny request--I love it!

Hmmm...can you give out stuffed dinosaurs--and put little tutus on them? Or if you know how to use a sewing machine, have the girls help make tutus for their own stuffed dinosaurs?

Have a Dinosaur tea-party: go to a discount store or dollar store and look for those really big tea cups and serve tea or hot cocoa in the giant cups (not giant amounts, just giant cups ;). You could hard boil eggs and make them green and mottled with egg dye kits and they could be dinosaur eggs. Or the guests could dye their own dinosaur eggs for the tea party.

You know those plastic eggs they sell around easter? If you could find big ones--you could do some sort of a game or scavenger hunt with them.

Go to and put the word dinosaur into the search engine--I bet you'll get a lot of ideas for games/favors there.

Have fun!



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Think Flintstones. Dino was purple. I found this link of a few Flintstones party supplies on Ebay.

For true dinos I found this website. They have lots of cool stuff that could be used for a girls party.
Some things that I saw were rings, cookie cutters (- make sugar cookies and let them decorate.), pencils, notebooks, face masks, etc.

She may also consider a Dragon Tales party. Like look similar to dinosaurs. Here is a link to stuff.




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Well, a big question I have is are you going realistic with the dinos or cartoony?
You can do 'girly' things like make jewelry (bracelets, necklaces, etc) or decorate pre-baked sugar cookies, perhaps paint-your-own pottery or wood plaques, etc.
If your dinos are pink/purply and cartoony, it's harder to make the event be for both boys and girls, but if you're doing realistic, you should be able to easily accomodate both. Even boys can wear a simple thong necklace with a dinosaur & wood beads on it.
Oriental Trading is a great resource, so are the craft stores.
Good luck and have fun!

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