Decorating Baby Girl Nursery

Updated on February 02, 2009
J.P. asks from Delray Beach, FL
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Hi, ladies. I am a first-time mom having a baby girl. My colors are pink/choc. brown/white/silver. I will need to have some lamps or wall sconces and i prefer some that have crystals. Does anyone know where I can get them not too expensive or does anyone have smg like that they'd like to sell? Bellini has some but WAY too pricey. Thanks

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answers from Boca Raton on

Check with homegoods and tj maxx. I have seen some great stuff there for girls. Also if you are looking to make a little extra money, I am having a ladies night at my house on Friday. The jeweler will be here around 7:30pm to buy any of your old gold or silver jewelry that you don't want. They are very generous, maybe this will help you decorate. Good Luck!! LisaM



answers from Boca Raton on

Hi Jaymi,

I was just at a store in East Boca Raton called Bliss Monograming. It was my first time in the store and I love it! I'm not sure if they carry wall sconces, but I did see some small lampshades. They have the most adorable stuff: preserved topiaries, personalized signs for your home, glassware, bibs, burpclothes, and much more. They do have a nice selection of baby items that they will paint/decorate in any color and monogram them for you, like room signs (very cute). They have a website, but not everything they sell is on there.

Also, I do baby shower invitations and birth announcements if you're interested (I live in Boynton). I'll send a separate email with my info.

L. D



answers from Miami on

Hi, Jaymi, Try Ikea. They have a great lighting section, and you can't beat their prices.



answers from Miami on

Shop the consignment stores, dear; and many blessings on your first born!!!

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