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Updated on June 30, 2009
P.H. asks from Kannapolis, NC
14 answers

My mother-n-law told me about a diet where you are allowed fruit up until lunch.. Then lunch you eat a salad and either a carb or lean meat.. Then at dinner your allowed the opposite. Like if u had meat at lunch you eat a carb for dinner. Supposedly you can lose a pound a day. Has anyone ever heard of this and if so, do you have more details? I know fad diets are not good for you but tell me anyway haha!

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answers from Jacksonville on

Any "diet" works as long as you follow it. But, as every dieter knows, going off the diet causes the weight to come back, usually with extras. Maintaining a new weight for life means adopting a new lifestyle. Research has shown that only 2% of people keep the weight off for 5 years or more. Good luck finding a solution!

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answers from Knoxville on

That isn't really such a crazy diet, as long as you are still eating a balance of foods during the course of the day. Many people think it benefits our bodies to eat only fruit in the mornings, since it aids the elimination process. And as long as you are still getting the protein and carbs you need, it should be ok, just make sure you are not leaving any vital things out of your overall diet.



answers from Louisville on

yeah they had this on the show the doctors it was a no go. sorry! wish it were true lol



answers from Louisville on

Oh, P., absolutely not! The body needs each and every item in the health pyramid to function properly. If you aren't able to eat right, which happens to be my biggest problem! try just adding one fruit and one veggie to your diet each day...after getting used to that, add another. Try to not eat sugary foods, instead reach for an apple. The body needs it's protein, carbs even fat to work right. Now that doesn't mean we eat all the fat we can! although I would love to, but it has been recommended by doctors to use regular salad dressing with your salad so the body can break down the minerals it needs by the fat content. I know it's alot but the main thing is increase your veggies and fruit and by all means, take a 30 minute walk every day! That in it's self will make a difference. Good luck and hope this helps. Remember, it took us years to gain it and may take years to lose it. It's not magic!



answers from Fayetteville on

HI P.,

You didn't mention your age, but by your kids ages, I'm assuming you're over 35 (like me!). Unfortunately, our metabloism slows down with age. Diets of any kind are not really going to work on their own, you need to add exercise. Also, diets are not going to really help if you go back to your original eating plan. A calorie is a calorie and it doesn't really matter what type of food you ate - you need to burn more calories than you take in - end of story. If you are healthy, I don't think this diet will really hurt you. What you really want to watch is that you're not losing water weight - you just gain that back as you drink fluids! I think the big benefit of this diet is that if you are eating fruit (mostly water) you are not eating other things that are full of calories and you will lose some weight. The question is if you can really live like this. Good luck! L.



answers from Louisville on

Hi, like the other lady said...sounds like Fit for Life. Funny thing is, I heard about this from MY Mother-in-Law...she had the book (from the 80s). I'm terrible about staying on a prescribed diet but my DH tried it and had some success! Before this, he hated all fruit (weird) but at least he learned to like it and lost his "beer belly".

I have good results (but they are slow results) by eating nothing past 8:00pm, doing some sort of excercise (to me it's a walk or chasing my kids around the yard), and PORTION CONTROL at dinner...I use a smaller plate. But other than I don't like to be too strict on myself. If we want ice cream or something like that we do it in the afternoon instead of after dinner. More time to burn it off. :)



answers from Raleigh on

Hi P.,
Here is my two cents for what they are worth. :) There are 3 reasons why 'diets' don't work:
1) Everyone wants a quick fix,. Dieters often drastically restrict their calories or food choices now but return to their old habits once they reach their goal. (Later they 'find' that weight again. That's why I refuse to use the word 'lose' weight. I found it again too many times before making lifestyle changes.)
The solution is permanent lifestyle changes to achieve sustained weight loss and great health.
2) Fad diets = unbalanced nutrition. To often, diets focus on specific types of foods or nutrients and disregard the important of everything else, leading to unbalanced nutrition.
Solution: For optimal nutrition, our bodies need a balanced variety of nutrients, including the right types of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.
3) The High-Glycemic Trap: Eating high-glycemic foods can sabotage even the best of diet plans because the resulting spike and subsequent drop in blood sugar leads to a more rapid return to feelings of hunger. (It also causes brain fog and can cause hyperactivity - my daughter has ADHD and I watch her carbs very closely. It makes a HUGE difference!)
Solution: A better approach focuses on low-glycemic carbs, which help to moderate blood glucose levels, leaving you feeling full and satisfied longer.
We eat 3 meals a day and 3 snacks. Everything is low glycemic. We are avoiding processed, packaged foods as much as possible. It's a lot of work, but definitely worth it because this is how to avoid all of the diseases everyone is getting today.
Did you know that 1 in 3 of our kids will develop Type II Diabetes, and if they are African American or Hispanic, the number rises to 1 in 2?! My daughter (adopted) is Hispanic, and when I learned that, boy did I change what we were eating!
Sorry for the long note. Can you tell I'm passionate about this! :) Good luck. N.



answers from Wilmington on

I have heard of a diet that sounds like that but I have never tried it. If it works can you PLEASE give me the recipe. I need to loose some pounds.
Thank You.



answers from Louisville on

This diet just makes you focus on what you eat a little closer. When you eat consciously then you eat healthier and eat less. The research always comes back to calories in/calories out.

Vegetables, fruit, carbs and protein are all important and it doesn't matter when you eat them, in my opinion. I have noticed that beans at lunch keeps me from getting sleepy. Oatmeal or quinqoa are very healthy and filling carbs.

Also, I noticed I gain weight if I'm anemic so I take an iron pill in addition to my multivitamin. Antihistamines and other medications make it nearly impossible to loose weight.



answers from Louisville on

sounds like the way that is recommended in the Fit for Life books by harvey and marilyn diamond. those are the basic principles of natural hygiene and food combining. eat fruit alone. don't mix protein and starch. it was popular in the 80's.



answers from Parkersburg on

That sounds extremely unhealthy. The easiest way to lose weight is eating well-balanced meals with the correct combination of proteins, carbs...etc. AND eating every 3 hours. Smaller meals instead of 3 larger ones. By eating every 3 hours, you teach your metabolism to conserve less food because your body knows it will get more food in exactly 3 hours. And, with the correct combinations of nutrients each meal, you allow your metabolism to work better.

Check out and/or read the book The Fire Within by Matt Hackney - great information.



answers from Wheeling on

I don't know that this is a 'fad' diet. It sound pretty well-balanced. I mean, you can't have every nutrient in one meal, anyway, so what you eat -- overall -- in a day just needs to be balanced.

Different things work for different people. A couple weight-loss 'musts' (that I've read, not practiced) are:
1) Drink lots of water
2) Write down everything you eat.

These seem to be the biggest 'universal' helps in losing weight.

You need to eat early in the morning, too, to get your metabolism started. Otherwise, your body goes into 'starvation mode' and tries to RETAIN what it has in it. If you get things moving, you can actually eat more! Just make sure you don't live on snack foods (chips, sweets, etc -- like I do way too much). I've also read to always eat protein first thing in the morning. Don't know that it makes a difference (except maybe for some people), but the diet you refer to is the opposite . . .

Whatever you do, just do it 'by the book' and consistently.

Good luck and God bless!



answers from Nashville on

I have heard of this, and it is a totally healthy, great way to lose weight. Any diet works, if you work he diet, and of course, exercise. But, this diet would make you feel and look great, as you are getting healthy from the inside out!! Good luck and God bless!



answers from Nashville on

When it comes to losing weight the only thing that has ever worked for me is this: Eat less, exercise more.

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