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Updated on March 29, 2011
J.B. asks from Garfield, WA
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my husband is starting the low carb diet at the beginning of april and he wants me to start with him. i told him i would try but i feel that its more of a mans diet since its high protein. is there women out there that have had success with a low carb diet. also what were your favorite low carb meals. also how were you able to give up bread (i love it). thank you!

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answers from Honolulu on

'Carbs'... is a catch all phrase.
It does not specify... starches, legumes/veggies, complex carbs, simple carbs, sugars, etc.
All of these varying "carbs" are different and how it is digested and processed in the body.

So, to cut out ALL carbs or reduce it to a bare minimum... is not real balanced.

Also, if a person has an existing kidney issue... too much protein is REALLY bad for them. The kidneys cannot process, all the protein.

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answers from Pocatello on

Yes I did a Low carb diet once and I loved it! It really worked too. It was my first year out at college and I gained that dreaded freshman 15. Well actually I only gained about 10 but still I wasn't happy that all my pants were getting too tight. So I just did a low carb diet and it worked like a charm. I did have some carbs but I tried to make it healthy ones and tried to limit them to just fresh foods. Like I ate tons of fruit or veggies. I like to get the frozen veggies with cheese. I ate lots of salads. Lots of Eggs and bacon. I would grill chicken breast and eat that with salad. I ate yogurt and jello for snacks a lot. I would eat a big steak for dinner with cheesy veggies. I would also eat sandwiches in lettuce wraps. Like put turkey, ham, cheese, pickles a little mustard in a big lettuce leaf and roll it up. It was pretty tasty. I have to tell you I never really felt hungry while on the diet and I totally lost all the weight. I say go for it!

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answers from Jacksonville on

Yep. I did it after the birth of our second child and it worked wonders for me. You really don't feel hungry if you eat what you should. When you get those hunger pangs, eat some protein, and they will go away WITHOUT carbs. Carbs beget more carb eating, in my experience. I found it much easier to each 30 grams of carbs per day, than when I was allowed to add a few more in (like 55 grams of carbs per day).
Start your day with a couple of eggs, or a ham/cheese omelette. That should help you feel satisfied (and provide adequate protein... which you probably should try to average 15-20 grams per meal, i.e., 3 x per day) until at least lunchtime. For me, if I made it a 3 egg omelette, I wouldn't be hungry again until 1 or 2 pm. Have salads with lots of fresh veggies (red bell pepper, cucumber, olives, tomato, radishes, but try to avoid carrots... they have more carbs in them) and full fat dressing.
And read labels. You will be astounded when you realize what they actually say. Every "lowfat" item I ever looked at had more sugar/carbs than the full fat version. So stay away from "lowfat" products! Know that a gram of carbohydrate is treated by your body just like sugar. It's simply a matter of whether it is a simple sugar or more complex... low or high glycemic index... like a spoonful of table sugar vs. half an apple. White bread is like eating a spoonful (or 3) of pure sugar. Substitute all your breads for "light" bread. There are actually a few good ones out there.

A wonderful snack for me, was a single thin slice of light bread (like pepperidge farms or Sara Lee or Nature's own light breads... all are around 6-8 carbs per slice if I remember right) toasted, and smeared with peanut butter. Or celery with peanut butter. Or a handful of walnuts or almonds or peanuts or hazelnuts or pumpkin seeds!

My fav low carb meal was breakfast (omelette with cheese, mushrooms, peppers/onions and a side of bacon with coffee and half n half) and a steak dinner with a side salad and ranch dressing. No potato. No bread on the side.
I too love bread. It is always my down fall. To give it up... just don't bring it into the house. ONLY allow LIGHT bread in the house, and write down every carb you consume until you get the hang of it.
When you feel sick/hungry... eat a handful of almonds or peanuts, and drink a glass of water.
Good luck with it. If you stick with it for awhile, a slice of birthday cake will literally make you feel sick.

Greek yogurt is awesome for this eating style. WAY better than "regular" yogurts. Double protein and very few carbs. My hubby LOVES it.

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answers from Chicago on

You may wish to consult a registered dietitian or nutritionist before going on such a fad-style diet. Any diet that nearly cuts out an entire essential nutrient group is to be avoided as it is not healthy for you. The key is to reduce or limit carbs that have no nutritional value and to continue to consume complex carbohydrates that are healthy for you. Carbs are the body's preferred source of energy and certain types of carbs can actually help curb cravings because they help you to feel fuller faster and keep you feeling fuller longer.

Good choices - fruits, vegetables, items with whole grains
Bad choices - pretty much any boxed/processed foods, foods with white sugar, white bread/pasta, etc/

Proteins - just because it is a protein does NOT mean it is a good choice. Beef products are good in moderation so eat them occasionally but not too often because they tend to be higher in saturated fat and cholesterol. Great sources of protein include beans, nuts, legumes, and such because they have the necessary amino acids and also tend to have unsaturated fats and essential fatty acids which are heart healthy.

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answers from Portland on

My good friend went on the Atkins diet and lost 75 pounds in 6 months with only walking as exercise. She "cheated on a 4 day vacation and gained 15 lbs back by the time she got home. Also was fitted for her bridesmaids dress and day of our wedding couldn't zip it up and the seamstress had to drive an hour to do an emergency alteration.

I think EVERY diet will ultimately fail because as soon as you stop the diet the weight comes back. I myself do semi low carb, I eat the majority of my carbs early in the day and proteins and veggies at dinner. My personal issue is trying NOT to eat late at night. Also eat breakfast, it really helps your metabolism kick in, otherwise your body goes on strike until you do eat. Also be realistic, cutting out things you love will only last so long and all foods can be good in moderation! It's a lifestlye change that's needed to keep the weight off. Try the low carb to lose the major weight and slowly add the carbs back into your diet in moderation.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Instead of low carb, eliminate the BAD CARBS - “stripped carbohydrates” in all their various forms like sugar [sucrose], flour, enriched white flour, enriched bleached flour, enriched wheat flour, wheat flour, semolina flour, white rice, maltodextrin, glucose, fructose, malt syrup, corn starch, dextrose, and levulose. Also, eliminate: Artificial Sweeteners (Truvia is ok), Added Caffeine, High Saturated Fats, MSG, Excess Alcohol, Excess Salt/Sodium (use sea salt). But you can have GOOD CARBS - fruits, vegetables, potatoes, brown rice, beans, corn, oatmeal, whole wheat, whole grain, whole oats. Add healthy fats like avocados, almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds & natural peanut butter.
And you must eat lots more protein - a serving with every meal - eggs, cottage cheese, low fat yogurt, fish, chicken, pork, beef, turkey.
All of this is outlined in a book I bought online at bellyfatfree.com. My husband and I have been on it for two weeks. He's lost 9 and I've lost 6. It's really easy and we are NEVER hungry.
This is how a day looks for us:
Breakfast: egg & whole grain toast or non-fat cottage cheese & fruit or oatmeal & a boiled egg.
Morning snack: Protein shake made with almond milk & fruit (mixed in or eaten alone)
Lunch: Any protein & any good carb; salad with chicken or a whole grain tortilla stuffed with turkey lettuce tomato or grilled fish tacos or meat & veggie sandwich on whole grain bread
Afternoon snack: plain yogurt with truvia & fruit or non-fat cottage cheese & fruit or natural peanut butter & whole grain crackers or boiled egg & veggies or a protein bar.
Dinner: Any protein & any good carb: pork roast with roasted potatoes; grilled fish & a salad; turkey & sweet potatoes; chicken & veggies
No counting calories, points or measuring. A serving size of protein is a piece of meat the size of a deck of cards. A serving size of carbs is approx 1-2 cups. Super easy!
oh, and drink LOTS of water!!! how much? Take your weight in pounds and divide by 2. This is how many ounces of water you should drink in a day. Drink 8oz before & after every meal and you'll get there easy.
I'm home all day, so this is easy for me. But my hubby works in an office and travels a lot so he has to be able to do it too. I pack his lunch & snacks for him and it's not a problem at all. And, when he's traveling? I send the protein powder pre-measured, he just has to find a drink to mix it in for the morning snack or breakfast meal. And I send protein bars for the afternoon snacks or sometimes breakfast meal. He can order a protein & a good carb at a restaurant for lunch & dinner.
As for bread, you can have it. Just look for whole wheat or whole grain and don't eat a ton of it!!! I miss white rice & noodles though :(

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answers from Los Angeles on

I did it for a while- lettuce wrapped anything is good! It is a nice sub for bread (which I am a sucker for!) I know women that have lost a lot of weight not eating carbs

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answers from Portland on

In my youth I did a sort of low carb diet which means I limited my carbs to healthy ones while adding more protein. A truly low carb/high protein diet is hard on your body. In recent years the glycemic index has come out and I think that what I was doing was eating carbs with a low glycemic index. I stayed away from potatoes, white rice, pasta, white bread. I always had protein at every meal. A salad with veggies and meat for example. I, too love bread, but rarely ate sandwiches. I saved my bread allotment for whole wheat rolls or even a slice of good French bread every once in awhile.

The key to losing weight is to eat in moderation. All protein doesn't provide all the nutrients that you need. It's my understanding that protein is more difficult to digest too.

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answers from Seattle on

Try the Zone 40-30-30 diet. It is amazing. You lose weight pretty quick when you follow the "Fat flush diet" and other diets in the book, with all the recipes. The food you can make is so yummy. I love their taco soup, and there is a cheese cake you can make that is a full meal. So good.

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