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Gestational Diabetes

I had gestational diabetes with two of my pregnancies. I was able to manage it with diet. I had to cut down on carbohydrates and sugars, and I would monitor ...

Gestational Diabetes

I had gestational diabetes with my first pregnancy and my diet became very controlled after the diagnosis. The one thing that I can tell you for snacks is: ...

Advice for Controlling Gestational Diabetes

The only thing I can suggest is your diet. Cut back on the carbs and sugar. I had gestational diabetes in the las trimester of my 2nd and last pregnancy. ...

Concerns About Gestational Diabetes

I had to test four times a day and be on a strict diet, but after going through all of these instructions with the diabetes dr, he said that I shouldn't ...

Gestational Diabetes

You'll have more information to make a decision about your diet. I also looked up "gestational diabetes diet" online and saw this link: ...

Gestational Diabetes

I had gestational diabetes in my 2 pregnacies. I can tell you everything about ! !!! I did the diet and the finger testing 5 times a day. ...

Just Found Out I'm Pregnant (At 40) and I'm 30 Lbs. Overweight! Help!

I had to go on a diabetes diet for gestational diabetes and it was GREAT! I was about 15 lbs overweight, and didn't gain too much while pregnant. ...

Gestational Diabetes?

So keep pestering the doc till they run the test. and then have them send you to diabetes education classs. usally you can control with diet. Good luck ...

Gestational Diabetes

I had gestational diabetes with my last two pregnancies. I controlled mine with diet and exercise alone. It is not that bad, you just have to plan your ...

Does Anyone Have a Child with Juvenile Diabetes?

Both of my maternal grandparents are Type 1 diabetic so it wouldn't be ... I know controling her diet is a HUGE help on how much insulin, if any, she takes. ...
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