Crayon and Carpet

Updated on June 12, 2009
M.G. asks from Keller, TX
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Our son did something way out of character and wrote with crayon all over our carpet. We do have a Bissel steam cleaner, but we haven't tried it yet. I want to get advice on what can take crayon out of carpet. Should we just use the steamer, or is something else better?

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answers from Dallas on

It's going to take a bit, but I suggest you do as you would with wax and put a paper bag over it and use and iron to melt it into the paper bag. Then what is left I would use oxyclean on with a damp, cool, clean cloth.

I wouldn't suggest the steam cleaner because it will heat up the wax in the crayon and possibly spread it. Of course, I have not had to face this myself, but that is what I would think would happen. GL!

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answers from Dallas on will tell you how to get any of their products out of just about anything. I printed out crayons on carpet and attached below but for future reference
click on for parents at the bottom of the blue window it says stain tips click on that.

How to remove Crayons (Regular) from carpet and upholstery:

Cleaning Materials
Paper towels
Dull knife or metal spoon
WD-40® (car part lubricant)
Liquid dishwashing detergent
Small stiff bristle brush
Amodex® ink & stain remover
Stain Removal Tips
Scrape excess crayon off with a dull-edge knife or metal spoon. Spray with WD-40 and let stand a few minutes. With a small, stiff bristle brush work crayon stain and wipe with paper towels. Respray with WD-40 and apply liquid dishwashing detergent on the sprayed area; work in with the brush and wipe stain away with a damp sponge. If stain remains, repeat the procedure. For another method, use any brand upholstery cleaner as directed on the container. Optional)-Amodex® ink & stain remover

PROCEDURE: Use according to directions on container.

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Mary Kay Eye Makeup & Lipstick Remover works well at removing crayon. I sell Mary Kay... Please visit my website at



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Since crayon is waxy I would suggest trying to remove it the same way as wax -- use an iron and piece of white cloth. Put the cloth over the stain, then iron the location and the crayon should tranfer to the cloth.

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