Cloth Diapers Vs. Disposable Diapers??

Updated on September 17, 2007
K.R. asks from Arlington, TX
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Hi everyone, I joined a little while ago but I now have my first question! How many of you use cloth diapers instead of disposables? Would you mind sharing your experiences? I am thinking of trying the Bumgenius All-in-one... Just looking for some other mommy's experiences! Thank you all!

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answers from Dallas on

I CD my kiddos and love it. I prefer a fitted or prefold in a Bumkins or Thirsties cover. Thirsties makes amazing fitteds called Fab Fitteds. You can also have prefolds converted to fitteds(prefitteds) and they are wonderful also. Not only do prefolds/fitteds dry quicker but they are more economical. I have had great luck with the ladies at Babies Bottoms and More in Plano.

And for more info on CDing, etc...

Good Luck!

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answers from Dallas on

I use the BumGenius all in one and love them. I will never use anything else!!



answers from Dallas on

I am using a combination of cloth and disposable for my twin 8 month old boys. Basically I use disposable at night as well as any time leakage would be problematic (i.e. traveling, etc). I used the Diaperraps (I think it's and have been very pleased. I bought the newborn to toddler package and have already run through the first two or three sizes as my boys have grown. Check out their site for more information and if you want to save some cash, I'd be happy to sell you what my boys have outgrown at a ridiculous price as I was planning on selling them at the Lake Cities Mothers of Multiples garage sale September 15th (7am - 2pm at Keller Lions Club Building) anyway. Just let me know before then if you are interested. You'd have to buy new liners, but that's the least expensive piece and I think you can buy them at Babies R Us and the like anyway.



answers from Los Angeles on

Hi K.,
I cloth diapered my first (now 3) and am doing the same for my now 4 month old daughter. It's great! Not only are the benefits great for the environment, they are cheaper, less diaper rash issues, and easy! I prefer the pre folds with a wrap. It is so much easier than people think. When I tell people I cloth diaper, I usually get the "oh wow" response...but if people understood how easy it is...:)I never had a service, and have always washed my own. And's not tons of laundry everyday...with a newborn, I washed a load every other day. There are places to learn about how to care for them, and how to wash and sanitize them. They offer classes (a previous response said where) and you can find a lot of info online. I used the for info. I bought all mine through a friend at In addition, I think it helps with potty training later. They feel the wet in response to the feeling of having to go...thus allowing them to understand the cause and effect sooner. I will say though....I use disposables when traveling or when we are out for really long periods of time. Finding the balance has worked for me! Good luck with your new bundle...enjoy every diaper change you's amazing how fast the time goes by!



answers from Dallas on

Hi K.! I use both. Disposables when I know I'm going to be out most if not all day. THen cloth at home and shorter errands or half days when I'll only use a couple cloth. I LOVE the bum genius diaper. I would suggest using the daiperaps liners so you can easily flush the poopies. I use it to teach my son that it goes in the potty. Hopefully it will help later with toilet traing too. I don't know since he is my first! ;)I waited to use the cloth till he was about 2 months since the first couple are so running and such. It isn't worth the mess at first. They are so small then anyway. There is a GREAT local shop in Richardson I go to. Bree's Bums, she now sells a lot of other baby items. It's a great little shop. Feel free to ask questions, the cloth diaper world is a big one!



answers from Dallas on

I don't have any advice on cloth diapers, but have you looked into flushable diapers? If you go to, you can get more info. I am most likely going to use them with my daughter that is due in January. I am not sure if you are wanting to help the environment, help protect against diaper rashes, or anything else that is motivating you, but I really see the benefits of the gdiapers. Just another route to consider.



answers from Dallas on

I used cloth on both my kiddos, now 6 & 3. The cloth diapers of today are definately not our mom's cloth diapers!!! I used the all-in-one from and found them to be very convenient and very comfy for my babies. I also used their flannel changing table was in the bathroom, so it was very easy to wet the wipes with warm water, rinse the dirty diapers in the potty and put them in the diaper pail.

Since your little one hasn't arrived yet, don't go out and spend a fortune on one type of cloth diaper....get one of a few types to try out when your little one gets here. It's very hard to tell which ones you will really like without a baby hiney wearing them!

:-) H.



answers from Dallas on

I'm the diaper service lady (Earth Baby Diaper Service) which you may want to consider for a couple of months while your adjusting and/or we can launder separately your purchased diapers.

Putting that aside you've just got to go to my partner's baby store. She has every imaginable cloth diaper (including Bumgenius All-In-One). She can give you the pros and cons of each brand. She's open from 10-4 T-Sat and the location is 635 Campbell Road in Richardson (between Floyd and Nantacket east of 75/west of Preston) two doors down from CiCi's Pizza - Bree's Baby a/k/a Bree's Bums. Seeing something on-line and actually touching and feeling the diapers makes a big difference when making your decision. Then you can buy there or go to her on-line store at your convenience. She can also give you the care instructions as well.

She also hold monthly diaper classes which I hear are envaluable to new parents.

Thank you in advance for considering cloth diapers which we feel is better for baby and better for our environment. As I tell potential moms - would you rather wear Depends or your cotton underware? It's a no brainer with us, but being fair I guess it's not for everyone. However, take a package of Depends to the hospital or birthing center. They do serve a purpose for a few days after having the baby.

Happy Diapering and congratulations. Let us know when your son is born. We're always excited to hear the news whether your using us or not.




answers from Dallas on

I've used cloth diapers on my 14-month-old since she was born. She wears them day and night and even daycare uses them.

I don't like All-in-One(AIO) diapers because they take too long to dry. For a newborn I love prefold diapers with a snappi and cover. I also liked some fitted diapers with covers when she was tiny.

Poket diapers are great. They are what we use for daycare. We use the BumGenius! one size pocket for the daycare. I used some FuzziBunz pockets when she was just a couple of months old and going to work with me.

At home we still primarily use prefolds, snappis, and covers. Last night she slept in a prefold with a Cottonbabies ( doubler and a knit wool cover. Wool is excellent for avoiding leaks.

I have tried many brands of diaper and love to talk about them if you want to contact me.

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