Seeking Cloth Diaper Reviews

Updated on November 06, 2008
K.F. asks from West Lafayette, IN
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I'm looking for input on cloth diapers. There seem to be so many options, and I don't even completely understand how some of these options work. If someone could give me some guidance on their own experience or research, that would be much appreciated.

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answers from Dayton on

We like both the BumGenius one size pocket diaper or the Happy Heiny one size. Both are great for us, but the reviews I read at had people who loved one and hated the other. I also have a few prefolds with Bummis covers that I like to. With the Bummis cover, I've even skipped the snappi and just folded it in thirds. Good luck!

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answers from Columbus on and say enough good things. wealth of info there. it will all boil down to your own personal preferences through trial and error. i just recommend getting a little of everything to try and you'll figure out quickly what you prefer. some companies even offer trial packages with the option to return stuff you dont want and some you just buy outright. good luck and have fun!

(my personal fav's are bamboo prefolds-soooo soft and soooo absorbant/stretchy with wool or fleece covers)



answers from Indianapolis on

The PP had the two places I would send you. Here's a great way to try some different types out:

I prefer OS pockets like Happy Heinies OS and bumGenius.



answers from Pocatello on

My girlfriend uses Bumgenius and they've worked great for her daughter.



answers from Evansville on

I read many of the responses and became educated. I chose cloth diapers for both of my sons, though most were using diaposables when my boys were babies about 25 years ago. Obviously there are far more choices available than when my guys were babies. Advantages to cloth diapers: environmentally more friendly, less expensive than disposables in the long run. Good luck!



answers from Toledo on

Have a diaper service or a wash machine, my mother had the diaper service, I had the wash machine. Even if you use cloth diapers you will want spare throw aways for when you leave the house (who wants to carry a poopy diaper around in the car...ewww.) Other than that its pretty easy, and better for you money wise. You need probably two packs of cloth diapers that you can request from your shower guests, plastic pants to go over them and diaper pins. I had to double them up at night as they got older to keep them from soaking the bed, but it is all easy to do. When I washed them , it was by themselves and sometimes I would put bleach in the washer. You pretty much have a small load a day. Also when you put the diaper on make sure the plastic pants are covering the whole diaper, other wise the pee gets the outer clothes wet. The plastic pants come in three sizes, the diaper stays the same. Very low incidence of diaper rash. Good luck.



answers from Terre Haute on

I love cloth diapers!
My favorites are generally pockets and AIOs. I like the bumgenius OS (one-size), Thirsties pocket AIOs, and Blueberry OS pockets the best. I also have several fitted (that require a cover). My favorite fitteds are Goodmamas, Mutts, and Thirstie Fab Fitteds. My favorite covers (besides wool), are Thirties and Bummis. We also do prefolds. Sometimes I just trifold them and lay them in the cover, then put it on like a regular diaper. I use snappis with prefolds, instead of diaper pins. My favorite prefolds are unbleached Indians. They're so soft! You can get them at, they're my favorite. I also have a few Peanutbutter&Ellie preflats that are uber soft and squishy!! I'm also looking into trying the new Goodmama trimfold, but they are sold out in the size I need right now.

Good luck! Cloth diapering is the best decision I ever made!

Oh, and I don't use a diaper service. I wash my own at home, and either line dry if the weather is nice, or throw them in the dryer! I wash every 2 or 3 days, depending.



answers from Cleveland on

Hi K.,
I used cloth diapers with all 5 of my children.the 1st 2 I washed them myself the last 3 I had a diaper service. All I did was dump them and then put them in the diaper pail they provided. They picked them up 2 times a week and left clean ones. They told us that they were our diapers being washed over and over We never had a problem with them or the kids getting rashes. I loved the service.



answers from Cleveland on

I used a diaper service but that became too expensive (environmentally and financially, they are often no better option than disposable), so I then washed them myself. I had the prefolded kind. I tried several of the new wraps, etc. and none worked very well nor were they very easy to use. Eventually I went to diaper pins (never poked the baby once) and those old plastic diaper covers they sell cheapo at the drugstore. I even washed them myself using baby detergent and hydrogen peroxide to bleach (less irritating than cholrine bleach). There were times I used disposable: sitters, long trips out, etc. But the savings is huge and it is only as inconvient as any other laundry. You don't need anything fancy; I found them to be a total waste of money. Good luck!



answers from Kokomo on

Hey K.,

I agree with Paige V here. Prefold while they are less squirmy. LOTS cheaper!! Once they get mobile do the AIO or pocket diapers. I have a system I use where I still switch back and forth depending on what is clean. I love the BumGenius diapers they are pocket diapers ( a bit pricy, but worth it).You can add an extra liner in at night and it absorbs very nicely. I also have G-diapers which traditionally have a flushable pad that you use. Very nice idea for travel. No problem with hauling around wet bags. However, they aren't great for over night protection. What I do in the daytime while at home is pop a prefold in the g-diaper instead of the pad. Instead of securing it around his body with pins or a snappy, I fold it longways in thirds, flip the front down for a little more leak protection put it in the g-diaper and then velcro the g-diaper around him. Little double duty idea if your looking to save money. Best wishes!



answers from South Bend on

Hi K.,
We're doing cloth diapers for our daughter--she'll be one in a few weeks. We absolutely love them--we use a diaper service, and they provide the velcro-close diaper covers (no pins these days!) and the prefolds that go inside them. They have been great for our daughter's skin; she has had eczema trouble but NEVER diaper rash or any skin trouble in her diaper region.
The diapers go in a bin that the service provides and picks up once a week; we don't even have to rinse them or anything. There is very little odor (unless you forget to put out the bin on pick-up day, which my husband did once!) and the cost is very comparable to disposables. We pay about $90/month for the diaper service. Another nice thing that they do is "guarantee" that your baby will be potty trained by 2-1/2--most babies do not like the feel of wet cloth, and are more eager to potty train--or, if they aren't, you get the remaining diapers that you need for free.
We "cheat" a little, though, and use disposables when we travel to Grandma's, etc., simply because they're so much easier to get rid of when you have to make a change on the road. I have also heard from some parents who use disposables at night for boys, in particular--sometimes they will soak through with cloth, although we have not had that trouble.
Hope that helps with your decision-making process! L.



answers from Bloomington on

we love proraps and prefolds. not only are they the best, (trust me, we've tried tons!) they also cost the least. yay!

i like fuzzi bunz, but they don't hold much liquid so i have to double up the insert, or use a prefold.

no exposions with newborn poo, no diaper rash, early potty training, and save the environment!!! good for you!



answers from Columbus on

Fuzzi Bunz are wonderful and easy. They are the 'pocket diaper' style. They are a bit pricey though. Here is my advice - when your baby is small and not squirmy, use the prefold (traditional) kind of diapers. They are MUCH cheaper. You will probably need about 25 or so of these, because you'll want to do the wash about every three days. Once your baby is a bit older, then invest in the All-In-One (AIO) style or pocket style, because they are easier to change and require less steps, which is ideal for a squirmy baby. Good luck! I also liked the diapers made by a company called Blue Penguin, you can look at their website They don't charge shipping, so you can buy them as you can afford them and not have to pay shipping per diaper. They have all the styles of diapers. You will love chloth diapering, it is ultimately much cheaper, and the best part is that they are just so much CUTER than gross plastic dipes.



answers from Cleveland on

You should check out



answers from Cleveland on

I cloth diapered my now 7 year old. I used chinese prefolds with velcro wraps you can only get on-line. Some of my favorite were Bumpkins, Prowraps and Bummis. I also had some all-in-ones for the newborn stage. I loved cloth diapering. LOVED IT! I washed them myself. It was a great experience. I see now that there are so many choices. I've heard a ton of wonderful things about the Fuzzibunz (I think that's the name). Anyway, good luck on your quest. One hint of advice...either purchase or make your own fleece liners. They're WONDERFUL!! :)

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