Favortie Cloth Diapers?

Updated on July 08, 2010
J.M. asks from Atlanta, GA
14 answers

Favorite type or brand of cloth diapers and why? Going to use them on #3.


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answers from Atlanta on

prefolds with wool soakers - I have a cloth diaper service and store if you would like to chat, give me a call 678-46-4377 - I have tried practically everything and will tell you what works for one may not work for another! :)

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answers from Philadelphia on


I am currently doing a cloth diaper "trial". If you go to gilliansdrawers.com they have a program called "Changing Diapers. Changing Minds." where you can try a number of different kinds for 21 days. Whatever you don't like, you send back and they refund your money. There is tons of information online and even if you check the archives on this site there are lots of recommendations. (That's how I found out about gilliansdrawers.)

I switched my 3 year old (who is day trained, but still in diaper at night) to Fuzzi Bunz. They seem to be working fairly well. She loves them... they are really soft.

I will say that we tried the GDiapers with our newborn, and they really didn't work for us. After reading a couple different sites, it looks like people favor only one or two different kinds for newborns. My son is 8 months old now and past the "messy newborn diaper" stage.

Good luck, great question... can't wait to see what other people say.

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answers from Indianapolis on

I love bumGenius! one-size pocket diapers, but I always felt they were too much bulk for an infant. So, for #3 I got BGs all-in-ones in size small. They can be double-stuffed because they also have a pocket. I'm hoping that means less changes at night unless the baby has pooped!!

A lot of people like the inexpensive prefolds and various covers. If you haven't used ANY cloth before, I suggest doing a trial and deciding what you like. Wait until the baby is born, use the free hospital diapers (or buy a couple packs of disposables if you aren't birthing in a hospital) and order a trial pack from here:

You pay for the pack which is cheaper than buying them each separately. If you like them you keep them for the price, if you don't like them, you sent them back and you get everything but $10 back!! You have 3 weeks to use them, wash them, see how the different types work, and decide what you like.

You can also go to diaperswappers.com and buy different types used from other mamas.

You don't really want meconium on your cloth diapers anyhow, so use disposables until you're past that stage.



answers from Cleveland on

Hi! I'm actually just starting cloth diapering myself, baby #3 due in 2 weeks. I have found two groups of moms, however, that are a wealth of information. There is diaperswappers.com forums, as well as the gdiapers list at Yahoo groups (most mamas there use that brand, however, many use multiple brands for different purposes). I have basically three stashes based on their recommendations and can't wait to get started! My newborn stash consists of "fitteds" - a 24 item mixture of Thirsties Fab Fitteds XS, Kissaluvs 0 fitteds, and WAHM-made fitteds from Very Baby and Rebel Baby, plus 4 covers from Thirsties and Bummis, and a wool cover for night-time. My size small stash consists of 10 Gdiapers (which are technically covers) and 30 gflapper inserts. I also have a night-time stash for sizes small through large - another wool cover (size small, will have to add others), and pockets from Bum Genious (4) and AIO (all in ones) from GroVia (3), which can also be used during the day. I will be using the same inserts, though larger ones will be added as well. H.



answers from San Diego on

Cloth diapers are very personal and you need to determine what you want out of them. Here is a great link:



A lot of on line companies will "sell" you a sampler to help you decide what you like and then credit that back to you when you return them and purchase diapers.

We used Happy Heinys one size on my first and now prefolds with wool covers on my second.

I have heard that lots of people struggle with the one sizes early with smaller babes....with my 9 lb newborns, that wasn't an issue, but keep that in mind.

If you are okay with used, check out Craigslist, there are GREAT deals on there. Some used, but most of them are people who planned on CD'ing but didn't.

Good luck! I love my cloth diapers!



answers from Boston on

Kissaluvs Cloth Diapers are the best!

These are the main cloth diapers that we used on our little guy when he was newborn. We bought the newborn size and used them from the first day we brought him home from the hospital until about three months of age. These diapers are super soft and absorbent on a newborn. The Kissaluvs are perfect for the newborn stage - especially with all the diaper changes you do in one day. I bought about twelve of these diapers and 20-30 wipe cloths and used them every day for three months.


Good Luck to you!



answers from Atlanta on

I liked Fuzzi Buns and BumGenius for pocket diapers, and SOS for fitted ones (you need covers with those). We wound up using mostly gDiapers with my second child.


answers from Provo on

I agree with Elizabeth F. Don't buy a billion. I started using cloth 3 months ago and I use prefolds (green mountain diapers cloth-eez prefolds) with Thirsties Duo Wrap size 2. My son has just outgrown them even though they say they go to 40+ lbs. He's a chuncker so I'm assuming that's why. So even though they go to 40lbs ... they might not fit all 40 lbs. I am trying out Bumkins covers and can't wait till they get here. I like prefolds and covers because it just seems insenable to use one diaper once and then have to wash it. I like the prefolds because you can reuse the cover 2-3 times (I sprinkle them with corn starch baby powder to keep them fresh smelling) and just use a new prefold. My son is a camel when it comes to peeing. But the cloth-eez are amazing to keep all the pee in at night. I do use thirsties inserts and they work well and are super soft!
I'm also going to be buying the flushable linners. I can't wait to get them!
As for a husband or babysitter that won't do cloth. Get a couple All in ones so that it's just like disposables and then you can take care of them.



answers from Fort Wayne on

I'm always so happy to hear moms say they're going to use cloth! You won't regret it!! For newborns I prefer prefold diapers from Green Mountain Diapers with Thirsties Duo Wrap in size 1. My baby is tiny (14 lbs and almost a year, 5lbs 7ozs at birth) so the one size diapers are just starting to fit. My two favorite one size diapers are SmartiPants and Bumboo pocket with a hemp insert by Baby Kicks USA. SmartiPants are only $14.95 per diaper, which is super affordable for a one size diaper. Prefolds are by far the most economical way to cloth diaper. You should check out theclothdiaperwhisperer.com. it's an amazing blog filled with tons of great advice. Congrats on your decision to save money and our planet!



answers from Pittsburgh on

My experience has been that every baby is a little different, so I wouldn't invest $300 in one kind of diaper right away. I bought several different kinds of pocket diapers when I was expecting (I always buy used, or seconds-- hey, part of the point is saving money, right?). I liked everything I tried (Happy Hineys, Fuzzy Bunz, and Bum Genius) and even the Bummy Super Wrap with a prefold liner, thought the pockets were my favorite. I ended up with a stash of the Bum Genius because they were the only one-size diaper when we got started, and was very happy with them for 2 years. Once my son got to be 2, however, he was too big for them-- though I understand the brand new Bum Genius 4.0s accommodate a bigger toddler. I've gone back to the Fuzzi Bunz large now, but he's starting to out grow those as well-- thank goodness he's toilet training.

Here's my CDing advice. Do the dry pail. Buy the paper liners for them-- I probably only have to soak a diaper once a month. Totally, totally worth it, and I was the wet ones, so a pack of 100 lasts a long time. That being said, buy 5 packs of the 100 count (I used the Visme, or something like that) so you aren't ordering them all the time. Don't be inflexible about the CDing-- everytime you CD you keep a diaper out of the landfill, but there are times that you want to use 'sposies, and that's fine too. Try to get your husband on board early-- my husband still won't use the CDs, which really makes me mad. Look for diaper creams that are CD friendly-- even with the liners. I use Grandma Els but California Baby and Method (both at Target) are CD safe too. I don't use diaper cream unless I need it (probably 10 days a year).

Are you planning on using cloth wipes? I mostly didn't-- but some people really like them. I used Kirkland wipes, which were as chemical -free and I could get.

Good luck! And good for you!



answers from Wichita on

Prefolds for a newborn because most one sizes are too big for my little gal. Otherwise, I used Rump-a-Rooz for night time and BumGenius 3.0 for day time for my toddler. I also have some random other WAHM diapers and GroBaby (which is now GroVia). It all depends on how much effort you want to put forth and how much you want to spend. There is a break over somewhere that only you can determine. Don't stress about it too much and remember- It's just poop!



answers from Minneapolis on

I have always just used the prefolds- didn't see the point in buying "fancy" diapers that still needed covers anyways :) There really is no "one best diaper/cover" though, since like others said, all babies and mamas are different. I absolutely hated the thirsties covers on my older child, but love them on my youngest. That's why the best recommendation is to try several options and decide what is important to you in the diaper :)



answers from Boston on

I've been using gDiapers with their cloth inserts for about 2 months now and I've had a lot of problems with leaking around the waist and legs but its getting better. The thing with their inserts is that you have to wash and dry 6 times before even using them (which I think I only did 4 times) and then they become more absorbent the more you use them. So the leaking is less now. But I have a boy and he also leaks with disposables too so I think he just pees a lot, and also he leaks when he sleeps on his belly no matter what diaper he's in. I have also used the gDiapers on my 2 yo who is potty training and they work great on her, don't leak at all unless I forget to change her.

I have a friend who uses Bumgenius and swears by them. I wanted to try them but they are one of the most expensive and I couldn't justify spending $18 on just one diaper. At least with gDiapers you can buy a cover for $15 and spend $5 each on the inserts so you save a little money. They also have a biodegradable disposable insert if you wanted the best of both cloth and disposable.



answers from Myrtle Beach on

My 2 month old was our first experience with cloth diapering. I have a 5 year old and never even thought about it with him. I tmay be easier for you to use diposables for the first couple weeks. We started cloth as soon as we got home from the hospital and it was tough I am not going to lie. We have the hang of it now and I would not go back to disposables. My baby B has never had diaper rash and we use clotheez 100% cotton prefolds on her. Like everyone else pretty much said all babies and families are different so what works for one might not work for others. I do encourage you to visit greenmountaindiapers.com if not just for the information. She goes into detail about what diapers are made of and can explain why 100% cotton is a great choose to make. You still have plenty of options as well. I bought Kusies that are all in ones and they seem to be working good for us when I want to grab something quick but the majority of the time we are using the prefolds and covers. I have both thirsties and bummies wisper wraps. I like the bummies better myself.

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