I Need Your Wisdom on Cloth Diapers and Covers Advice

Updated on October 15, 2007
J.V. asks from Fort Worth, TX
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I have decided to use cloth diapers when oour babe is born in March and am needing some advice, as no one I know uses them. I am wondering if there is a specific brand on line for diapers and covers that you have found that works best? I know not all cloth diapers are the same so I would love to hear your tips and finds.....

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answers from Dallas on

I have been using cloth diapers on my 19mo since she was about a month old. We were going to start at birth but she was so small that they fell off her at first.

We started with Kissiluvs fitted diapers with a prowrap cover. We still use those but as she got larger we added Fuzzibunz and Wonderoos pocket diapers. Wonderoos are one size fits all, Fuzzibunz come in S,M,L, etc so I like them better. My daughter is still tiny so the M Fuzzibunz that she has been wearing since she was about 5 months should fit until she potty trains.

There is a whole lingo in cloth diapering. I wrote out a document explaining it all because I had so many friends asking me. i can email it to you if you like.

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answers from Dallas on

Hi there!

Congratulations on your new little one:)

I use a pocket diaper by the name of Happy Heinys (HH) that I bought online at Abby's Lane and Kelly's Closet. They just came out with a one size diaper that has an adjustable rise with a snap system (like Bum Genius). This is great news! Buy one size diaper for newborn through potty training and be done:) I use a flushable liner to cut down on the mess and Happy Heinys "Stuffins" and microfiber inserts in the pocket. I started with a fitted terrycloth diaper line called Sandy's from Motherease and a Prorap cover but found this system to be too bulky for my liking. Happy Heinys are much trimmer and I love them. No cover required:) I have a 4-month old daughter and have been cloth diapering for about a month. So, I am not a veteran by any means! Hope it helps.



answers from Dallas on

Brees Bums all in one diapers are great! I use them and love them.



answers from Dallas on

Hi J.! I started cltoh diapering about 7 months ago. I love it and wish I had started with my first. We use prefolds (buy them from green mountain diapers.com and nickisdiapers.com) with thirsties covers (the colorful ones) and imse vimse organic cotton covers. We also use pocket diapers - and think that the one size bumgenius diapers are the best by far. I was completely overwhelmed when I started, but found diaperpin.com and the ladies there saved me! I would go there, post that you are new, and they will help you.

Nickisdiapers.com is my favorite diapering website. Hope this will help.

Also - once you get the basics figured out, buy some wool covers too - ask about them on the pin (Diaperpin.com). My favorite brand of wool is babyology, available on ebay (new by a seller there). WE use prefolds with wool covers on our toddler and newborn at night - this is the best way to ensure NO LEAKS all night long.

I also have some newborn sized prefolds (good quality, both bleached chinese and unbleached indian) that our little one has grown out of. I dont wnat to part with all of them, but will need to sell the bulk of them. I probably have 2 dozen. If you want a dozen or 1 and a half, let me know. I'll fidn where I bought them, send you the link and give you a price. They were only used on our newborn (b/c I wasnt cloth diapering before that) and none of them have any stains. Anyway, if you dont need them, that's fine too!

Good luck. And thanks for doing your part to save the earth. You will LOVE cloth diapering!!



answers from Dallas on

I third the Bree's Bums recommendation. Bree also has a physical store in Richardson called Bree's Baby. She's incredibly helpful and really nice. I really like, also, that I'm supporting a mom-owned and mom-run business.

I've never CDed a newborn. We started when our DD was 3 or 4 months old and began with FuzziBunz. I liked those until she was about 12 to 15 months old. Then, I began using a lot of the BumGenius products. I really like BG Bamboo Fitteds (though they're wearing out faster than I care for and they're discontinued). I also really like the Knickernappies Disposanots.

Popular newborn options are Kissaluvs Size 0 fitteds and some sort of cover...Thirsties covers seem to be pretty good.


answers from Dallas on

Hello J.,

I know when your first baby is coming, every little decision seems like a huge one. My advice - don't sweat it. I know several moms who chose to use cloth diapers, then switched to disposable ones after a week or two.
I don't mean to trivialize this decision for you - but really you shouldn't dwell on the little things. When your baby is older - this will seem like small potatoes!


answers from Dallas on

i suggest you visit www.diaperswappers.com
you will get all the wisdom you need
highly recommend DO not buy the gerber cloth diapers available at BRU

PM me if you have any questions I have successfully CDed 2 kids!!



answers from Dallas on

i have started using cloth diapers with my kids & i love them!! i would suggest not buying a ton of diapers before your little one arrives as each child fits into them differently, bc there are so many. personally i couldnt afford all the up front cost of switching so i have made my own, however i prefer AIO (all in ones) they are all you need, no pins, no covers no muss no fuss! also make sure you do your research on how to wash (if you're not going to use a diaper service) you shouldnt use bleach on diapers. good luck! feel free to pm me if you have any other ?'s.



answers from Dallas on

I second the response about Brees Bums. Her website is fantastic and she even holds a free class on cloth diapering at her store (once or twice per month I think) She shows you all the options out there and then you can make a better informed decision. She also offers trial packs with several different kinds of diapers so you can try them and see what works best, and she will take back what doesnt work for you! Every baby is different and some things will work better than others.

I didnt start to cloth diaper my DD until she was much older, but I plan to cloth diaper my second child (I am also due in March) from the start. For my DD, I used mostly pocket diapers, fuzzibunz worked well for us. I will probably use pockets of some variety this time as well. They seemed the most user freindly for my DH, and that was super important to me. I just stuffed them right out of the dryer and put them in the diaper stacker so they were ready to use, just like a disposable would be.

If you have any questions, I would be happy to help if I can. I have done a ton of research on this stuff :) ____@____.com



answers from Dallas on


We used prefolds with diaper covers when our baby was a newborn. And then when she got older (aournd a year) we switched over to pocket diapers. I like Fuzzi Bunz and Swadlebees. Swadlebees are not as big and bulky as most of the others but work very well. We have never regretted our choice to use cloth diapers.

I read you are having a homebirth..right on sister, you rock!!

Best Wishes,



answers from Dallas on

I used the all-in-ones from www.clothdiaper.com for both of my kids. They were wonderful!



answers from Dallas on

Hi J.,

We do cloth diapers. There are a TON of kinds and I got really overwhelmed at first.

Do you have what kind you want to use?

There are: prefolds(that need covers)
pockets ( that you need liners for)
fitted diapers ( also need covers for)
all-in-one (these do not need covers)

For newborns, you will probably want to go with prefolds with covers, because those are really the only ones that will fit well for the first little bit. We have a 6 weeks old baby and use prefolds almost all the time.
there are a ton of online places to get diapers, but Ilike to buy mine from WAHM or SAHM. There is:
www.diaperswappers.com (which are used)
www.etsy.com (search cloth diapers)
http://www.little-lions.com/ (this is where I got all my newborn stuff)

I hope this helps and feel free to ask any questions you like.

My email: ____@____.com




answers from Dallas on

I use the Chinese pre-folds, Gerber diaper covers and a snappi with both my children. The Gerber diaper covers are not that durable and I usually have to replace them often (after several washes though) I bought my pre-folds online at www.clothdiaper.com. I have tried the all in ones that seem to be popular but I did not like them as they tend to be very bulky. Get a toilet sprayer. You'll be glad you did :)



answers from Dallas on

First off, I'm very excited that you're considering cloth diapering. It's nice to take some responsibility for the planet and not dump 2000 diapers into the landfills each year. I know using disposables is so much more convenient, but I promise you won't regret the work that cloth diapering takes.

There are two great stores here in the area--www.breesbums.com and www.babiesbottomsandmore.com that can definitely help you with your decision. The women that own those stores are VERY nice and there are cloth diapering classes available for you.

Anyway, good luck! Let me know if you need any more information or support. There aren't a lot of us out there!



answers from Dallas on

Please take time out to go to Bree's Baby in Richardson (635 W. Campbell Road, West of 75 and East of Floyd Road).
She's got every imaginable type of diaper, cover and slings and lots of great things for new and expectant mothers. It's always good to see the diapers in person and the scoop on each brand.

We also have a diaper service that you might want to use for the first few weeks so you don't have to expend money for diapers that would soon be too small (depending on what type of diapers you decide on).

All information can be gotten there at the store. The store's # is ###-###-####. You may want to check out the web pages as well. Bree can give you all that information.

We congratulate you on your growing family and the choice to go green vs. disposables that take 500 years to deteriorate.

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