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Which Stores Sell Cloth Diapers & Training Pants?

You are welcome to come over and view all of our diapers, covers and potty training supplies. I offer free cloth diapering lessons and baby wearing lessons . ...

Cloth Diapers

Read all 6 responses: "I am thinking about changing to cloth diapers for at least ... down to what you prefer, and what fits best/absorbs best on your baby. ...

Experiences with Cloth Diapers

Hi G., I only used cloth diapers once with my first baby, and it was the one and only time my son ever had a diaper rash. If you use cloth diapers use ...

Disposable Vs. Reusable Diapers

Very simple to wash and deal with. And better for baby as it is cloth. Green mountain diapers, prefolded and diaper covers is what I use. Helpful? ...

Any Experts with Cloth Diapers or Cloth Wipes?

The soap helps wash, the oil softens and protects baby. If baby has a rash (rare with cloth diapers) or has had diahrea, I put a couple of drops of Tea Tree ...

Cloth Diaper Detergent for HE Washer

... care of my investment so I can have the cloth diapers I purchased now for my next baby! ... I use all in one cloth diapers and also have an HE washer. ...

Cloth Diapers

I would suggest going to Be By Baby and taking the cloth diaper class. Its very informative and I found it really helpful when I was just starting out. ...

Help! What Is the Best Cloth Diaper for Newborns and Infants?

All cloth diapers are ill-fitted to a tiny new baby tush (maybe with the exception of the smallest chinese prefolds), and I needed a month to get my barings ...

Cloth Diapers

I would like to try using cloth diapers, and have no experience with this. I am staying at home now and my daughter is 11 months today. I have read some ...

All in One Cloth Diapers

I want to stop using the disposables and I read that "all in one cloth diapers" can work as well as disposables. My baby sleeps through the night and I ...
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