Can Anyone Recommend a Weight Loss Clinic?

Updated on April 15, 2008
A.M. asks from Riverview, FL
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Hi I have come to the end of my rope. I have not only gained from 2 pregnancys but from my own laziness. i knwo Diet and excersise and I am doing that but I think I would liek to try one of these weight loss centers or clinics that promise fast results. Does anyone know of one that works? They all say they are great with fast results but whose advertising do you "buy"into. Has anyone tried and succeeded? I think if I actually get the fat off I will do anything (excersise and diet wise) to keep it off. thanks for the help

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If you can make it to South Tampa, there is a really great clinic there. Look up:



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I know you want to lose the weight fast. But having dieted for sometime Fast is not necessarily good. You put it right back on. I highly recommend weight watchers. I have been doing it for sometime now and have lost 86lbs. It is slow but I am learning to eat right and to know my trigger points. It works! I have kept my weight off for over 1 1/2 years.



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I have done Weight Watchers and it is great but I am doing Dr. Jay Garcia's Medizone and I am VERY HAPPY With it.

They have an office in Brandon - near All Person's Park. I have not been behaving lately but when I do I am dropping weight GREAT and learning better.

A great thing is that the Maintance Plan (when you are at weight) is alot like WW (I have been told this by people on the program)

If you have any questions Email Me



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Weight Watchers is a great program. Its more of a lifestyle commitment than a diet. The supports groups are a wonderful incentive that keep you on track.

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