Bob the Builder

Updated on September 28, 2011
B.R. asks from York, PA
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My son caught an episode of Bob the Builder at his grandmom's house and is nuts about it. I was thinking of maybe choosing a DVD of it to put in his stocking at Christmas time. Any suggestions? There seem to be so many out there. Is there sort of a classic one that introduces all the characters to start with? Or is there one that you just know your kids love? Thanks for your thoughts!

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answers from Los Angeles on

I actually found a Christmas DVD with 3 episodes on it last year at Target for less than $5 and my little guy still loves it. FYI, I find lots of DVD's for under $5 there all the time and have seen other BTB ones : )

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answers from Seattle on

ROFL... I saw the title and what popped into my head?

"Yes, we can!"

The original series was British. It's been redubbed with American accents for many of the episodes, but I prefer the original.

Which accent you buy tends to be dumb luck unless you search for Neil M, who voiced Bob from the beginning. Here are the collection Amazon has for him

And here's the chronological order of when the shows were aired

I prefer series 3 & 4 (around 2002) and up because they had a LOT more funding and are the same quaity/style they are today.

Can We Fix It? & Dig Lift Haul are some old favorites round here

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answers from Erie on

Look in the sale bins...alot of times you can find some cheap ones for a few dollars. i think my son is also graduating...he's a Phineas & Ferb fanatic too but thankfully i still have a 2 year old that likes bob and manny :)



answers from Philadelphia on

I didnt know he was still on, my daughter loved him! She is 14 now... **tears**. What a fun show :) Sorry, i dont remember specific episodes, they were all cute.



answers from Pittsburgh on

They all are pretty good. The CGI ones and the old claymation ones have some different voices, so it can be a bit jarring for the adults (the kids never seem to mind). I personally, like the CGI ones (in Sunflower Valley) better, but that's just because its what I started off with-- and I like Spud's voice a lot better. BTW, when Fireman Sam comes on the scene (which he is sure to do, as night follows day), there are also newer CGI and older claymation Fireman Sams. Same thing-- what ever you start with is what you will probably end up liking.


answers from York on

My 3 year old son just recently got into Bob the Builder. We bought him a couple of the DVDs and his favorite is TEAMWORK!



answers from Washington DC on

We love Bob the Builder

OK everyone with me now....

Bob the Builder ...... CAN WE FIX IT???
Bob the Builder ...... YES WE CAN!!!!!

I miss Bob. Handy Manny is OK, but we have graduated to Phineas and Ferb.
Ah this has nothing to do with your post. My kids liked all the Bob shows.


answers from San Antonio on

I like the older ones better than the new versions. I think they're all about the same. But use the link someone posted about the chronological order of things. They used to live in the city, but then moved out to the country to build in Sunflower Valley. So do you want to start at the beginning when they lived in town? Or start when Bob started building out in the country? I don't think your son will mind one bit either way. Enjoy the journey of watching BOB the Builder with your son.

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