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People Are Saying Bad Things Because I Home School My Kids, How Can I Cope?

I've been homeschooling my kids for the past 2 weeks, and it has been going well, but the comments I'm getting from friends, family and other people are so harsh. Last night a lady told me that home schooled kids never do well if you ever decide to put them back in school, that I could ask anyone that has home schooled children before and they would all tell me the same thing. She said that I should not be homeschooling my kids unless I have a degree in education. My husband expects us to get up and follow the same public school schedule...


Phineas & Ferb

Do you let your kids watch Phineas & Ferb? My son's 5 year old friend was...

Sick Child Care

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Dr. Bob Sears and Being a Cash Please

I am strongly considering Dr Bob Sears for a big of a pain in the xxxx is being a cash client? Is it worth it to see a great pediatrician? What is your experience with doing the billing yourself?