Bloody Baby Teeth?

Updated on May 22, 2008
M.J. asks from San Leandro, CA
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Howdy :) My son is 6 years old and one of his top front teeth just fell out. His bottom front teeth fell out over a year ago and they went just fine. However, this one was really bloody and the socket where his tooth was keeps bleeding. Is this normal? I've looked aorund on line and can't find anything about bleeding after baby teeth fall out. I realize that this may be a really stupid question, but since his lower teeth didn't bleed at all, it's different and has me worried :)

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My daughter is on the tooth fairy's payroll, and she's got a mouth full of empty spaces! I've noticed that some of them do bleed more than others when they fall out. The only one she's had fall out that did not bleed was one that was literally hanging by a thread for about a week. So I think it's pretty normal!

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Not a stupid question at all. When I lost my baby teeth the bottom teeth came in behind the baby teeth so they weren't very loose and I'd have to use extra force to get them out so they tended to bleed more. Funny story about one.... For some reason our dentist wouldn't pull one of the last babyteeth I had. I was fed up with it not falling out and the permanent one being behind it. I tied a string around the baby tooth, the other end around a door knob and then as hard as I could I slammed the door. Well.....the door ricocheted back and hit me in the face! Boy was I mad! I remember that tooth bleeding a lot before and after it fell out. Back to your son. From experience they can bleed a lot but if you're conceerned at all I'd call his pediatrician or dentist to see just how much is too much. They may also have some good ways to get it too stop, I'm wondering if ice or cold drinks would help. This all depends on how willing your son would be to have ice on it. Also, is he "worrying" the socket and poking it? I know I would have done that as a kid.

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I don't know if it is normal or not, but just call your dentist for some peace of mind. Have him suck on a popsicle and that should stop the bleeding, at least temporarily.

Good luck.



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I have three children and seven grandchildren and have never seen that. I think you should take him to the dentist ASAP.



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Hello M.

Vitamin C is good not just for immunity but for capillary strength. Therefore extra Vitamin C may help with bleeding gums, where there is no gum disease, and people who bruise easily. I don't know if this will help your son, but it can't harm. Get extra Vitamin C from a high quality chewable children's supplement, like the Nutrilite brand, rather than from juices which contains all that sugar!

Hope this helps.




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Also make sure he rinses with salt and warm water. The salt heals the gums faster. Make sure he knows not to swallow it.



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Hi my son's tooth just fell out on Friday (one of his bottom) I'm not sure what to expect with the top but I would freak out to much unless there is excessive bleeding. I hope he's ok...Let me know if there's anything I should be prepared for i.e. doesn't want to brush teeth when the top ones are ready to fall out. Thank you! My son is also 6. Where the "big" teeth already growing out before the "baby" ones fell out? Thanks again :)



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We never had this happen, but I have heard of it happening to a friend's child. I beleive the dentist told her to put pressure on it with a wet washcloth for 10 minutes. Not easy or comfortable to do, I am sure, but it may help.

If it doesn't stop bleeding soon, I would call a pediatric dentist. They might be willing to advise you over the phone, without requiring a visit. We see James Kelly in Los Altos. ###-###-####)



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When baby teeth have more root, the socket can bleed more. Most baby teeth have almost no root at all, so the gums don't bleed that much. You can make some soft pressure with a sterile gause (around the socket) to try to make it stop. The best rinse, is to boil some cloves (whole cloves - the spice) and let the water cool down. Make some soft rinses several times a day, this rinse is the best to help heal the gums and avoid any infection or bacteria.
Dentist don't recommend this b/c they ignore the healing properties of clove: antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal.

good luck.



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Just probably fell out faster than the others - if they let them wiggle for a LONG time they don't bleed - If they try to pull them out within a few days they will bleed alot. Not a big deal.... Just have him rinse with water for 10 min until the bleeding stops next time.

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