Birthday Party Game Ideas - Reading,PA

Updated on October 11, 2009
T.R. asks from Reading, PA
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Hey Mamas!!

I need your help and fast! We're having a b-day party for our 9 year old daughter on Saturday. It's a sleepover with 5 of her friends. Any ideas for games to play? I was thinking of bobbing for apples.


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answers from Philadelphia on

Dear Tammi,
I would not do bobbing for apples, especially with Swine Flu and the susceptibility of a child who is afraid of the water, it's just not a good idea.
Because many girls that age enjoy active play, I would suggest an activity, depending on the girls, doing nails, a hair-do over.
If you are adverturesome, take them bowling or ice skating.
I know I had a Western theme party one year, with a live pony, a pinata (filled with candy)(hung from a tree), then after the pony left, they played "Simon Says" and the leader had them running all over the yard and they were "giddy". I can tell you, you still have time for next year.
Also, you might want to try pumpkin painting, less active, but still entertaining. Having music to go along with painting might be a good idea. Ask the librarian for help, I am sure that they will find something fast.
Have fun!



answers from Erie on

I don't know what the weather is supposed to be like for the weekend but . . . what about letting them blow off some steam outside with a rousing game of flashlight tag? Since it is October, perhaps you could find some glow-in-the-dark body paints and let them take turns painting scary faces on each other? (They could vote for the best if you want to have prizes, but it's just as fun to see their creativity flourish)



answers from Harrisburg on

My daughter is 10...always likes to do a craft or two at her can pick up some kits at Michael's...put them all around a table and watch them create..

As far as a game...what about Apples to Apples?



answers from Philadelphia on

You could make caramel apples - very simple. Recipe on the bag of Kraft caramels.

You could also "paint" pumpkins. You can buy those little gourd ones to save money. You can also use Sharpie markers as the paint. Have a contest - funniest, scariest, etc...

If you are feeling adventurous, you could carve a pumpkin and toast the pumpkin seeds. All you do is clean them off, place them on a baking sheet (I cover the sheet with aluminum foil), salt/butter/season them how you like and cook them in the oven - I usually bake them on 375 - 400 degrees, for about ten minutes, but watch until they brown.

Good luck and have fun,



answers from Pittsburgh on

My girls like to do crafts. We buy the foam things from Michaels and do those all the time! We just did finger puppets and animal magnets but they have things for older kids too. You could also try buying them plain tshirts and letting them paint them. Hope I could help, good luck!



answers from Pittsburgh on

Please do NOT have them bob for apples - risky any time of year but especially during flu season! :-(

Apples to Apples is a fantastic game - they have a junior version too that you might prefer for family use later since you also have younger ones - so I second that idea... worth buying if you don't already own - most stores that sell games should have it. Also, how about old fashioned charades with characters, movies, etc they know? Lots of room for fun and giggles there :-)

Not a game, but with the apple theme - how about serving apple slices and other fruit with melted chocolate and/or sundae toppings like hot fudge, caramel, etc... sprinkles, chopped nuts if no allergies, marshmallows... lots of fun to be had - but make sure to provide lots of little disposable bowls to hold the various "dips" to prevent "double dipping", again for germ control... Hope she has a great time! :-)



answers from Pittsburgh on

These aren't all necessarily games but how about:

"Scene It" DVD game
make their own pizzas or a fall dessert like apple crisp
a treasure hunt
do a science kit to make your own soap, perfume, etc

Bobbing for apples can be fun, but with cold and flu season starting and the H1N1 "scare" you may want to reconsider playing that game. It would provide a prime opportunity for all the girls to share germs, more so than just being in the same room together. I'm not trying to put a damper on your idea, just offering an opinion that other moms might share, including the moms of your daughter's friends.

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