7 Year Old Girl Birthday Party Ideas

Updated on March 27, 2012
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My daughter is turning 7 in a few weeks and has decided to have an all girl party here at our house. I'm trying to come up with a fun "theme" for her party where all the girls would have a good time. My daughter is both girlie girl and tough girl...she loves to dress up and play with pretend make up and stuff but also loves to play outdoors and get dirty. I'm not super creative and am having a hard time coming up with something.

Any good ideas for a party for that age of girls???

Thanks for any suggestions, I appreciate it!

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So What Happened?

Thank you everyone for the great suggestions! My daughter likes the idea of a spa party, so that's what we're going to do...plus I'm taking some of the other ideas as well to have a mix of things! Great ideas everyone and thanks again!

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You could do a baking party where the girls get to roll out and top their own pizza and then frost their own cupcake. A rolling pin and chef-like hat can be had for a small price on the internet and be the take home gifts for the guests.

http://www.growingcooks.com/basicpizzaparty.html, here is one website for pizza party kits, but there are others, as well.

Have fun!

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Hi T.,

When my daughter turned 7 she had an "It's my party and I'll spa if I want too" party. I had 3 stations set up at my house. One was a mani/pedi...I hired 2 teens to paint nails and toes and had the girls massage each others hands and feet. Another station was facials...they all wore a mask with cucumbers on their eyes. Then I did a make your own lotion, body glitter and lip gloss station. The make your own was the take home gift. I had grapes, pretzels, m&m's and spa juice for the girls to eat. They loved it! You can order all the spa stuff you need from a place called Birthday Boutique. www.birthdayboutique.com. They have other party themes listed as well. Good luck and have fun!

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Hello T.,

One of the things I did at my daughter's party was a scavenger hunt and the girls LOVED it. I wrote out clues on one card and that took them to another card. Since they are seven, they can probably read fairly well, however, you may need to help them. Have each card have one of the girls names on it, so they all get a chance to read and figure out the next clue. The end of the scavenger hunt led their goodie bag.

Here were a couple of my clues.

Tweet Tweet time for a bath - answer birdbath.

Nice and warm, cozy up, but don't touch I'll burn. - Fireplace.

Walking up and down, up and down, up and down. - Stairs

Lots of food for you, but I'm not cold - Pantry.

I have long branches that touch the ground. - Willow tree

Ding Dong! - Front door

Have fun - stay smiling - even if you are about to scream.


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Super Girl tea party - buy some craft felt make some easy capes using glue on velcro. Glue on the girls initials. It would be one of a kind. Here is an online tutorial.




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party idea: bugs

get some fairy/butterfly wings at Goodwill (they have cheap new ones for Halloween probably right now, plus all the used ones)

bees and ladybugs can be made by cutting a big oval out of appropriate colored craftfoam or tagboard, cutting two armholes so kids can wear the costume like a backpack, and using a black marker (mom) or black crayons (kids) to draw the spots or stripes ...

... probably you could do color-it-yourself butterfly wings that way, too ...

flower cupcakes would be fun with that, and there are lots of party games based on string that might relate to cocoons or spider webs ...

fruit-flavored candy canes held in the mouth like a bug's probiscus could hook up 'bug food' (candies with loops made of pipecleaners?) or some other "collect the items" thought (yellow wiffle golf balls, with all those holes in them, could be "grains of pollen," whichever buggy team collects the most pollen gets a prize?)

another probiscus idea, straw-painting: once in gradeschool we did a thing where you got to squirt (out of a restaurant-type ketchup or mustard squirter) some splotches of paint onto a paper, and then had to use a straw to blow them all around and make art ...

there's probably a good game idea in the concept of 'sticky fingers' (like bugs stick to walls ... kids could have double-sided-tape on the ends of their fingers and ... what? )

noisemaking could be a cricket band, if you have instruments around the house anyhow ...

anyhow, that's one part thought that can be pretty and glittery (butterflies) or dirty (concept of bugs in general) ;).

As an aside, your daughter might like that Drew Barrymore retelling of the Cinderella tale ... I think it was called Ever After. It's always coming up at Goodwill on VHS tapes. It's a good movie, with a competent but realistically fragile heroine and a prince who actually gets his head together and *appreciates* her, by the end :). There are a couple of moments that might be PG 13 depending on your tastes and mores, so you'd need to watch it first of course.



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How about a hawaiain theme if the weather is nice this can be done outdoors- get some leis and grass skirts from the dollar store and they can play dress up with their party favors - you can also find these cute coconut shaped cups with covers for fruit punch or whatever you serve to drink for the party.

If it is warm enough you can do a sprinkler or water toy outdoors and let them come with their bathing suits

My daughter was the same when she was younger- one year we let the kids paint flower pots and then plant a flower in them, they got to take them home as the favor- girly and dirty :)



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Pirates, with a treasure hunt. Clues all over the place and a treasure chest, filled with goodies (both candy and feminine things) at the end.



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Warrior Princesses that decorate thier own tiara's and swords.



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There are many different theme parties that can be done.




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Hi T., Good timing. My soon-to-be 8 y.o. daughter and I were just searching ideas for her party last night. Just google "birthday party ideas" and several great sites come up. We particularly liked www.birthdaypartyideas.com, www.amazingmoms.com and www.birthdayparty4kids.com. (Beware, some of the sites are just glorified ads for party supplies). But these others contain info submitted by moms describing how they handled their own parties, and include tons of great ideas for invitations, games, decorations, food, etc. Many are categorized by theme. For example, my daughter is totally into dogs lately since we got a puppy in the spring. So we are taking ideas from several of the different sites about "puppy parties" and combining them to fit our location, # of kids, season, etc. Good luck!



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A "dress-up" themed party would be fun in addition to the tea party. Ask all the girls to come to the party already in their finest dress-up clothes, shoes, hats, etc.

You can do fun things like paint their toes (buy the rapid dry spray - so worth it).

Depending on how many kids you'll have and how much time, something that is always a big hit is to let the kids make their own mini pizzas. Use english muffins for the crust but let them add their own sauce and toppings. Always a super big hit.

Have fun!



answers from Medford on

I have done many birthday party's. I made my own pinata's for years with balloons, newspaper, & flour & water. It is fun to do it with the kids! You always have to have a craft to start out with. With your daughter I would do something girly like have them decorate a crown or I've done little wooden boxes. Something they can put stickers or glue plastic gems or something on! I always do pizza for the lunch and then have a game like charades or I've done treasure hunts. My daughter recently went to a "who killed barbie" party that they each were people like off of the game clue on their invite, Mrs. green, Mr.s white. then they had to figure out through clues in each room who had done it. Now for my son he gets to invite 2 or 3 friends each year and he goes to movie with them at the theatre and comes home and has cake, that one is easy....Not much planning.
S. W mother of 3 (14,12,& 7).


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I would say if the weather is nice, play a few "tomboy" type games outside - soccer, catch, tag, whatever. Then follow up with big tubs of sudsy water to wash hands and feet and they can paint each other's finger and toe nails while sipping Hawaiian beverages. My daughter is 7 and she and her 6 year old friend just painted each other's toenails (or was it their own? . . .) last weekend and they did fine.



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We did a tea party and my daughter loved it. We had mini cakes (leveled and upside down cupcakes w/ frosting on the narrower side up and the sides of the cupcakes) and tea sandwiches, crackers w/ jam and other delicate snacks, etc. My daughter's was a beading party and we decorated pretty bonnets. Everyone came "dressed for tea" so they each had lovely bonnets to go with their dresses. It was nice because her birthday fell just before Easter that year... maybe a good twist would be to have the girls decorate some knit hats to be pretty for fall? Instead of cakes, you could have some individual sized apple cobblers and cider instead of tea.
Since your daughter likes to be out doors, she might enjoy a trip to an apple farm to pick the apples herself and help you prepare some great apple treats! Whatever you do, have fun! They just grow up so fast, don't they?



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buy some cheap princess clothes and play princess escapees



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For my daughter's 6th birthday, we had a "pretend sleep over party" at our house. We made little pillows with stuffing and put the invitation inside. The girls all wore their pj's, brought a stuffed animal and a sleeping bag. We played musical sleeping bags with lullaby music. After pizza, cake and presents, we put a movie on with popcorn. The parents picked the kids up about 8:00 - 8:30pm. For the goodie bags we gave little teddy bears ($1 store) with little teddy suckers and gummy bears. It was a great party and the kids LOVED it! I got this idea from the FamilyFun.com sight, which also gave the directions on making the invitations.
Good luck and Have FUN!!

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