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Slumber Party Ideas

movies are always fun. popcorn,pizza, play games,dressing up .at this age they may be interested in make up and a little teaching is fun they can put on ...

Computer or Hand Held Educational Games

However, the V-tech/V-smile games are interchangable so if you are wanting a game for them to play together, I would go with the V-tech. ...

Computer Games

And my son goes to to see his fav characters and play games with them. Or there is All of which are pretty educational and ...

Baby Shower Games

Oct 26, 2009 ... If you don't want to play organized group games, ... I threw a shower last year and had everyone play a game that I had never played before. ...

Looking for Suggestions! Fun Board Games for Kids Ages 3-9?

I am looking for some suggestions on board games that they can play together ... Also, you could let the olders play board games that appeal to them but are ...

Games for a Sleepover B-day Party

We always play that game that someone suggested, "I went on a trip and I brought . . .." except we say, "I went to the grocery store and I bought . ...

Games for Family Game Night

I have found alot of neat games to play with my 8 year old that you can play ... My daughter loves to do this, she asks to play this game all the time. ...

Indoor Birthday Party Games for 6 Yr Old Kids

In England we play a game called Pass the Parcel, and we have always included it at our kids' parties. You get a small prize and wrap it in at least 8 ...

Video Games???

It's really just made for games. The DS costs more and I don't think it has many kid games using the DS cartridge. The DS can play the GBA games if you ...

Games for Toddlers

Candyland castle and lucky ducks are 2 great games that my triplets love to play . I got these games when they were 2 and they love them. ...
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  • make your own ice cream sundaes in 2 answers "Pillow fights, charades, and make-your-own ice cream sundaes are some of the fun things ..."
  • tic tac toe in 3 answers "It's like tic-tac-toe."
  • ice cream sundaes in 2 answers "Movies, nail polish, a party game, craft and ice cream sundaes and coloring pages ..."
  • chutes and ladders in 5 answers "Go fish, war, candyland, chutes and ladders, operation, dvd bingo, memory, these are ..."
  • did a scavenger hunt in 2 answers "We did a scavenger hunt (2 or 3 teams) that had find objects, take pictures, and create ..."