Bib Decorating for Baby Shower

Updated on August 03, 2010
J.S. asks from Palos Park, IL
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I was wondering if anyone had ideas of what to use to decorate bibs at my sisters baby shower. I have fabric markers and puffy paint. I cannot think of anything else to use that would not be a choking hazard :) Has anyone ever done this before?? Any advice or suggestions??

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I do have larger bibs. I like the tye dye idea but they are not white. They are jewel tones. I also think I will skip the puffy will scratch little faces! I love the idea to use stencils! Thanks for your help!

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Joann fabrics has really cute iron on decals that would be perfect for bibs and then you can use fabric markers to add sayings if you wish. Someone else listed the idea of making fabric appliques yourself. This is a great idea. Just go to Joann fabrics and they have little "fat quarters" (squares of precut fabric) in bins attached to the shelves of fabric. You can cut these with scissors or pinking shears (zig zag edge) into cute shapes (animals, peace signs, initials for a personalized effect) and then use heat n bond to iron them onto the bibs. The heat n bond comes in packages near the elastic/needles etc... You can even print clip art or applique patterns off the internet if you want to get fancy.

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answers from Austin on

I would probably avoid the puffy paint... you can't really use the bib to wipe baby's face, and the spots where the paint is won't absorb anything. Also, after a few washes sometimes it will start to peel off... I would just go with the markers. The tie-dye idea would be great!



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I may be a bit late on this, but agree that the puffy paint is really a problem. They did that for me at my shower and I NEVER used the they are hard to work with.
I found a cool product sold at most art stores (like ART MEDIA), it is IRON ON sheets that you can use to draw on or print (from a PC). Then Iron on the design. We used these to make really cute design on my daughter's night gown that was solid pink - she likes Scooby Doo so we replaced all the character's heads with photos of our family members, hit print and ironed it on. It's really fun...and super NO mess.



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You could do some sort of tie dye maybe? You could also probably use some of the iron-on decals that you can get for shirts, etc. Also, maybe some stencils for the people that worry about their handwriting and/or drawing abilities!?


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I'm throwing a shower tomorrow and am planning on decorating onesies. I bought cute fabric and ironed on double sided adhesive (heat n' bond). The guests can cut out cute animal shapes, a mini tie (for a boy), ice cream cone with different fabric as the flavors, etc. Then iron on the cut out fabric directly onto the bib/onesie. I made some for my daughter and they are ADORABLE!! Have fun!


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This sounds like a fun activity! We decorated onesies at my baby shower and my girlfriends and I had a blast. We found that working with the fabric markers and some stencils was easier than paint. I do agree with Carrie though to make sure they are a little larger, maybe with a couple different length snaps, so they can be used later on. Have fun!



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this doesn't answer your question, just some advice. make sure you are making larger bibs. tiny ones are useful only for a short time. at one of my showers we sewed bibs together. i enjoyed it.


answers from San Antonio on

Dip shaped sponges into the puff paint and "stamp" the bibs.

Solid colored bibs? Instead of tye-dye, put rubber bands around bib like you're going to dunk it in dye, but then take it outside and spray some bleach on it (around/near he knots). Of course, you have to wash the bibs once or twice on their own, but spraying with bleach is so much cheaper and fun and easier than dyeing things. I have a couple t-shirts that are cute.

And because they're BIBS and will be used to wipe up food, concentrate on decorating the EDGES instead of the front. Sharpie makes a LOT of colors. Get fine point AND thick tip for more versatilty.

And it might be expensive, but I know there are iron-on fabric stuff, where you can print a picture from your computer printer. Maybe you can have one pre-done and other people can add embelishments on the side of the photo.

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