Need T-shirt Decorating Ideas for Girl 6-8 Years Old

Updated on March 19, 2012
P.B. asks from Haslet, TX
7 answers

We have some solid yellow, dark blue and red shirts that we used for an activity.

I'd like to have the girls decorate the shirt in a cute way. Looking for cute ideas that I can do with 15 girl ages 6-8 years of age.

I'm creatively challenged so any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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answers from Dallas on

We just painted our car booster seats with glow in the dark fabric paint. You could buy several colors of fabric paint and let the girls design thier own. Then turn out the lights and they will be amazed!

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answers from San Francisco on

Google FamilyFun online(its a magazine put out by Disney) they have tons of craft ideas for t-shirts.

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answers from Honolulu on

Turn it into a pillow.

Just sew up the sides, leave a little opening on one end, and stuff it.
It would be a cute fun "T-shirt pillow." And cuddly and useful.
And it will not be outgrown.
And EASY to make.

And they could sew things on it, to decorate it.
Preferably, washable, things.

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answers from Syracuse on

How about using stencils and sponge painting the t-shirts? You could get a few stencils of things you think the girls would like. (heart, star, flower) You put the stencil on the shirt and then dip a sponge in paint tray and dab it on the shirt. I'm sure you'd want to use a fabric paint and maybe put something in between the shirt to prevent it from soaking through.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

What about tie-dying them?

Even the darker blue & red shirts could be dyed with purples, blacks and navy, right?

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answers from Savannah on

We painted t-shirts with puffy fabric paint at my 3rd grade birthday party! It was so much fun; the girls will love it! Any kind of fabric painting will work as long as you have a piece of cardboard or stack of newspapers between the layers. Also, you can get a book of iron-ons from a fabric or craft store and have the girls each pick a design, then color with fabric markers. This will take some time to iron on, so you should have an alternate activity for the girls to work on. Or they can go to town with fabric markers.

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answers from New York on

There are tons of great ideas available.

We did something with buttons and sewing buttons to form words on shirts. If you have a printer you could have the girls select a picture they can do iron on decals to put on the shirts and then paint them. We have tie dyed shirts. Even colored shirts. We have also painted shirts too. We have used tracing paper to draw the outline of a picture and then painted the image to our shirts. We also used shirts to learn simple needle point techniques.

I love sparles so what ever I do I try to make it shiny like diamonds in the sun. Thats just me. You could always find a bedazzle and bedazzle the heck out of some tee shirts.

I hope this helps.

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