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Updated on January 18, 2011
D.K. asks from Delaware, OH
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We are going to be getting a pack n play soon to use in our bedroom for a newborn. After seeing many reviews it seems the bassinets in them do not always work well and tend to bend and the same is true for the ones with the changing table addition. I was wondering if there is a brand that anyone loves. Our room is too small for a crib and the baby's room will be on another floor, so this is our best option for the bedroom and it will be usable for travel too. Thanks for any and all comments.

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So What Happened?

Thanks for the advice. We ended up going with the Graco little hoot one and it should be here in a week or so.

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answers from Kokomo on

I had a Graco with the bassinet. Now I recomend the full size bassinet and not the half size with the changing table because a baby will grow out of the half size quickly as well as the changing table (if it is split in two).
Mine was the full size bassinet and I just used it as a changing table when I needed one when visiting. I would just put pads down and then the child that I was changing. I loved my Graco pack n play.
Good luck.

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answers from Minneapolis on

we went with Baby trend this time around (3rd baby) We found our fit in the Deluxe Nursery Center Playard. Love love love it. It is the full size bassinet style, has a canopy over so when she's sleeping in our room we can still use the lights or tv with out bothering her=) it also has a changing table that flips up over the side, no assembling and latching on after 3 am feedings;) it also has a few different soothing musical settings and a vibration setting. Our little one loves to fall asleep to the vibration! It's also on wheels so can move all around as needed=) we love it and my sister who is pregnant as well returned her graco pack n play and picked up the same one as us after seeing how convenient it is. Congrats and enjoy your new little bundle=)

Baby Trend Nursery Center Playard:
•Removable full bassinet
•Flip-away changing table
•One-hand locking mechanism
•Parent organizer
•Large wheels with brakes
•Travel/storage tote bag for taking the Baby Trend playard to grandma's house
•Electronic music center with volume control, nightlight, and vibration
•This Baby Trend Nursery Center Playard features a music center that includes two styles of music and nature sounds
•Features an input for MP3 players

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answers from Philadelphia on

I bought a used Arms Reach co-sleeper and I LOVE it! It can convert into a pack and play and folds up into a small bag similar to a pack and play. This was a lifesaver to me after I had the C-section. You can attach it to your bed... OR my Dad put sliding casters on (that stick right on) and it slid back and forth away from the bed easily. They even have smaller versions that are a little thinner. However, the normal one was perfect for us. They have tons of colors.

My son is 16 months old and we just used it for an overnight stay in a hotel. You'll use it for years...

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answers from Philadelphia on

Gracopack and play that they sell in Target

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answers from Philadelphia on

I received an organic cotton pack n play. it was beautiful.

i copied and pasted this link showing the exact one. totally worth it. my son slept in it for the first 8 months of his life in our room during a move into our new house. we did have to purchase a bassinet bed mattress. only cost 29.99 at burlington coat factory. we loved this soo much, just wanted to share. good luck!

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answers from Wichita on

we had a graco and a chicco and both were good

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answers from San Francisco on

Graco or Chicco are the best!

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answers from Sacramento on

I love the Graco brands. The ones I have used pop up in a snap and have some safety mechanisms so they don't lock unless you pull them up right. You also might think about the ones that have roll down fabric on each side (on the outside). The inside is mesh, but the outside has an extra "flap" that can be rolled up or down. I think the babies sleep a little better in this style. Keeps out drafts if you run a fan, and light a little better.

Good luck!

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answers from York on

We had a Chicco for our son and my husband and I really liked it. The bassinet piece worked well and so did the changing table. I definitely would buy this same one as a gift or recommend it.



answers from New York on

We have the Arm's Reach Co-Sleeper and love it. It's portable too. If you are limited on space, the Mini is a good option. Or if you want it to double as a playard, get the Convertible.

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