Pack N Plays with Bassinet Level for Co Sleeping Use

Updated on August 30, 2010
B.V. asks from Lees Summit, MO
11 answers

I am looking for a pack n play with a bassinet level so I can use it as a co sleeper next to the bed. I measured from the floor to the mattress and it's about 25 to 26 inches. Does anyone know of a specific brand that would be compatible? It's pretty overwhelming to me right now so I thought I'd ask. I would like to find a small to medium pack n play as we already have a really big one but does not have a bassinet feature.

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answers from Kansas City on

I agree that the arms reach co-sleeper is great, however it is VERY expensive. The standard Graco Pack-n-Play has a bassinet and a mobile that is approx the same size as a co sleeper and you can find them new for $80ish and used for $15-20.
Congrats on the baby!!

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answers from Toledo on

I have a Graco Travel Lite that is 1/3 smaller than the original version. It has a bassinette in it and we use it in our room. I don't keep it directly against the bed, but it is no more than 2 steps away and it works out great for us. I know they sell them at Targe and Babies R Us.



answers from Raleigh on

you need arms reach mini cosleeper!!!!!!!!!



answers from Kansas City on

i agree with the arm's reach co-sleeper. I got one for my third child and we love it!



answers from Cleveland on

Look into the "Arms Reach Co-Sleepr". They have two sizes. The full size is close to size of a pack and play or there is a smaller one that is closer to the size of a bassinet (though I think it may be slight larger). I have the full size and love it!


answers from Pittsburgh on

You need an Arm's Reach Bedside CoSleeper. Comes in mini size too. I don't know of any other safe co-sleepers out there, that actually attach to the mattress like the Arm's Reach one. It has a strap that goes under your mattress that keeps the co-sleeper snug to the mattress. I had one and Loved it.



answers from Dallas on

i have a graco that is really small & has the bassinet feature, but for the last baby I looked on craigslist & found a wooden bassinet that rocked & it was only $50! I loved it! & then when i was done with it i resold it on craigslist. if you can find a good bassinet i recommend it, because i loved it more than the packnplay bassinet, because it seemed more like a baby bed, it seemed more comfy & sturdier. i actually hated to sell it, but i just dont have any place to store it.



answers from Columbia on

search the web for co-sleeper, we had a nice small one with 2 level adjustment for the sleeping surface, firm and securely strapped onto the bed's mattress or box spring. I don't recall the brand name. also search craig's list for good used ones.


answers from Kokomo on

I don't have advise on what kind to get but where. Look on your local craigslist. There are always pack and plays w/ the bassinet feature, a well as lots of bassinets and some co-sleepers for very cheap. Great price for something you don't use very long. I just got a very clean one, with many extras for $20.



answers from Kansas City on

I know that if you have a graco pack n play, you usually can order the bassinet to attach directly from them (and then you know it will fit). Check our their website or call them. They'll direct you.



answers from Kansas City on

I think you're just looking for a co-sleeper. Some of them can also be used as playpens. I don't know if it works the other way around where a pack-n-play comes with an upper level for co-sleeping...?

this is what I have used: the Co-Sleeper >>

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