Pack N Plays Versus Gracos

Updated on April 01, 2009
P.M. asks from Tyrone, GA
9 answers

Our baby is due this month. We welcome any comments about your experience with Pack N Plays and/or Graco. We want to make the best, safest decision for our baby.

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answers from Atlanta on

I started off with a pack n play and didn't like it, so I sold it! Then I went to a consignment store and found a Graco pack n play, it came with the changing table and bassinet. It also had lights, sounds, and vibrations. We loved it. We used it quite often for the first 8 months. Its now stored away and is only used for trips because sleeps in her own bed.

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answers from Atlanta on

Depending on what you will be using the pack and play for is really what will help you choose. I am a mom of two and by the second baby you pick and choose what you truly need. Some pack/plays have a bassinet. Good choice instead of buying a plain bassinet which is only used for a VERY short period of time. Baby bjorn has a pack and play which seems to be more useful for playing when they are older and is wider than most pack and plays by Graco> Find what your needs are then pick and choose your pattern. Graco offers several with added bonus features. I went for the top of the line and never used things like the vibrating mattress, the music, although the night light was helpful for those tired times you had to get up and couldn't see anything. You will learn to do everything with your eyes closed. Just keep in my mind that not everything needs all of the bells and whistles. Every baby is different and has different likes and dislikes. My advice would be to keep it simple until you meet the little one. Good luck!



answers from Spartanburg on

I loved my Graco. We did use the vibration and music features a lot. And the bassinet made it much easier when she was little. It was the "downstairs nursery."
I didn't think brand would matter, but it did. Though it may not have been just brand, because you can buy a $50 Graco, also. We would borrow my brother's when we flew home and it was horrible. I don't remember which brand, but the mattress/pad had little padding and it wasn't very solid. It buckled up at the folds and rocked on the center piece of the frame. When we used it, I would put a blanket under the mattress to alleviate some of the problems.
Of course, I was picky because we normally used our higher-end one (~$100). My brother's kids never had a problem with the cheap one (used 2X per year), but they never slept in the comfy one.
I would say if you're going to use it a lot, then splurge. If it's an occassional travel thing, then don't go overboard.



answers from Charleston on

I had a graco pack and play--it was great for travel, but we never used the bassinet or changing table part. If i had to do it over again, I would have bought an inexpensive plain pack n play without all of the bells and whistles. I feel sure that they are all of equal safeness. I had thought I'd have my daughter sleep in the P&P in our room as an infant, but the truth is, most babies sleep better elsewhere. I don't know a single mom whose child didn't spend most of their first days sleeping in a swing, carseat, bouncy chair, or in the bed with mom!



answers from Atlanta on

We have two Graco Pack n Plays for our son. The one at home is mostly used for travel and time-out and the other is kept at the sitter's for naps. Neither came with all the bells and whistles which is fine as we probably wouldn't have used them anyway. Both are great.



answers from Florence on

I used an inexpensive Cosco brand pack n play bought at Kmart for $35. It didn't come with the changing table or bassinet, but I had a regular changing table to use and my baby, from day one at home, slept in his crib. This pack n play was perfect for overnights at Grandmas and on vacations. The cushioning was also more comfortable than my nephew's Graco pack n play. If I were you I'd look into the size - some of these things are longer than others, and the longer they are the longer you'll be able to use it. My son's outgrown his but is still too small for a real bed and boy has that caused some sleepless nights while away.



answers from Spartanburg on

Hi! We purchased the Graco Pack N Play to take to Tennessee where my husbands family lives. We had no problems at all with it other than sometimes the side rails wanted to be stubborn and take a couple of tries before they locked. Of course it's nothing like the "playpens" that were around years ago. So space is limited. Hope this helps you and congrats!



answers from Atlanta on

My daughter is now 23 months old. We received a Graco G Galore as a gift like on the following link (also includes reviews):

We used the bassinett with vibrations when my daughter was little - but mostly as just a holding place in our room. I also had a borrowed co-sleeper for night times...but had I not had the co-sleeper, I would have used the Graco as the co-sleeper much more! She liked the vibrations. Once she was rolling over on her own, the bassinette came out and again we only used it as a holding place for her in our room. Sometimes she took naps in it if we were in the office off the back of our bedroom, but we mostly used it as "safe place to put her" when we needed to do something that required us not watching her closely. I put it away when she was 18 months old.

We traveled 3 times with it in 18's bulky if you take the changing table...and we had to because my hubby and I are tall ppl and changing on beds is no fun for us... The changing table was never used at home! Neither was the mobile...ever used!

If I had to buy one myself, I would go much cheaper and safety is high on most all of these items.

hope this helps!



answers from Savannah on

I had a Graco pack n play when my son was born. All we used was the bassinet part cause he selpt in our room for the first 2 months while I nursed him. And we used the main part when we went home to visit family as his bed when he was still little. I also babysit for our friends who have kids that range from in the oven and toddlers. As far as safety, we never had a problem with our graco.

Good luck and congrats on your new addition!

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