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Updated on June 25, 2011
E.W. asks from Jackson, NJ
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Ok, So i want to get a Graco pack n play. They have 2 out that have a "newborn napper" station. One the napper station is removable and you can take it where ever you'd like. The other stays in the pack n play. There is a $40 difference. I am just wondering if the removable part is really worth it. We will have a bassinet upstairs in our bedroom. So the pack n play will primarily be downstairs only. I want to go buy it today- so please let me know what you think. Get the removable for $40 more, or just stick to the stationary one. I definitely want the napper though, so please don't suggest one without. Thanks!

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So What Happened?

Thanks ladies! I talked it over with my hubby. We are going to go with the cheaper one. I think since we have a bouncer and swing and bassinet, we really don't need the extra seat for a few short months. Instead, I'll use the $40 saved to buy some bottles or something we really need. Thanks again for the great advise as always.

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Ok I looked at both and I'd definitely go with the one that's $159.99. The only difference I can see between the two is that the baby seat that comes out of the one that's 199.99 doubles as a baby "rocker" when removed. Don't really think you need that and the one that's 159.99 has a seat you can use & remove too. Both also have a removable changing station and you can set the mattress in both to a higher position when they are newborn and can't sit up yet. Then you can lower the mattress in the playard when they start rolling over or moving around.

I can't believe how many more features these have than the one I bought in 2008! They have a music box, attached diaper stacker, newborn station, I'm so jealous!!! Congrats. :)

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It looks like you've made your decision, but just in case you wanted to take a peek at this one, this is what we have. It's in your price least off of Amazon.

- It has an infant bassinet for newborns
- Toy play thing that is removable.
- Changing station
- little electronic thing that plays music, turns on a dim light, vibrates the whole bed (awesome because it's voice activated and if it hears baby cry, you can set it to vibrate and often baby will go back to's a very gentle vibrate).
- There is also a remote control that controls the electronic thing should you want to do it from a distance.

We love it. It's easy to move from room to room, through doorways, though you might slightly have to collapse it just a touch to fit it through. We are planning to buy another when this next baby arrives in a few months.

Chicco Lullaby LX Playard


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Personally, I'd go with the less expensive one since you can really just use the higher level for naps in the pack n play or use your bassinet. And fyi, you can snap up a like new full featured pack n play on Craigs for $40-50. Bought most of my nearly new gear that way and saved thousands, not to mention I've already begun selling back and re-cooped all I spent thus far (this is last child, my other two are older).



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I would go with the 159.99 as well, especially if you are going to have a bouncy seat or other infant seat. Save yourself the extra $....

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