Bday Gift Ideas for 6 Year Old Boy

Updated on January 02, 2012
J.M. asks from Melrose, MA
9 answers

I have 2 girls so don't really know....about $20. .thanks

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answers from Boston on

The boys on my street are into Pokemon cards. I also like the idea of board games - Sorry Sliders, Operation etc.

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answers from Houston on

My 6 yo son just got an umbrella, Lego water bottle, harmonica, and backscratcher for his birthday/Christmas. He loves each one of them and still plays with them, even a week after Christmas! lol

You can't go wrong with books either. Any kind of encyclopedia of some sort - Encyclopedia of Gross Things/Animals/Weather/Inventions that failed/Superheroes - would be good.



answers from New York on

All ideas below are great. I'll add movie tickets, art supplies (crayola has some neat stuff), sports equipment? (soccer ball, baseball/bat)



answers from Pittsburgh on

My 6 year old just got:

Legos - loves them
Hex bugs - we have 3, he has played with them for a year. They are really cool - especially if you look at the robotic science behind them.

Zoob - cool building toy
Cards - matching memory game sort - likes them
Playmobil - has been great. He just got the cafe and bakery along with a meerkat set and rhino.

I see no reason these would be inappropriate for a boy or girl.



answers from Detroit on

Order wood figurine toys from Padilly from the Holztiger brand. I've been buying two items for each b-party I have been going to. Dinosaurs. Whales. Dolphins. King and Queen. Knight and horse. Wolves. Tigers and lions. Bears. Love 'em.



answers from Los Angeles on

I have 3 boys and a girl. One of my boys is almost 6 and into Mario everything. He also likes Ninjagos (lego-based) and Beyblades. These are a bit more popular with the 8-10 age crowd, but will quickly be there!

We found the Hex bugs were short-lived fun.

Ninjago starter set is $20

Beyblades you can get at Target and run about $8. Get two, so he can battle with someone.



answers from Detroit on

I'm not sure about cost, but Hex Bugs are really big right now. Or some kind of Lego set if he's into Legos.


answers from Milwaukee on

Hex bugs
Hot Wheels


answers from Los Angeles on

Cant really go wrong with Hot wheels.
Or a deck of playing cards.
Or a cute board game like Hi-Ho Cheerio or Operation (my boys love that one).
Or a cute movie, scooby-doo, or Bugs Bunny or Tom and Jerry?

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