Baby Boy's 1St Birthday - Larkspur,CO

Updated on February 06, 2012
M.F. asks from Larkspur, CO
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What are baby's into at this age???? Please help this Aunt, my nephew's first birthday is coming up....suggestions on good baby boy 1st Birthday presents?

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answers from Denver on

My son's favorite gift at one was a lawn mower! It helped him with walking and he loved to "help" daddy mow the yard.

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answers from Houston on

Our son turned one right around Christmas. Between his birthday and Christmas we got him a toy push mower, two chunky wooden puzzles, a pair of Sesame Street figures (Murray and Super Grover) and a set of age appropriate toy cars. For what it is worth he loves his mower and uses it all the time. Happy shopping.

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answers from Fort Collins on

Ask his parents what he enjoys. At 1 yo, my first son loved musical instruments/toys, books, and anything he could ride on. At 1 yo, my second son loved balls, trucks, and anything for outside play.



answers from Denver on

If you are up for spending $100 and if your nephew is walking and not tiny for his age, I thoroughly recommend a Strider bike (there are other balance bikes that are cheaper, Walmart has one now for $38 but I don't know it how far from the ground the seat is, etc). At 12 months, my daughter wasn't quite tall enough (she's short) but she loved to try. By 18 months she could do it. Anyway, these balance bikes are wonderful at building balance, co-ordination, and confidence (and a whole lot of fun for most kids). They are the single best "toy" I bought for my kids. If you want something that your nephew can play with on his birthday then some of the other suggestions like puzzles, blocks, etc would be great ideas. If you want something that he can use over the course of the next 12 months ( and beyond) then I recomeend a strider bike. If this seems excessive this year, you could consider it for his second birthday.


answers from Boston on

Just so you know, babies don't have a clue about birthdays until at least age 3, and even that is questionable. He's probably walking, or getting ready to, so anything that helps with that is a good gift. My son had a push fire truck that he loved (and it could be filled with water and, in good weather, used outside with a squirt mechanism). Gross motor skills are important. So are fine motor skills, so puzzles with large pieces (wood) are good, sorting blocks that allow different shaped pieces to be pressed through holes into a larger container, or stacking blocks are all good ideas. Tactile books with different surfaces on each page are great - soft, smooth, scratchy, etc. Anything that gets kids interested in turning the pages of a book is a great gift.

Don't overwhelm him - if he opens the first gift, he may not want to go on to a 2nd or 3rd. Just introduce one at a time. And don't be surprised if his favorite thing is the box the gift came in!



answers from Denver on

An enormous stuffed animal - my son loved his.
Or a walker wagon (one that doesn't tip).
They are into feeding themselves, and walking!


answers from Dallas on

Hey I have a little boy who just turned 1 yr old and one of his favorite toys is the Playskool poppin park elefun busy ball popper. Its an elehpant that blows balls out of his nose. Its pretty neat!



answers from Dallas on

My son loved the Fisher Price grocery cart at that age - it also helped him learn to walk.



answers from Pocatello on

How much does he have already? One year olds don't know what is going on. Will he be getting a ton of toys?
I suggest one of your favorite children's books that he can enjoy for years to come and maybe a gift card to have his one year old pictures taken. I would have LOVED that gift. Money is always tight, but everyone loves pictures of their kids.



answers from Provo on

depends on the kid, but my one year olds favorite toy was the trucks, they didn't even have to have lights or sounds, he played with those over all elctronic toys he got. He also loves his little sit and ride toy (a small car like vehicle for inside)



answers from Washington DC on

I’m sorry, but I am all about the practical gifts…like diaper and wipes and PJs. Good luck! But puzzles and the Elefun is good too! Or a gift card so the parents can get what they want.


answers from Santa Fe on

When both my kids were 1 they loved toys they could push... a little shopping cart or toy stroller or other push toy. They also both loved riding toys (car you sit on and push with your feet). My son loved toy musical instruments and a marble ramp toy (with big plastic balls instead of marbles which would be too small at this age) - watching the balls go down the shoots was one of his all time favorite things! My daughter already loved playing with a toy kitchen/toy food at age 1. The other thing they both loved was a toy pop up tent we could put up in the livingroom...they both still love this one!



answers from Denver on

At that age both of my sons really liked the Leap Frog school bus with the alphabet all around it. They also liked things they could pull or push around as they started walking.
Good luck and have fun!

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