What to Get 2 Year Old Little Boy for Birthday????

Updated on October 16, 2010
K.B. asks from Reston, VA
17 answers

i need help !! What do little 2 year old boys like to play with.

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So What Happened?

Thank you all!!!!! I liked all your answers. Now its decisions, decisions!!!!! : )

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answers from Las Vegas on

Tonka Trucks
Play Tool Set
Play Doctor's Kit
Playdough & Art Supplies
Musical Instruments
Thomas the Train Sets
Mega Blocks
Toddler Size Basketball Hoop
Age Appropriate Leap Frog Toys
Musical Actitivity Table
Dress Up Clothes (the do have ones for boys)
Tricycles or Ride Ons
Play Lawn Mower or Similar Toys

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answers from Los Angeles on

Thomas the Train trains - with a gift receipt - in case they already have the one you bought.

Dr. Seuss books

Monster trucks/Hotwheels are great because they run about $1 each, so you can get a bunch and not break the bank.

I like to throw in a giant box of Goldfish crackers and the kids LOVE that. It seems to be the hit of the party for the kid.

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answers from Dallas on

My two-year-old loves to play outside, so maybe get him something for the outdoors. Loves footballs and baseballs, bowling pins with a ball. Not sure if there is a Kohl's where you live, but they have Dr. Seuss books right now for five dollars and the stuffed animal to go along for five dollars as well. I bought my son "A Wocket in my Pocket" and he thinks it is too funny. He likes anything he can stack and then knock down. Puzzles are always good! Hope this helps a little!

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answers from Cumberland on

Books and puzzles? Trucks and such? Read the age suggestions or ask the mom-maybe she can help guide you-or ask the child.



answers from Naples on

My nephew loves loves loves hot wheels, & matchbox cars etc... There are pretty simple sets that you can get with tracks etc.. Also - the bubble blower - always a hit. If you are close - a rocking horse or tricycle. Good luck!



answers from San Antonio on

My son is turning two on Jan 1, so between Christmas and birthday here are some of the things we and family are doing:

Train table
Puzzles-I like the wood ones
Books-he LOVES to read books, especially Elmo stuff
Duplo blocks
Table and chairs for his playroom



answers from Washington DC on

My son absolutely loves the tonka lights and sounds trucks. Especially the fire truck and ambulance. He likes shake and go cars as well.



answers from Washington DC on

Thomas the Tank Engine or other wooden train sets (like the ones in Ikea), big trucks or cars, plastic basketball set -- depends on the little guy.



answers from Detroit on

You can't go wrong with cars, trucks and trains. I also loved (and so did both my boys) anything Little People. They are great sets and really get kids using their imaginations.



answers from Washington DC on

Two years old was the age when my (now almost eight year old) son discovered Thomas the Tank Engine. It was a love affair that lasted nearly five years, taught him his numbers, and provided many hours of enjoyment for the whole family. I tearfully packed away his Thomas train table this past summer. I would recommend a Thomas story book collection accompanied by one of the big chunky Thomas character toys designed for toddlers.


answers from Boston on

My guy is a Little People lover. He has the farm, the airplane, the zoo train and the fire station, and enjoys them all.



answers from Sacramento on

Target sells small balls in a package for a very decent price. They are toddler sized football, basket ball, and soccer ball. I bought it once for a child I didn't know and turned beet red when he stopped with that ball kit and the 5 hotwheels pack and didn't want to open any other gifts.

Now, two years old is likely too young for the hotwheels. But another toy car or truch, or diplo blocks are all good things. Ask the parents, they can give you some ideas.


answers from Santa Fe on

Mine loved musical instruments. He loved the Bontempi sax or trumpet when he was 2. You can order one - they are really inexpensive (maybe $14) He also loved Thomas the Train and Elmo. He loved large motor skill things and was really into his little indoor slide. He also had a little vaccume cleaner and he LOVED pretending to vaccume.


answers from San Antonio on

My son (2.5) loved his Apple Grove Pals at 18m-2 yrs. He still does play with them, but not as much now http://www.littletikes.com/toys/apple-grove-pals-friends-...

Any FLASHLIGHT is fun for my son. (I got him one for Xmas for $1 and he plays with it all the time).

Any ball or car is great. Especially if the car makes noise or has a grinding motor that makes it go on it's own (ya know what I'm saying - you pull the car backwards, it grinds, you let the car go and it zooms across the floor. Works best on hard wood floors though. Not so great on carpet).


answers from Topeka on

Elefun! It is the perfect game. You find it in the board game section at any store like Walmart or Target. It is an elephant that blows little butterflies up his trunk. The child has to catch the butterflies in his net. My kids loved that game at that age.



answers from Atlanta on

Trucks and trains! My youngest son just turned 2 last Sunday, and his grandmother got him a remote control fire truck -one of the "my first RC trucks." He LOVES it. He's also majorly in love with a Tonka tow truck he received and a "road rippers" tractor.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Small bike/trike? Or Books!

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