Best Christmas Gifts for 3 Yr Old and Baby Boys

Updated on November 15, 2010
M.P. asks from Naperville, IL
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Hi Ladies. I'm leaning on all those smart brains out there! Everyone is asking me what my 3 year old and 6 month old boys want for Christmas. I don't have a ton of ideas! Can you suggest any great toys that your boys or girls love?

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answers from Chicago on


I apologize for being self-promotional but I created a Holiday Gift Guide for my online store and to make shopping easier, I divided the gift ideas by age. You certainly don't have to buy from my store but the gift guide might give you some good ideas for those two age groups.

Top Picks for Holiday Gifts for Babies -

Top Picks for Holiday Gifts for 3 - 4 year old boys -

I hope that helps!

S. Kirchner - Discover New Holiday Family Traditions!

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answers from Chicago on

My little man, who is three, his birthday is in october, but some of his favorite things from his birthday are Trios(I had never heard of them), Ants in the Pants game and a remote control car. He loves to play games Cooties and memory are his top choices. He loves any type of puzzles. I love Wedgits and building blocks, because they are toys that will always be played with and grow with the child. From your littlest one, maybe thing of toys that he will love to play with 3-6 months down the road. A walking toy, a riding toy, soft blocks or maybe a sled to ride when it snows. They have so many for younger ones now. Books and clothes are great for wee little ones. I like the college fund idea too. I know everyone that would gives our son money know we put it in his college fund.

Good luck!



answers from Chicago on

My 3 yr old loves tree blocks (natural wooden blocks that look like little tree stumps) and play silks. We have quite a few toys from Magic Cabin, Etsy, and HearthSong that she adores. We also have a couple of things from Nova Naturals- the tea pot has been one of the most popular toys for both my girls (age 10 and 3!) If you are crafty, you can make some various things for them too. I made a "village" for them that is just stuffed cubes and pyramids that they can stack and arrange amongst their blocks.



answers from Los Angeles on

I have a 3 year old son, too. He loves cars and trucks and is recently into board games (Candy Land, Chutes & Ladders, Sequence for Kids). I also sell Discovery Toys and he LOVES those. Here are a few of his favorites:

Motor Works:



Here is what I got him for Christmas this year:

Short Vowel Fun (kind of like Uno or Crazy Eights, but with words):

Big Hungry Bear book + CD:

Big Hungry Bear game:

For the six month old, these are my favorites:

Go Go Caterpillar:


You can view all of my toys at and make your holiday shopping easy! All of the toys come with a lifetime warranty.
Happy holidays!



answers from Biloxi on

My son loved cars..sesame street cars, fisher price trucks..he loved his matchbox cars too. He also liked toys that made a lot of annoying sounds and onces he can ram into my ankle with! 6 months old..that's kind of tuff since they are just beginning to move, but my son seemed to like being placed under those gyms. His had music and lights and things he can try and swat at. When my daughter was 3, she liked jumping on the boxes the stuff I bought her came in! She loved the boxes..wish I knew that before I bought the toys


answers from San Antonio on

I bought this for my nephew: who is three. As far as the baby goes, it's hard to buy toys for a little one that age as he might grow out of them quickly. Maybe ask for clothes for little ones. I know that always helped us out!



answers from San Diego on

Personally, I'd ask for college fund contributions, especially for the 6-month-old. They won't know the difference at this age.

Your 3-yo is probably old enough to have an opinion himself about what he would like. Why not ask him? Are there any toys that he just gravitates to when he's with friends?



answers from Dallas on

I put together a wonderful list of great toys this years for children your age as well as other great toy websites that gave me some great ideas for my two boys 4yrs and 8mos.

Check out my article here for top toys

Check out this article for great websites to give you more fun ideas for Holiday Toys

It Takes a Village...
Where Dallas Moms go for Food, Family and Fun

Happy Shopping!


answers from Cleveland on

I have 4 grown children and an in-home daycare for 19 years. For a 3 year old boy - dinosaurs, cars/trucks (esp trucks), lego duplos, and balls! For the baby, my babies here love the squishy balls (can't think right now what they are called) but they are like 6" diameter and soft. The babies can actually grip these and hold them. They love them.



answers from Peoria on

I have 2 boys (10 & 7yrs) and 1 girl (3).

Age 3 was such a fun age for me! That's when they really develop a personality and likes and dislikes.

My boys' favorite toys were...(and still are...they still play these with my daughter
wooden train set
legos (duplos or megablocks)
playmobil...can't say enough good about playmobil!!!!

We also just bought my daughter the vtech mobigo for her birthday and are planning on getting her the leap frog TAG reader for Christmas. The mobigo has age appropriate games and the TAG reader is a great reading tool. Both very educational!!!

For the 6 month old...I would either by ahead...things like...
Leapfrog Learn and Groove Table
Vtech Laptop
Playmobil 123!!!!!!!

Hope this helps! I'm only suggesting things that my kids played with for hours!



answers from Scranton on

I myself have a three year old boy and while he loves his cars and trucks, he has a ton of them.. I would assume your son does too. If you're son is anything like mine, you can't always rely on what he says he wants because he'll say every toy commerical he sees on the Disney channel or Nick Jr. My son loves to do puzzles. They sell the ten, maybe twenty piece big, blocky, wooden puzzles that also have some of their favorite characters (i.e. Diego, Tigger and Pooh, Toy Story..) We also got our son and our four year old daughter each their our learning game systems for Christmas. After letting them try all the different kinds at the store, we decided on the Fisher Price iXL gaming system. It's a handheld game, almost like a baby ipad, that they can do their alpabet, numbers, play learning games featuring their favorite characters, (Scooby Doo, Handy Manny, Disney Princess, Shrek, Batman...) and they can also store their own pictures and music. If all else fails, take your son to the toy store and let him look around. Write down anything he really shows interest in. This is how we made our Christmas shopping list. For the baby, I would say, learning to walk things, maybe something that turns into a rider. My kids loved blocks too. They do sell soft ones, and big ones that he can't possibly fit in his mouth.Also, you can't go wrong with clothes. He'll always need that size bigger.



answers from Chicago on just did a segment on WGN about some cool toys that will be exhibited at the upcoming Chicago Toy & Game Fair at Navy Pier. Here's the link to the description of it, which includes a link to the tv segment as well as linnks to each of the toys:
Kidwinks is giving away 4 large groups of these toys, too, so you also enter the contest through this Monday.


answers from Dallas on

I always told my family not to worry about the babies. They don't know the difference, so unless they needed something, I'd just tell them to not get anything. And, well, I have girls, but I ran an inhome daycare for 2 years so I know that boys like dress up just like girls do. Mabe some construction wear or a police or doctor outfit or a doctor set (my 3 year old's favorite!!), Handy Manny tools, remote control cars, books, toy dinosaurs, puzzles, lacing beads, games (hullabloo, memory, elefun, etc.) toy robot (alphie), toy cars, balls, a "boy" dollhouse. We have the mickey mouse clubhouse and all the kids love it! Art supplies, man, I could go on and on and on...



answers from New York on

When my son was 3, anything having to do with vehicles - any cars, trucks, construction vehicles to play with

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