2Year Old Boy Gift Ideas

Updated on February 17, 2013
S.H. asks from Middleton, WI
7 answers

Anyone have any great ideas for a 2 year old boy? What did your kids like at that age?

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answers from Dallas on

MY son preferred anything that moves. (Still does!!) Trains, cars, trucks. Wooden trains were and remain his favorite.

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answers from Chicago on

* Simple puzzles (Melissa & Doug ones are great)
* Wooden barn with animals and tractors, etc (We got a great set from Target that has John Deere tractors, combines, and some accessories)
* Yep, trains!!
* Little People playsets (best to get at garage sales for GREAT deals on them)

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answers from Tampa on

At 2, my son loved big trucks, mega blocks, large/simple wooden puzzles, and by 2 1/2 developed his love for push trains (Thomas etc). A great gift would be a starter track set. My son received one track set as a gift at 2 that had a draw type bridge and included both Thomas and a musical caboose. He loved that bridge more than any other track accessory he ever received afterwards..

He often would play with the megablocks, trains and trucks at the same time. He loved for my husband and I to help build several large and small tunnels out of the blocks for him to drive his trucks/trains

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answers from Grand Forks on

When they were two they loved their big Tonka Trucks, wooden trains and Fisher Price Little People. They also loved the outdoor toys like their Mr. Turtle sandbox, Little Tykes basketball hoop, Cozy Coupe car, bubble lawn mower, tricycle etc.

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answers from New York on

play dough, musical instruments, crayons, trains, a magna doodle, puzzels, magnets, lego



answers from Green Bay on

My son is 2.5 (just over) and he enjoys puzzles, cars, playdoh, train/tracks, little people/fisher price people and animals, blocks...

Outside he likes balls, bats, golf clubs, lawn mower, bubbles, chalk, sandbox.

For Christmas we got him a little tikes bowling set that is fun. I also thought of getting him one of those little tikes grills, but he has one at preschool/church nursery that he plays with. I cook a lot and he likes helping me so he would enjoy the food/dishes/kitchen stuff.

Melissa and Doug have some great "food" type things - like felt sandwich kits, or cutting wooden food (stuck together with velcro and they cut it apart) that are fun.



answers from Minneapolis on

Anything with wheels he can push along the floor.

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