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False Pregnancy

I went thru what your friend is going thru. I tried to get pregnant for 5 1/2 years. I miscarried my first one and then went to a fertility dr who was ...

Spotting During Really Early Pregnancy

The spotting can be due to implantation bleeding, especially since you are so early in your pregnancy. Brown is usually a good sign (though not in all ...

Fear of Miscarriage

Your blood levels should be close to doubling every two days. At this early stage that would be the best indication that your pregnancy is going well. ...

Positive Pregnancy Test

Your first tests may have indicated that you took the tests too soon. Your pregnancy hormones probably just weren't strong enough for the test to pick up on ...

2Nd Pregnancy and a Rather Large Belly already....normal?

Yes, in many women pregnancies after the first they will "show" sooner, and your little boy isn't even a year and a half yet. That's pretty close together ...

Discharge During Pregnancy

I went through the same thing with all my pregnancy's.As long as it doesn't smell bad,which you said it doesn't so you are fine.Congrats on having your ...

False Positive Pregnancy Test

If you are pregnant and your progesterone level is low they can give you Prometrium supplements to support the pregnancy. I used them when I was pregnant ...

Severe Nausea During pregnancy...PLEASE HELP!!

Ginger Ale was helpful too, but you won't even want to be in the same room with it after your pregnancy--not always a bad thing though. ...

Pregnancy and Hemorrhoids

But very minor compared to while pregnant. But get bad when constipated or diarrhea. It will get better after your child is born but not right away if you ...

2Nd Pregnancy

Thanks for your help- any and all comments on second pregnancies and the changes are appreciated! ... I would not worry about it, just enjoy your pregnancy. ...
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