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Fun Ways to Announce a Pregnancy

They thought it was fun, and me baby had bibs to use a grandma's. ... When we wanted to announce my pregnancy to our families, we wrote a little poem, ...

Early Pregnancy Syptoms?

It may not be PMS or pregnancy. My girlfriend never breastfed any of her 3 kids. Her baby was over a year old and she picked up my son because he was crying ...

Percocet During Pregnancy

I was on vicodin es during my last pregnancy. She will be 4 next month. The medication was fine for me. The baby didn't have any problems from it at all. ...

Hypothyroid Diagnosis and Pregnant

Sep 7, 2009 ... Thank God, everything with the pregnancy went well and my baby is fine. I have, in my humble opinion, two very bright and happy children! ...

When to Tell 4 Year Old About Pregnancy

Read all 9 responses: "Hello Ladies, I am 10 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child. I have a 4 year old ... pregnancy baby pictures · first 4 weeks of pregnancy ...

False Pregnancy

We refer to our miscarriage as our Angel Baby. I also wrote a letter to my Angel Baby in the pregnancy journal I had started and kept it. ...

Sex Post-Pregnancy

Sex Post-Pregnancy. My husband and I plan to have our baby in our room for the first bit after she is born for ease of care and because we're finishing ...

Pregnancy Mood swings...what to Do About It...

Let me just say this: I have a sister who stayed depressed during one of her pregnancies...mood swings..sadness...etc. Her baby never smiled, ...

Pregnant, Having Gallbladder Pain and No Gallbladder!!!!

With both pregnancies I experienced a burning/stabbing pain sensation where my gallbladder would be. With the second baby, during and after pregnancy the ...

Pregnancy After C-section - Did You Wait Less than the "Prescribed" One Year?

Sep 4, 2009 ... Hi I was wondering if anyone on this forum has gotten pregnant .... to both mom and baby when pregnancies occur too close together that are ...
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  • takes a toll on your body in 2 answers "... Everything was fine...only thing is that I think it takes a toll on your body."
  • thyroid hormone levels in 2 answers "... about possible complications, and was advised to get my thyroid hormone levels ..."
  • bile duct in 3 answers "... and come to find out he had formed a gallstone way up high in the bile duct ..."
  • arent supposed to have sex in 2 answers "So I don't think it's an issue at all. You aren't supposed to have sex for 6 wks after ..."
  • positive pregnancy test in 2 answers "... address and sent both sets of parents a picture of the positive pregnancy test."