Adopting a Boy - What to Register for an (18 Month Old) Baby Shower

Updated on June 24, 2010
W.M. asks from Allen, TX
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My husband will have the son we've been praying for in two months. Some friends from our church are wanting to throw us a shower - can you give me an idea of the "must-have's" for an 18 month old? I don't have anything for our baby at this point except my collection of Little Golden books! I would so appreciate your thoughts - I don't want to register for things only to learn later that I really didn't need them. Please be specific. I appreciate your help so much!

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answers from Las Vegas on

Indoor & Outdoor Toys
Babyproofing Items (gates, cabinet locks)
Room Decor
Diaper Genie and bags
Toddler Size Plates and Silverware
Pack n' Play
Umbrella Stroller
First Aid Kit
Grooming Set
Cool Mist Humidifier

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answers from Chicago on

You will need clothing, baby gate, highchair or a good stable booster chair, a twin bed (I would suggest borrowing a crib for the short time you will need one) potty chair and lots of diapers. toys and a good stroller

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answers from Chicago on

Stroller, booster seat for your kitchen table, car seat, sippy cups, clothes, and toys. For the toys, I would have people look for toys that say 2+. I found a lot of the 18 month toys, my kids starting playing with around 12 months and lost interest in them around 24 months.

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answers from Portland on

My 18 month old son LOVES books! Picture books are the best- he'll point and either say the name of the picture or the sound (that the animal makes, for instance).
Also: toy cars/trucks
remote control car (he can't drive it yet but gets a kick out of watching US drive it!)
shoes (with soft soles for arch development)
24 month clothes (because they grow fast!)
musical instruments of ANY kind: kid piano, xylophone, drum
balls- they LOVE balls
a booster chair that straps to a normal chair (saves space and you don't need a highchair)
kiddie spoon/fork/plate set
Klean Kanteen water bottle (stainless steel)

Just a few suggestions :) I've noticed my son above all else, wants love and support, which is exactly what it sounds like you and your husband are going to provide.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Congrats! My son is 20 months and has a push lawnmower that he truly loves! Blocks are fun at this age, the bigger ones. My son is really starting to use his imagination, he has a Barn from Fisher Price that came with a bunch of Little People Farm Animals and he marches those around the house all day singing E-I-E-I-O. He loves to sing some maybe some CD's? Every child is different so it will be fun to find out what he likes. If you have any friends with kids, maybe you can take him over there and see what he likes to play give you ideas (after he gets adjusted maybe).

My son loves for us to read to him, but I only buy board books and he really likes the lift-the-flap style books from Fisher Price.

My favorite sippy cups (with a straw) are from Learning Curve. Plates and bowls from Munchkin. Spoons and a spork.

I really love my shopping cart cover for the grocery store. It makes it more comfy for my son and I can store snacks in the pocket. I also like the fact that my own hands aren't touching the nasty shopping cart. I got mine at Target and the brand is Eddie Bauer. Washes well too.

I also have a little lunch box for my son which I stock up with snacks and drinks when we go out and about. That way I always have something for him. I keep a little ice pack in the bag to keep things cool. Just a little tip :)

My son is really starting to enjoy coloring. I even let him play with playdough (supervised).

Good luck, hope these were helpful hints.
Congrats again!

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answers from Dallas on

Just wanted to say congrats to you and how wonderful of you and your husband to be doing this! Your love and parenting will change this childs life! All the mommies have great advice on what to get! Some toy ideas that my son has played with daily for about a year now (He's 27 months) are balls (any and every type), tonka cars and trucks and anything he can ride on (he has a tractor and a little tikes car that he loves). Some other things you could register for are: summer clothes, shoes- we love the easy slip on flipflops with straps to hold them on, DIAPERS!!- depending on his weight he will probably be in size 3 or 4, wipes, bathing necessities- shampoo, lotion, powder, towels, washclothes, a thermometer, sippy cups- we use playtex and they are great for no spills, eating utensils, plates & bowls, Gerber makes great microwavable meals for kids that are good for them, a high chair, at that age my son really started to enjoy music so maybe some children cd's or dvd's with lots of songs and some instruments like a drum or maracas, also maybe one of the little kits that have a hairbrush, toenail clippers, toothbrush, etc. Again Congrats to yall!!

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answers from San Antonio on

I agree with mommyS.

Kids are still a little rough with the books, so I'd suggest some board books. Always good: Sandra Boynton (red hat blue hat, barnyard dance), Goodnight Moon, ABC books.

At 18 months, my son received "Apple Grove Pals" set of toys and absolutely loved them. Their hats come off. He now has probably 15 of them (he's 26 months), they call come with an accompanying book. Our favorites are the Heros set, the Pancake Caper set, and the Goat tractor set. All the others are good, but not the best as far as the books go.

I'm sure your new son will have a preference as far as the type of sippy cup goes. He may prefer a straw type. He may be great with a cup already. It'd be best to find out what brand/style he uses right now and get the same kind. If not, my son uses the Take N Toss brand. They have Toy STory ones right now and he loves them. He also LOVES his juice. Just click on the link to see the types of tops you can get on your juice. I got two at the grocery store and they're leak-proof and they go in the top rack of the dishwasher. My son likes his Train and Buzz. He lost his Corduroy one.

Forks/Spoons/Plates -- At this age, it may be easier for him to hold a thicker handled fork. I think I bought Gerber for my son. Nice thick rubbery handle. My son loves his Buzz light-year plate. Of course, he only has one and we use it occasionally. It's not microwave safe. :(

Toys -- wooden block letters. All boys need to build with blocks! If you can find out what characters he likes or a show he loves, get him a new soft cuddly stuffed animal. My son liked Pooh-bear at 18 months. PUZZLES. Any puzzle is a great learning tool and lots of fun. My son likes them all. The one that makes animal noises is his favorite lately.

Bibs -- my son stopped just recently wearing a bib. He only wears one now if he's eating spaghettios or soup or something really messy. So if you get one or two, get the ones that you can wash in the sink that have a pocket on them.

Cracker holder -- I don't own this brand. I bought one that felt softer (at Babies R Us). But these snack 'catchers' are awesome.

Goldfish crackers -- don't all kids eat these? Perhaps it will be a nice 'comfort food' in his new place with you.

It'll still be hot in Texas in two months, so maybe some sun glasses, outdoor toys, balls, swimsuit, sunscreen, hat, etc. For the winter, register for a coat and a hat. Mittens -- he may or may not wear. My son didn't like them too much.

Congratulations. That's all I can think of right now. Don't forget to get a digital camera! You'll be taking lots of pictures. :)

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answers from Dallas on

Congratulations on your new addition! I would find out what size he is wearing now and then specify that size or larger. Is he in 18 month clothes or is he already wearing 24 months? Do you have a theme (or color theme) planned for his room? That would also be helpful to people in selecting a gift.

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answers from Chicago on

Congrats! That is fantastic! I have a 22 month old and it is such a fun age.

Some of the things are random but I am just looking around right now to get ideas of what I use every day

1. Stroller: maclaren quest, carseat (britax marathon)
2. Sippy cups (playtex)
3. I love plastic disposable stuff but do not dispose of them: bowls, spoons, forks. A few plates
4. Bibs to eat (I love the full cover ones from ikea)
5. small table and chairs for coloring/snacks
6. booster chair for kitchen table
7. diapers, wipes, diapers (night ones), butt cream, swim diapers
8. shampoo/wash (aveeno)
9. crib sheets (I have four total and that is all I need and change them every other day or so)
10. Towels (3 or 4)
11. sunblock
12. Toys (more for your info, but can register for too): legos, baseball bat/ball, basketball net, little tikes car, little people stuff, frisbee, bubbles
13. I do not use my monitors but that may be something you need depending on your bedroom situation
14. Things to baby proof your home (outlets, stair gates, cabinet hooks, etc) -not all children need this but my little one sure did.

I am so excited for you. Congrats again!!!

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answers from Kansas City on

look around your house and start planning to babyproof, you'll probably need a baby gate or two, outlet covers, etc. clothes, diapers, if you plan to take him swimming, some of those swimming diapers. of course the decor for his room. sippie cups are great, little bowls with lids, for snacks, tiny toddler dishes/silverware, bath toys and accessories, car seat (or multiple if you have more than one car), potty chair, of course lots of great learning toys, not that junk that most toy departments are full of these days...i am sure you can find plenty to fill up a register :) if you have one, take a friend shopping with you who has small kids (or recently has!) and they can give you a hand. congratulations! :)

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answers from Dallas on

When in doubt, gift cards are nice to get those added extras.

He's prolly not potty trained yet or may be so pull ups or diapers are needed. EVERY baby needs bath lotions and baby shampoo and wash, towels (the hooded ones are FABULOUS) and washclothes.

Books are nice but get the cardboard hard books. Mine liked to chew...ALLOT so his paper books were reduced to slobber covered in no time.

Baby wipes are practical at any age.

Clothes hamper, bedding (extra sheets) and decor for the room also good options.

Mattress covers are a BLESSING. Once he starts potty training you will thank me for the suggestion. It saves ALLOT of time at night if there's an accident. Layer the bedding, sheet, cover, sheet, cover, sheet and if/when they have an accident, just whip the top layer off and VOILA...back to bed they go (after you change them of course:).


I wish you nothing but great things!!


answers from Los Angeles on

Oh my gosh how exciting! You must be going crazy with joy! I know you have thought of all the big basics like a crib/bed and all, but I rely a lot on the little things. Sippy cups (i had to go through a bunch of different types before she would use one). They have these food cups to put snacks in and kids can carry it around, great for in the car. Her push tricycle (i can push it and when she gets older the push-handle detaches and she can use it by herself, its kettler brand) we use this on walks, and she absolutely loves books. Board books, talking books, plush books, plastic books, whatever kind of books. Bath toys, and a storage system for the bath toys (mine is this big frog that suction cups to the shower wall). Clothes, tons and tons of clothes. Baby gates. I like to keep mine out of the kitchen so we installed a baby gate that attaches to the wall, it can swing open and close but it also locks. You are going to have so much fun! Congrats!



answers from Minneapolis on




answers from St. Cloud on

~A cozy coupe! (ALL kids LOVE them! Our 3 and 5 year old STILL play with theirs and they started as young as 7 months!)

~Booster Chair

~Potty Chair

~Sippy Cups (they are expensive and kids LOVE them at this age! Register for a stainless steel "thermos" that has a straw! Our kids LOVE them. Got it at Walmart.)


answers from Dallas on

Balls!!! Boys love 'em! Also, a playpen, crib, sippy cups (playtex or gerber),size 24 months clothes (he'll grow quick!), outdoor toys like a sand/water table, sandbox, etc., first aid kit, etc. You'll be sure to find "oops, we forgot this" moments, so gift cards will be great!!! You are such a beautiful family for doing this and you are so lucky to be able to add this wonderful boy! Congrats!!!



answers from Tulsa on

I read through a few of the answers and a few thoughts I have are following:

All toys need to be age appropriate. If it fits through a toilet paper tube it is too small for a toddler. Until a child is around 3 years old and has stopped putting toys in their mouths then you need to make sure every toys is not a choke hazard. Hot Wheels cars are not a toddler toy. Lego's are not toddler toys, but Duplo are.

Toys have age ranges on them for a reason and they do outgrow them quickly. But the toys for toddlers don't have small parts that can be broken off and put in their mouths.

I don't think I would get a high chair at this point, a booster chair with straps that go under and behind and fasten to secure it would be fine. Of course all the safety equipment like plug covers and such. We found lots of our safety stuff at Lowe's, they seem to be better quality. We got some stuff at the Dollar Tree and they broke off in the sockets.

Otherwise, board books, diapers, overnight diapers, clothes for Summer in the right size for now, clothes for Winter in Texas, whether just a bit heavier or full Winter gear.

One thing I think would be really fun would be a fund to do special classes like gymnastics or a movement class for parents and little ones. We take 2 of our grandkids to a "Buddy and Me" class at our local Gymnastics place and I can't tell you enough good things about our experiences. They could do either a money tree or a gift card type thing with a prepaid Visa.

Congratulations on your new addition.

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