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Updated on May 16, 2014
G.♣. asks from Springfield, IL
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I'm going to a baby shower for my husband's cousin and for her brother's girlfriend whose baby is already 3 months old. The grandma is hosting the shower - didn't want anyone to think the mom of the 3 month old is being rude or tacky. Just a proud grandma.

So, there's no registration for the 3 month old. It's been a little while since I had a 3 month old in this house. Also, I have boys, and this one's a little girl.

Any ideas on what I could get for them besides clothes? I might try to find a cute outfit, but I was trying to think of something practical that the parents might not think of?

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So What Happened?

I should clarify that these relatives live about 6 hours away, so I don't know them very well. Also, they are really my husband's family. But I do know the cousin (who's very close to the grandma) who's hosting, and she only lives an hour away.

I really don't know what they have, but am assuming they already have most of the basics.

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answers from Boston on

I would do a "teething basket". My babies started teething at 4 months- include teething bibs for the drool, teething toys - especially the ones you can pop in the fridge, infant tylenol, and add a couple bags of coffee for Mom. I lived on coffee when my kids were teething - so many sleepless nights!

SAHM of 5
14, 12, 6, 4 & 2

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answers from Las Vegas on

If I could have a baby shower for my now 8 year old, I would want:

Gift cards for clothes and shoes
college money

At 3 months old, the baby is growing fast and changing wardrobes faster than anyone can make the money!!!!

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answers from Raleigh on

Diapers and wipes. Books. High chair. Feeding supplies - like sippy cups, utensils, teethers, etc. I would have liked a new baby bathtub around that time. Usually they are outgrowing the early infant kind.
Hope this helps!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Kids grow up so fast, I would think a few months ahead. Plus she's already 3 months so I'm guessing they have many of the basic necessities. I would suggest:

Feeding-related items for when the baby starts solids: utensils, booster chair/high chair, sippy cups, bigger bibs, etc.

Toys she'll be using soon or in the near future: jumpers, balls, sensory toys, bath toys, stacking toys, blocks, etc.


Since it's almost summer, a good sun hat to block the sun.

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answers from Chicago on

A gift card to a baby photographer.

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answers from McAllen on

Since she's already here and they likely have the basics, I would ask her what she wants/needs. She's actually got a better idea of that now than before the baby was born.

If you do decide to get a cute girly outfit, please be sure to match the age/size with the time of year. My son received a beautiful heavy sweater for 100-degree weather. I was disappointed that he didn't get to wear it, and I couldn't exchange it.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Baby monitor
Stretchy blankets for swaddling
Bottle warmer if she isn't breastfeeding.
Formula if not breastfeeding (ask what kind they are currently using).
A few bibs.
Infant toys you attach to their carrier (can use in a few months).
Nightlights to use later.
Infant book (It covers from birth to age 3 or 5). Good book.

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answers from Chattanooga on

Definitely diapers.

It's hard shopping for a baby they have had for a while, since you don't know what they already have.

If they don't have it already~
Tummy time mat
Travel swing
*Diaper changing kit (the kind that is small, and holds a few diapers, wipes, cream, and a pouch big enough for a change of clothes.)* this thing was my FAVORITE and most-used gift when I had my daughter. I was able to take it instead if the whole diaper bag for shorter car trips or going shopping.

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answers from Norfolk on

Teething ring and/or other stuff to chew on.
It won't be long before some teeth start coming in!
I almost forgot but when our son was that age he just LOVED his play mat!
It's something like this:

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answers from New York on

I always give layette at lots of differnt sizes. When you ahve a baby they keep growing and they need lots of everyday clothing in all the sizes they'll grow into. My shower gift generally consists of a large gift box with onesies and cotton sleepers, easy to get on pants and lots of same color socks in sizes up to 24 months. I almost never include newborn size and only a few 3 month size since babies grow so fast at this time. My babies often spend their days in those one piece cotten "sleepers" that snap up the front.

My niece just had another boy baby - so although she had lots of clothes from her oldr child I knew she'd need all those everyday things. So I brought her a few different sets of onsies (6, 12 & 18 mos size) and pants that coordinate with them and a few pairs of cotton sleepers also in didfferen sizes.

I learned this from my aunt - who gave me this huge box of this stuff when my first child was born - and as she outgrew sizes and I reached into the box in the closet I was reminded of my sweet aunt.

as for socks - i learned the hard way and began to only buy white socks all the same - so when these teeny tiny socks gotten eaten by the washing machine there were still brother socks to be had.

Blessing on this new baby in your family!

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answers from Kansas City on

diapers/wipes are always helpful. If it was my baby I'd also like having the baby board books and things.

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answers from Utica on

Books! They are classic and never go out of style and give the gift of reading and imagination

Good luck

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answers from Los Angeles on

If you want to give something practical, give some things that they will need in a few months when the baby starts eating solids - spoons, little plastic plates and bowls, bibs, etc. Most people don't get that stuff when the baby is first born, but you need it around 6 months so it's good to get.

We always liked the Lamaze brand soft toys, like Freddy the Firefly and Ella the Elephant. There are several others to choose from. You could throw in a good set of linking rings so they can attach it to the car seat or stroller.

Both of my kids got a "chamois stroller blanket" from Pottery Barn Kids with their names and birthdays embroidered on them. they are super soft and warm and we all love them.


answers from Grand Forks on

Robeez shoes. They are the most amazing baby product. There are so many cute styles. You could really get any size, 3-6month, 6-12month, 12-18month etc and they will be used and appreciated!



answers from Pittsburgh on

Since you really don't know what they need, I would suggest a gift card. I know it's not as fun to buy, but if they do still need something basic/bigger, then they can use the gift card towards the cost.

If you really want to buy something, then put the gift card in a little basket with some teethers and other inexpensive baby things like those links you can use to hook toys to (I used those links everywhere, they were awesome).



answers from New York on

My favorite go to gift is an umbrella stroller. Not the real cheap one but a lightweight one. Strollers now are so big and clumsy. Light weight one comes in handy for quick stops.



answers from Washington DC on

Diapers are a great idea for any shower, though of course you might want to get something else for the mom to open then and there (maybe a smaller version of the "teething basket" someone mentioned--nice thought). I wanted to note that if you give diapers, please ask the mom directly before you get there what brand she prefers! Some parents are very particular about diaper brands, with very good reasons, so just go ahead and call her and say, "One thing I'd like to give you is diapers and I want to be sure to give you your preferred brand since you know what works best for you! "

Also see if the mom and dad have storage. If you give them a couple of cases of diapers they may or may not have room for them all at once. Since they live far away you can't exactly promise to drop off diapers yourself each month for a while....If grandma has room at her house, you and she and the mom might work out that grandma will keep the diapers at her place, if storage is an issue.

And I'd purchase the diapers after you arrive in their town so you don't have to transport them all the way there!



answers from Kansas City on

Diapers or a gift card?



answers from Chicago on

A gift card to a local big box store like kohls, jc penney, walmart, target etc along with a book of some sort to get the baby a library started. that way they can get what they need. I think its lovely that they are having a shower for her. There are all sorts of reasons for a shower being after instead of before the baby is born. Sometimes schedules just don't permit, sometimes health concerns don't permit. Blessings to the little one.



answers from Los Angeles on

What about bath stuff? Put together a nice basket or gift bag with:

Tub toys
Neutrogena or Aveeno gentle baby bath
Shampoo visor
A spongy foam bath mat for in the tub--I loved those!
Pure cornstarch powder
Baby Nail clippers
Coryon balls



answers from Los Angeles on

Do they live near a Target? If so, you can buy them something nice from Target. If they already have it, it will be easy to return.

My ideas: Ergo baby carrier, Bumbo seat with tray, baby gates, exersaucer, jogging stroller, books, or lots and lots of diapers. Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but I got tired of getting clothes and toys from everyone. We already had too many. I preferred the more practical gifts.


answers from Austin on

I would get her a baby jumpy. Our daughter LOVED hers.
Here is an example of some of them. If you purchase it at a Babies R us or Walmart, they can trade it in case they already have one.



answers from Phoenix on

I would suggest essentials for a 12-18 month old- by then, you aren't getting as many presents and have to buy stuff for yourself! I really appreciated a couple of bowl/spoon/cup sets that I got as shower gifts. Oh, there is also this great little device that looks like a pacifier with a mesh bag where the nipple would be. You can put things like ice cubes in it for teething or chunks of watermelon for introducing solids, and the mesh bag keeps baby from biting off choking-sized chunks. Genius.

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