A Guy Shower

Updated on December 09, 2006
A.H. asks from Columbus, OH
7 answers

Hey all my friend is having a baby boy after the loss of their 2 year old girl. She wants to throw a manly baby shower in a sports theme for her husband. This way he may get excited about this baby. She has asked me for some help. Do you ladies have any ideas? We were going to make lil weines and meatballs for a boy and all the guys have to bring is diapers. Any ideas will be great

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answers from Rochester on

My friend's husband got a "survival kit" for a present at her shower, and had to put everything on. My husband then inherited the kit when we got pregnant! It had a canvas tool apron, goggles, long handled tongs, a surgical mask, a roll of Duct tape, a pair of rubber gloves, and a note that reads "Daddy's Diaper Toolbelt" and

When it's time for diaper duty
You'll have your tools at hand
Everything you need
So mom will think you're grand.
Gloves, and mask, and tongs,
diapers, pins, and goggles, too.
Everything you need
For all the work you'll do!
Your Diaper Tool Belt will assure
That you do the "dooty" right.
So that precious little baby
Will go back to sleep each night!

I know he's already a pro, but the guys may get a kick out of it!



answers from Dayton on

I had a boy in March and my mom and sister did a sports theme party for me. They printed off different logos of the internet of teams and posted them all over the room for baby shower. We had a ball park theme catered from a local resturaunt. Nachos, hot dogs, burgers, peanuts, pretty much anything you can get at a ball game. I had cupcakes that were iced like baseballs and the cake was a little cubbie because we are avid cub fans. We played a trivia game about sports. It was really a great time. I hope this helps!



answers from Cleveland on

I think your idea sounds great and very kind. Feel bad for your friends losing their daughter but that should help them to remember how blessed they are to have this addition. I don't think I would tell the guys to bring diapers, just something simple but maybe he would like a t-shirt with something on it like "Daddy's little boy?" Have a great time



answers from Columbus on

How about taking baby dolls and having the guys race to see who can change the diapers the fastest! Another thing you could do is fill 4 ounce baby bottles with pop or beer(thats if you want drinking at the shower)and have the guys race to see who can drink them the fastest.Thats what i was going to do for my boyfriend but we ended up moving and i didn't have time to do it.I had more ideas but can't think of them right now.Hope this helps!So sorry about their baby girl my heart goes out to them!



answers from Columbus on

Guys love to be part of this whole experience!! Our friends threw my husband and I a co-ed baby shower for our first. We had a BBQ with beer (things to interest the guys) and it was a blast!!



answers from Terre Haute on

First I have to say I am sorry for your friends loss. I recently had a "manly" shower for a friend of mine who's hubby is a firefighter. We had a firetruck cake, and all the centerpieces were firetrucks for prizes for the games. You could use this idea, just make it sports stuff..like baseball onesies and such. We played some really fun games. the poopy diaper game was a hit. You melt candy and smear it in a diaper and the people have to guess what kind of candy it is. We also took the labels off jars of baby food and passed it around, the person who guessed the most right won. I hope this helps..If you need more ideas feel free to contact [email protected][email protected]____.com



answers from Columbus on

We were going to have a "poker party", where the buy-in was diapers and wipes. My husband thought it was an awesome idea.

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