A Gender Revealing Party?

Updated on September 17, 2011
K.S. asks from Keller, TX
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we live out of state from my family but will be going to visit next month...i am hoping to know the sex of the twins by the time we go... they are babies number 4 & 5 for us & combined with living out of state i doubt anyone is planning a baby shower...i dont mind but would like to celebrate these little blessings & was thinking about having a gender revealing cake (where the inside is pink or blue) at family lunch while we are in town...how could i word this so that people know we just want to celebrate & they dont need to bring gifts. i dont want people to think we are just fishing for gifts or throwing our own shower...
we typically have family lunch while in town so i was thinking about just saying "join us for family lunch and the gender revealing of the S. twins" but didnt know if that sounded okay? lol (oh & this will be via facebook invite since this is the best way to let everyone know the time & place lol)

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So What Happened?

thanks ladies...I would just not mention it but everyone knows when our appointment is & will be asking if we found out the gender so I plan to tell them that we will announce it at family lunch...

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answers from Minneapolis on

I loved the idea of cake for revealing gender.
How many people are you planning to invite? If it's just family and some close friends , you can invite them home for a lunch get together (because you are in town and would love to get together with all of them) .You can plan on revealing gender with the cake (awesome idea) but you need not mention this ahead of time(I think)

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answers from San Francisco on

I would just plan the family lunch as you usually do and surprise everyone with the gender revealing cake.

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answers from Chicago on

since you are already having a family lunch just have the cake there....you don't need to mention the cake.....maybe you can say we have a 'double the fun' surprise to share

congrats, this is a cute idea

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answers from Portland on

I think your wording is just fine. I think it is tacky to mention anything about gifts in an invitation. They are being invited to a lunch, not a party so I wouldn't think they would feel the need to bring a gift anyway.

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answers from Dallas on

You said you generally have a family lunch, do you usually do an invitation? If not, don't do one now, just get the cake and spread the word that day that later there will be cake and you'll let everyone know the sex of the twins. If you DO usually do an invitation for lunch (or if you just have to put it out there so everyone knows whose house the lunch is at and what time, etc.) then do like normal..."Hey everyone, we'll be in town this weekend and we'll have the family lunch at Aunt Martha's on Saturday about 11. Make sure you are there by 3:00 because we are going to annouce the gender of the twins!" Even what you said doesn't sound like a shower or fishing for gifts to me...you could also state point blank "no presents please", but some people WANT to bring presents and they DON'T want to ship them! Ha, ha!

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answers from Los Angeles on

I think your wording is perfect. I always add to my invites "no gifts please".

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answers from Phoenix on

I vote for J C's idea.

You can prolong not telling anyone the sex(es) after the appointment with a little white lie that the babies weren't in the right position to see the correct parts..which is a likelihood anyhow.

Congratulations on twins!



answers from Dallas on

A friend of mine has a cupcake business and another friend of ours revealed the baby's sex to both sets of grandparents via cupcakes. She had my friend make blue icing filled cupcakes that way when the grandparents went to eat the cupcakes the baby's sex was revealed! Thought it was a cute idea!


answers from Dallas on

Hi, Of course I love the cake idea! I think your wording is fine. I



answers from Nashville on

At the bottom say "your presence is our present"

I think your idea sounds fine and then just put in that the family would appreciate your presence as their present. or even say, "no gifts please, just bring yourself"

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