A 5 Month Old with Cancer???? Help!

Updated on June 28, 2008
G.W. asks from Dallas, TX
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Hi all. My youngest twin son was born with a huge bump on his knee. We were originally told that it was a hemangioma and he underwent surgery last month to remove it. All went well with the surgery but pathology soon found that the mass wasn't a hemangioma at all. The mass had to be sent to Emory University to be studied more. They determined that it is a low grade sarcoma and he will need another surgery to remove any of the mass that was left behind. He might also need a skin graph because more skin will need to be taken out. This is the very thing I didn't want to hear. Please tell me what you know about all of this--good and bad. Also, where will they take the skin from? He's only 5 months old so he's not that big. Does anyone know Dr. ____@____.com's an oncologist and I would like to know some personal experiences with him. Help me out if you can...

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My exposure to Dr. Lapkin is somewhat limited as I dealt mainly with Dr. Woods, but I found Dr. Lapkin to be very thorough. When I did see him in the hospital, he left no stone unturned, and was very willing to discuss all of our concerns. CHOA is awesome, and all of the docs & nurses on the hem-onc floor are really great. They will do everything humanly possible to make your son and you comfortable and well as quickly as possible. Good luck & I hope he is feeling better soon! :o)

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I have a friend who is a Child Life Specialist at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. She is an amazing person, and I think she would be able to give you just the kind of information you are looking for. Her name is Kristen Stocks. She has a baby, so she works strange hours, but, if you leave her a message at the hospital, I am sure she will call you back. If you want to email me your phone number, then I can pass it along to her.

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The Dr at CHOA is Rapkin, not Lapkin & he is a wonderful man & an amazing, caring dr. My son was 22 months old when he was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma of the prostate. He is now 3 & we are fighting again with a recurrence of the monster. Dr Rapkin & his team have taken care of Ricky & our entire family as if they were their own. CHOA is a great place & if you have to endure this nightmare, you are in a safe, caring & knowledgeable place. Contact me off line (____@____.com). I have been going thru this for 1+ years & have walked in your shoes. Stay strong!



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Bless you! I know you must be frantic. Please post again and let us all know how your child is. Don't forget to send out prayer requests. I don't see that on the site menu but I am sure that people will pray for your son.

My son had cancer when he was 4. We happened to be in Memphis at the time he was diagnosed and went to St Jude. They are great there as well. The plus is that whether you are insured or not, there is no cost to you for treatment. My son was healed and just turned 18!

Believe in miracles.

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