6 Year Old Birthday Party - Gilbert,AZ

Updated on September 06, 2010
H.C. asks from Gilbert, AZ
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My son is turning 6 and he said he wants a party at home. We do have a pool but not sure a pool party in October would work. He said he wants the party inside and he wants Iron Man. I am okay with that and can do that. I am just wondering if anyone has any good party ideas, games, etc. for kids? The ages will vary but most will be around 6years old. I am going to play Bingo Iron Man (a game I made), anyone have any other ideas that they did and worked?

Hire a face painter?
Hire a kids entertainer-magician, superhero?


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answers from Phoenix on

You could have a sack race (the kids love it), pin the "something" on the Ironman", a pinata, give the kids an undecorated cupcake and let them decorate it. Having someone from Mad Science come would be a big hit with 6 year old boys. A bounce house would be liked by all too. Have fun!

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answers from Phoenix on

I love planning thematic birthday parties. I don't know much about Iron Man, but everytime my kids have a party, I have "Pin the ________ on the ______" For my daughter's pony pary, it was "Pin the tail on the pony" and last year it was "Pin the carrot in the manatees mouth", so you could get a poster size cardboard at a craft store and either blow up a picture of Iron Man with a projector (craft store), or look at a picture and sketch him on the poster. Have your son hellp you color him too (they love to help). Choose a part they could try to pin on - maybe the light on his chess. Just cut out white circles from paper or cardstock and write each child's name on the circles. Have some physical games would be fun for Iron Man, like a jumping contest: either standing, then jumping or running them jumping. You could have markers on the ground/grass with pictures of building(print out pictures from the internet or draw them) and have points on the different buildings for jumping different distances. I always some sort of scavenger hunt. For the mantee party, I put chocolates wrapped in a carrot baggie since manatees eat carrots. You could have some sort of party favor - a small action figure of Iron Man or something to do with the theme in a baggie and hide them around the yard for them to find (just tell them everyone gets to find one). For my son's Indiana Jones party, we had an obstacle course for the kids to do which was designed around one of the movies. For my son's Batman party, I did hire a guy dressed in a Batman costume to come and do some "Batman" tricks (gymnastic -type things) with the kids. I borrowed some foam mats from a friend. Here is a link to a site where Mom's (and sometimes Dads) write in with their ideas for thematic parties. I get a lot of ideas there. Bingo sounds great so far! Have fun! K.

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answers from Phoenix on

How about playing Twister? Or if you have a larger number of kids, you could play marbles on the carpet with rings "drawn" out of masking tape. A face painter probably wouldn't go over that well (too much sitting). I think 6-year-old boys probably need some semi-active games to keep them engaged for 1.5-2 hours, but not so active that they get crazy and destroy your house.



answers from Chicago on

If you can avoid it don't hire anyone. It just sets the tone for each year to be more and more spectacular lol. Iron Man is a cool theme. Maybe you could do some more games with that as the theme. I didn't see the movie so don't know it lol. but is there any way of incorporating a pin the tail on thing (does he wear a cape? maybe pin the cape on? How about old fashioned games like musical chairs, dropping the clothes pins in the milk jugs etc?



answers from Washington DC on

We wanted a small guest list so we had a movie theatre party, with popcorn in popcorn holders and drinks, etc. It was for my daughter's sixth, so we also did a whole "wlak the red carpet" thing. But it was still a really fun thing for that age group and if you have the room, you could have lots of kids.


answers from Austin on

We went to a little boys party recently that asked all the kids to come as their favorite superhero. You could do that and still have the official theme be Iron Man. At that party, they had rented a bouncy house. As for games, you could do a game of 'guess which superhero/villain" based on pictures or clues. I don't recall who Iron Man's enemy is, but you could make a paper airplane game with the villain face (they get certain points if their airplane "missle" hits various parts of the villain's face); you could make up a treasure hunt--or perhaps call it tracking down the evil villain--where the boys have to figure out where in the house/yard the next clue is hidden (the clues could be written from various characters in the story). I was in Barnes & Noble and they had those little paper books with an Iron Man story, or Batman, or Spiderman ($3.99 each, same look & feel as the Bearstein Bear, Barbie, etc. paper books. Oh, it's called Iron Man Fights Back, ISBN-13: 978031608364, List Price: $3.99, Online Price:$3.59).. Not sure how much you wanted to spend but if you got enough of those books, they could be reward at the end of the treasure hunt (and also be the party favor).



answers from Flagstaff on

Try not to go overboard! At 6, kids still like simple games, bobbing for apples, pin the face on iron man, musical chairs, iron man tag, etc... I've taught school aged children for years and had parents go big by ordering entertainment. By the time their children turned 8 or 9, they were still trying to make this party greater than last years. I had 4th and 5th graders being picked up at school in a limo. Where do you go up from there? Good luck and have fun!



answers from Phoenix on

We turned a spare bedroom into a baloon room for my son's birthday this year and it was a huge hit. Put about 300 ballons in there only about 30 floating but the rest on the floor with some punching balloons mixed in... My 8 year daughter wants one for her birthday.



answers from Johnson City on

What about allowing the kids to create their own minni pizzas then you cook them. It is real easy and will keep them busy for a few min.

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