4 Year Old Superhero Birthday Party Ideas

Updated on February 16, 2012
A.B. asks from Madison, WI
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My son has decided that he would like to have a Superhero theme for his 4th birthday party next month. We are going to ask all his friends to come dressed as superheros. But, I'm thinking for other ideas for the party, such as games, decorations, party favors, etc. Simple, easy ideas preferred (I'm not too crafty:).

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answers from Minneapolis on

Check out Williams-Sonoma's website right now. They have the cutest Marvel Comics themed bakeware and party decorations. You might find something unique to add to the party food-wise or activity-wise.



For favors and games check out:'




answers from Philadelphia on

I got some of the mardi gras type masks... and let kid decorate their own superhero masks.....
finding superhero supplies is pretty easy.., esp with the Avengers movie coming out....
Superhero Squad is a good younger kid superhero show...


answers from Houston on

There are tons of really cute superhero party ideas.

A lot are geared towards the crafty side though, but many of those ideas are easy to put together, no need to be a crafty gal.

Here is a really cute one, wear the kids decorated their own capes/masks:


answers from Dover on

For decorations you could just keep it simple and use solid colors (especially those of his favorite character(s)). For an activity and party favor they can make super hero lollipops...get Tootsie Pops (or any round pop), cut construction paper in the shape of a cape (do this ahead of time and use a hole punch at the top) and mask (mark with lenses/eyeholes). The kids can put the cape and mask on the lollipop with glue after writing their own names on or decorting the capes. Have a basic sheet cake with the colors you have chosen and place some super hero figures on it. You can also have coloring sheets of super heros.


answers from Fort Collins on

We had a Superhero bday party for our son on his 5th bday and it was a blast!! Here are some of the things we did....

We decorated with balloons and streamer in blue, yellow and red (Superman and Batman and Iron Man colors).

We bought little gift bags and cheap giveaways with superhero themes (batman bracelet, iron man pencil and notepad, etc). You can find lots of reasonably priced things at the dollar store or party store. We also put a couple of suckers in there cuz we had a TON of suckers left over from something else we had done recently.

I made a cape for each child using a piece of fabric, iron on letter (their first initial, and ribbon. I did not sew at all! Only ironed!

We made a Superhero headquarters on the playset in the backyard - with costumes (my son already had a ton of them), pretend laptop computer, binoculars, pencil and paper, etc (any spy-type gear we could find).

The kids completed a Superhero training obstacle course - lept a tall building (blocks) in a single bound, practiced flying (on belly on swings), found kryptonite in sandbox (green block to be removed with tongs), rescued a baby (doll) trapped in a tent, and drove the batcycle (big wheel). We had one at a time go and timed them. It was superfun!!!

Soon the Birthday Basher came! He is a super villan, of course. He dropped bombs (black balloons) on the party and the kids had to de-activate them (pop them with feet) before they blew! Then I handed out silly string very quickly to each child so they could stop the Birthday Basher (my husband dressed in tight, bright clothing and a ski mask!). They chased him away with the silly string and saved the party!

We had a kryptonite cake - white cake with holes poked in center and warm green jello poured over top, cooled in fridge, then frosted with cool whip! Yum!!

It was a blast! We were lucky enough to have beautiful weather for the party in April, but lots of these things could be done inside as well.

Good luck! Have fun! I love thinking of fun things to do at home for birthday parties. :o)

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