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Updated on August 13, 2010
A.F. asks from Schenectady, NY
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My son is turning 6 years old and I'm throwing him a super hero party. The party will consist of both boys and girls ages ranging from 4 to 8 years of age, friends and family. I was going to rent a spiderman to interact with the children but it's $250. School is coming up and i don't want to spend that kind of money. I was also researching a bouncy bounce but that's the same price. Does anyone have any ideas

All the suggestions are so great. I neglected to mention that the party is a backyard BBQ..kinda like the last BBQ of the summer since it still might be nice outside. The children are to dress up in superhero costumes. I'm even going to participate and be Wonderwoman (skirt of course). I've been buying here and there big superhero balloons that i will later stick to his wall after they deflate. The party bags are somewhat taken care of. Walmart had a big sale on back to school items so i brought 25 cent crayons, pencils, erasers, glue sticks, and of course those silly bands(2 packs for $1). I'll eventually buy some snacks to go inside instead of candy. The party planner with the spiderman said that a male would dress up as spiderman, he would sign autographs, have special balloons made for him, and sing Happy Birthday. After listening to the many ideas I could absolutely make it a bit inexpensive. I like the idea about having the children draw their idea of a super hero. I'll try and find a superman poster and play spin the S on Superman. And a scavanger hunt where the kids have to find some type of little superhero toy if i find some that are inexpensive. I

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answers from New York on

Dear A., If there is a costume store nearby you can buy one and get someone to wear it!~ You may even be able to rent costume. Hope this helps..... Grandma Mary

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answers from Albany on

An obstacle course wearing a cape sounds like super fun! Build an a course from things you and friends/family have around the house... hopping in and out of tires, crawling under/over the picnic table, throwing balls at something, squirting a water bottle at an object covered in shaving cream....or go down to marcellas and ask for some appliance boxes and ... well, you get the idea. You don't need to spend a lot to be the "hero" of the day!



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When we think Super Hero--we think capes! Boys are great because they will have a great time as long as they can be active. A cape that allows them to be their favorite super hero would be all you need to get them into character. Making simple capes wouldn't be too difficult. You could find out who their favorite super hero is before hand and print out a clip art emblem from the internet to iron on before hand. Game stations set up like: Spiderman Web Pull ( tug of war) Superman Tower Tumble ( knock em down game of blocks with a ball) Just be creative with the names of the games to tie them into your theme. Boys love Water Balloons, Ring Toss, Limbo, Beach Ball Over and Under Relay, Scavenger Hunt, Guess Who I am...ect. You can pull all of these games off using many household items on a budget. So much fun....
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The kids will enjoy the bouncy more than the spiderman character. Money better spent on an activity. You could have the kids come dressed as their favorite hero for something creative....or have items there for the kids to dress up as their own super hero.....could be great photos.
Have fun and happy birthday.



answers from Denver on

I did a superhero party for my daughter's 5th... and could find no party favors, decorations, etc. for Supergirl, so I made everything from scratch including the invitations and thank you cards. It also ended up being cheaper than renting a place and/or having the store bought character favors, etc.
The kids started by decorating their own superhero cardboard masks (Oriental Trading) and capes (that I made out of red fabric). For games... I blew up a poster sized picture of supergirl and did a pin the S emblem on supergirl's chest game (I did this on my home computer/printer). That was followed by another game were the kids tested their "marksmenship" by using a "sticky hand" to grab notecards that pictures of prizes glued to them (superballs, superhero pencils, tattoos, stickers, etc). We wrapped up the games with a Planet Kryptonite pinata that my husband and I made using a beach ball, paper mache and green crepe paper. I made superhero cupcakes (pink and blue) with S emblem cupcakes rings (bought on Amazon). The kids favors were the mask and cape they made, the prizes they won from the marksmenship game, the ring from the cupcakes and the candy from the pinata. I also took pics of all the kids in their masks and capes and included them in the thank yous (again done on my home computer/printer).
Yes, it was a ton of work on my end, but all and all, the kids seemed to have a really good time and my daughter was pleased as punch with the whole event.



answers from Syracuse on

Great suggestions from the other posts!

Hi Andestria - Where are you planing to have the party? Home or a Park? If at home, you can buy peel and stick wall decals fairly inexpensively. They're great and easy to use. I've seen Spiderman packs for under $10 at Target, and if you have enough time (3-4 weeks) you can try as they have a rather large selection at discounted prices. The great thing about the wall decals is that you can reuse them after, maybe decorating your son's room as an additional birthday present.

I also think creating your own Superheroes is a great idea! For an outside event, get notebooks and crayons and markers, have the kids design their own superhero, then using the the designs suggested eariler, having the kids dress up as their own super team!

I like the idea of Spiderman showing up, but you may want to see if you can rent a costume as opposed to hiring a professional. See if Dad or a favorite
Uncle, or family friend would mind playing the part.

For gift or favor bags, look arround at Toy 'r Us, dollar stores, and party stores - you can usually find various Superhero stickers and discounted trinkety toys for very cheap. I see you live in the Schenectady area - places like Electric City Comics or Zombie Planet in Albany usually have discount 25/50 cent comics. You can grab a stack for just a few bucks, and hand out comics to all the guests.

Also, if you have the time, look online. Ebay, Amazon, Google, Craigslist - you can look up anything - Superhero, Spiderman, Ironman - Toys, iron ons, clothes, stickers, etc. You may be amazed at what you can find! Good luck



answers from New York on

Hi! I planned a SuperHero themed birthday party last weekend for my son who turned 5 - it was a blast! We did hire Batman ($125.00) and a character from Yo Gabba Gabba :)

However, I found a SuperHero Party theme on line but can't remember the website so I copied and pasted the instructions below - enjoy!

I planned a birthday party for my son's 5th birthday- superheroes.I used a lot of the hero colors to decorate for cheap. Red & Blue cups. Black, blue, yellow & gray balloons, Purple a nd green napkins etc. We started in preparing our costumes - blank masks ( 12 for 3$ at oriental trading) and capes ( I just bought two yards of fabric). Once we had our costumes -we had to build our skills!! We had a super hero obstacle course to build our skills, the hulk toss game ( bought a cut out of the hulk, that had each arm sticking out. The kids had to toss rings on his arms) to build precision -and finally to build our observation skills - we had a box of 5 items we had to identify without sight. All these ideas I'd heard online to a degree - but the one I invented" was simple. At the end of "becoming super heros" there was only 1 logical thing to do - beat bad guys!! I ordered a pinata for 12$ ( at in the shape of a 5 ( since he was turning 5 however they have every number). I printed out pictures of a villian from every super hero that I had included in the party ( Joker for Batman Green Goblin for spiderman REd Skull for Captain America Dooms Day for superman sabertooth for Wolverine the manderin for Iron man and abomination for the Hulk. The entire point of a pinata is to beat it so it made perfect sense to allow my pinata to be 'the bad guys'. The kids LOVED that they got to defeat the enemies of their heroes. I served fruit PUNCH HERO sandwiches and a veggie power tray! I also put out cat claws( Bugles) and penguin food ( goldfish). At the end of it all - they were all given goody bags with all their winnings and a few extras I had picked up. Everything included - it cost me under 100$. "



answers from New York on

Meet up at a local park which has a spray park. Or at home or a park, have an obstacle course set up with a CD playing of superhero theme music. Keep it simple and affordable. Kids just want to be together running around.



answers from New York on

You might be able to find an adult-sized Spiderman costume for sale on one of the costume web sites--then ask a friend to play Spiderman, rather than renting one.

My husband appeared as Darth Vader at one of our son's parties :-)

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