4 Year Old with Swollen Glands Under Neck

Updated on July 02, 2010
S.K. asks from Castle Rock, CO
6 answers

I know that glands can get enlarged with any illness/cold/allergies etc I just noticed that my sons are enlarged and he has had a stuffy nose for a few weeks ( I contributed that to allergies because he was acting just fine, eating fine, sleeping fine etc) Last night he had said his neck hurt and today he said it still kind of hurt that is when I felt the nodes and noticed they were bigger than normal. Do I let this play out for a few more days or do i take him to the dr tomorrow??? No fever, normal activity.

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answers from Honolulu on

take him to the Doctor.
Just in case.
Although it can happen if a person is sick.
Just go to the Doctor to make sure.
ALSO, his neck is hurting... and that can mean different things.
I would not wait.

all the best,

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answers from Little Rock on

Yah I would call the Doc. My daughter had mono about 3 yrs ago and it strated with the nodes being swollen. She felt fine for a while until the sever came out.
Hope everything turns out fine!!



answers from Denver on

Get him to the doc right away. Signs of Meningitis display a stiff neck and can be dangerous. Not worth risking.

Good luck.



answers from Denver on

Doctor to be safe : )



answers from Joplin on

my son just recently had these same type of symptoms and he ended up having strep throat that is what he complained of his neck and throat hurting sometimes he was not always running a fever with it and he also ate just fine. she said his throat was just a little red but the big thing was his glands were so swollen,so I guess that's why he could still eat not some much in the throat where he swallowed but in the gland area. ibuprofen would probably help with the swelling and discomfort until you see a doctor but I would take him.



answers from Topeka on

I think it deserves at least a call to his pediatrician. It could be "just allergies" or it could be the start of an infection or a host of other things. Only a professional is going to be able to give you a good answer.

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