Moveable Lumps on the Side's of My 22 Month Old Son's Neck

Updated on April 28, 2011
I.A. asks from Spokane, WA
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I just noticed that my 22 month old son has several lumps on the side of his neck (both sides) that are moveable just below his ears. He has had a runny nose for several days but nothing else. I am planning on calling the ped tomorrow and was wondering if I should be concerened? They seem a little large and are noticeable if you look at his neck.

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So What Happened?

So this morning I called the peds office and spoke with a nurse. They are what we thought and what everyone said, swollen lymph nodes due to the fact that he is fighting some sort of infection. They don't seem to bug him at all. The nurse said just watch his runny nose and make sure his fever is under control and they should go away in no time. With 2 kids I have never really experienced this before and was a little freaked out. Thanks everyone for all your answers and advice!!! Much Appreciated.

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Totally agree: lymph nodes. I actually have 2 on my neck right now after just getting over a cold. The rule of thumb is: if they are not painful and are moveable, they're probably ok. But, by all means, talk to the ped. Always best to have an expert opinion!

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Hi I.,

It's a swollen lymph node. The lymph nodes collect the infection and keep the illness from spreading. If there's no sign of sickness but the node is swollen then something is probably coming and you can be proactive. If it's still there after a problem it can come back again so again, be proactive. Strengthening the immune system should do the trick!

God bless,


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Its movable and slides around. That is good.
He is also sick.
Lymph nodes can swell during illness.
But sure, take him to the doctor since he is sick.
To me, you can't just call a Doc about this and expect them to 'diagnose' it over the phone. Things like this has to be 'seen' and felt.

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Those lumps are lymph nodes and they are big now which indicates that he is fighting something like a virus or bacteria. They are small and unnoticeable when he is well. That just means that our white blood cells (the soldiers of our body that fight disease) is at work. He may be getting a cold, flu or strep. If you are concerned go to the doctor and have him checked or by calling the doctor a lot of times they can tell you over the phone what is going around.

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I have always gotten these swollen lymph nodes every time I am fighting a cold or sore throat. They typically don't hurt and go away with the cold.

If you are concerned, though, I would check with your ped.

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Could be the glands in his neck working to protect him from cold he has been experiencing. If it persists after the cold has gone then get it checked out.



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my son has them too and it freaked me out but they are just swollen lymph nodes and probably a bit enlarged due to his cold. My pediatrician said that as long as there's no "fixed" lump, one that won't move, you're good. Still good to go in though, he probably has an infection.


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Feel your neck, you have them too. :)


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Definitely sounds like lymph nodes. When swollen it's due to fighting a viral or bacterial infection.

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