1 Year Old with High Platelet Count

Updated on July 17, 2008
J.H. asks from North Dighton, MA
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Hi Everyone,
I am looking to see if others have come across this situation. At my son's one year check up, a full blood draw was done for lead and CBC. Everything came back normal except for his platelet count. It was 2 1/2 times the normal range. We repeated 2 weeks later and it was triple. He is a remarkably healthy little guy. Today, we visited a pediatric cardiologist to rule out Kawasaki Disease. The major reason behind this was because he had consecutive days of high (over 102) fevers back in May. No other symptoms. At the time, we contributed the fevers to serious teething which subsided with Motrin. Everything at the cardiologist was in tip top shape. I'm waiting to hear back from his pediatrician. We wil likely touch base with a hematologist. He potentially had a viral infection in the spring (besides the fevers)which would be a reason for a high platlet count at that time.
So, my question is this... Have others experienced this and what was the outcome? We are looking to rule out or treat, if needed, anything that would result in the elevated platelet levels.
Look forward to hearing from you.

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So What Happened?

I posted about a month ago regarding my son's high platelet count at his one year check-up. Well... after an echocardiogram, an EKG, abdomen ultrasound, urine collection and many blood draws later... his iron is slightly low. We have visited with a cardiologist and hematologist through Hasbro, both of which were great. We have ruled out some of our bigger fears... Leukemia, Neuroblastoma, etc. and this is what we are currently treating. Low iron, which is not anemia in our case, can cause red blood cells to increase in production, which can also cause platelets to increase in production. We are not 100% that this is the case, but worth treating it. If not, it could still be something called essential thrombocytopenia, which platelets produce at an increased rate for no really good reason. Not serious at this point, but would need to be monitored. Thanks for the input. If anyone has anything related to my update, I'd love to hear back. Thanks again.

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I am sorry to hear that! I am not an expert or anything and this may have nothing to do with your son. I just wanted to mention that I have eczema & every time I have my blood drawn my white blood count is low. They told me that is normal if you have any type of rash, illness, ect. So they chalked it up to my eczema. Not sure if this helps you or not. But I thought I'd let you know that.
If the regular doctors cannot help you I would suggest you check out this website: www.maxhealing.com

My prayers are with you and your little man.

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We experienced the same thing with our then 1 year old daughter. On a routine visit to the pediatrician- I had a concern about an unusually prominent lymph node in my daughters neck. The ped had blood drawn to check her counts and turns out that everything was mostly normal except the platlet count (also several times above the norm). I was concerned but the ped was not. I looked into it myself and saw nothing to worry about. None of her docs have been too concerned and she is now 3 and fine. I have not followed up on this since shortly after her results, but I can say that the lymph node in her neck is still the same- gets huge and prominent when she is getting ill but is unremarkable all the other times (and that node is a great way to tell if we are in for some sleepless nights!).
Good luck



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My daughter is 1.5 years now and she has a high platelet count. Due to several illnesses in the spring (new to daycare!) my ped thinks it is from a viral infection. We are off to see a Rheumatologist (she is grabbing at her wrist joints a lot), but he said that it could be temporary arthritis from a virus. It sounds like viruses can wreak havoc and are painful to go through, but they will pass. You are doing all the right things by seeing these specialists. Hang in there - hopefully it is just a virus!



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What ever you do, don't give up... You might need to see a rheumatologist... Did they perform other tests other than cbc and lead? My daughter and son both ended up with Autoimmune Immune Diseases, and they are 9 + 11. Since they were young, they have had seasonal allergies, thrush, canker sores, sun sensitivities, joint pain, and so many more issues... Now... It's lupus, arthritis, not asthma, but smaller than average lungs... DON"T GIVE UP! Keep going. But my advice? See a rheumatologist as soon as you can... They study the blood and other diseases. If they can not find something, then you know you've done your job.
Good luck!

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