1 Year Old with a Terrible Scream

Updated on May 11, 2007
K.W. asks from Jackson, MI
4 answers

I need to know if any of you have suggestions. My one year old has the most terrible high pitched scream which she uses whenever she does not get her own way. I have tried ignoring it, staring at her, telling her "no", and she still does it. I am at wits end because I know its not good for her and its really not good for those of us who have to listen to it, ha ha. If you have any suggestions at all, please let me know. Thanks

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answers from Lansing on

when she dose that pick her up put her in her room and yell her that when she ready to stop screaming she may come out and do that ever time and if you are out in about when she dose it find another place for her to sit goog luck you will make it



answers from Detroit on

While it is nerve wracking, Screaming won't hurt her. My son was (and sometimes still is) going through a similar thing. When he starts to throw his fits, I ignore it, if he gets louder, or more rude about it, I hold him on my lap, facing away from me. Just hold him there (not roughly, but enough that he can't get down or turn around), for about 2 minutes. Usually, it stops at about theone minute mark, but other times it takes the full 2. My Ped had Reccommended this technique to me right after his first birthday (he's 18 months now), when the fits started up... but I didn't give it a try until last month. It's effectively like a time out for kids too small to be in a chair or for kids who won't stay in the chair no matter what you do.

My son isn't broken of the fits yet, but they are no where near as bad, loud, or screechy now, and tend to stop a lot faster.

Good luck!



answers from Detroit on

i have four simple letters for you kiona. It an old fashion remedy but it still works today !!! Are you ready for the screams to be over !!! Well here ya go...

S O A P ( a drop on the tongue, i promise you she will stop, if not the next one.. make the drop a lil bigger. (it will not hurt her either)

I ready the other response @ one I am not sure if they nkow what they "naughty chair is" try a drop of soap

GooD luck!
C. S



answers from Detroit on

Hi Kiona,

Have you tried giving her two verbal warnings and if that doesn't work, putting her in a time out or in the "naughty" chair as Supernanny recommends? My son is 2 and screams when he doesn't get his way. I use the 2 warnings/naughty chair method and it works. Bad behavior needs consequences to rid bad behavior. It takes little ones a while to understand the consequences of bad behavior, but if you keep working at it, she'll get the message.


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