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Young Ring Bearer - Going down the Aisle in a Wagon?

My brother asked my son to be his ring bearer in his wedding in April. Although I wouldn't want a ring bearer this young in my wedding, my brother really wants his only nephew to do it and we are SO HONORED. Jaxon will be 16 months old then. We don't know how he'll be then but we thought about having my youngest sister (she's 8) pull him down the aisle in a wagon (and she'll be the flower girl).
It is going to be a church wedding and I imagine he won't stand with the groomsmen.
Have you ever seen this done?
Was the wagon white or decorated or what did they do?
Have you ever seen a ring bearer this young actually walk down the aisle on their own or holding the flower girl's hand?

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We did the wagon!
My son was only walking for 2 weeks before the wedding so walking up the aisle just wasn't feasable.
My parents had an old wagon with only 3 wheels and those wheels were in horrible condition. My husband gave the wagon an extreme makeover: painted it white and wrote with a paint pen the bride and groom's name, their wedding date, and my son's name on the back. It was super cute! We gave the wagon to them as a little memento. It was special that my husband 'made' the wagon and was great for a young ring bearer.

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I actually did this at my wedding back in September 07 but I had my nephew pull the wagon and both of them were ring bearers and my son was only 10 MONTHS! He did very well and the wagon was decorated in my wedding colors and he held the pillow as my nephew pulled him down the aisle. When they reached the front the wagon was pulled next to my mother and it was simply beautiful!!!1 Good luck

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we did the young ring bearer thing in a wagon. what i will suggest that worked beautifully: after they proceed up the aisle, dump the wagon on the side of the church and have all of the children sit with family members, maybe even in the back rows. yes they look cute in pictures, but what groomsman wants to hold a wiggly drooly child instead of focusing on the main event? you can even have them march out with the bridal party still if you want to, but i will say that this was a fabulous thing for us. i sat in the back row of my sis's wedding with 4 children, coordinating things, and it went as close to perfect as a wedding could go. i got several compliments on that touch of common sense that children just don't stand still for 30 mins!

My son was a 'professional' ring bearer. We never knew what he was going to do - and he didn't always stand with the groomsmen. If your brother wants his nephew in the wedding, then by all means, do it! And, yes I have seen a ringbearer that age walk down the aisle WITH the flower girl...usually, when they're that young, the 'wedding coordinator' (whoever is helping with the entrances) usually makes sure that happens with little ones. I don't know about the wagon - that could actually prove to be more of a distraction at his age. If he has a 'people' personality and is not terribly shy, he should do fine - even if he doesn't make it thru the whole ceremony standing with the groomsmen. Good luck - and be sure to take lots of pictures!! They are absolutely wonderful memories!!!


My friends son was 15months when she got married and he was the ring bearer and pulled down in a white wagon by the flower girl. It was really cute! They decorated it a little bit nothing to frilly, but it was really cute.

We had a ring bearer a little older for our wedding. The way our church was set up you entered from the sides and in the middle walked down the aisle. His father walked with him to the middle and then he walked/ran down the aisle to the best man who he adored. He gave him the ring pillow and turned around to sit with his mom who had a special seat in the front row. Worked out great. If he had been in a mommy mood that day she would have walked him to the aisle.
Our son is supposed to be a ring bearer in May and if he is still new to walking and all then his sister the flower girl will walk with him.


I haven't ever seen it done with a wagon, but I had my niece and nephew in my wedding when they were just barely 2 yrs. old. They were supposed to walk down the aisle together holding hands, but of course, they got scared when they saw the big crowd, and stopped and cried. So, each of my sisters just went and held their hands and walked down with them. My sisters were bridesmaids in the wedding, and were SO nervous about their kids doing well. They were mortified when the kids stopped and started crying, but it didn't matter to me...the bride! The important thing for me was having those wonderful kids be a part of my special day! Good luck!

I personally haven't see that done, but then, I haven't seen many weddings with flower girls and ring bearers either...

I think the wagon idea could be pulled of quite tastefully if it were decorated white and maybe with the bride's colors or flowers to match the decorations on it. I also think it could be really cute to have him holding the flower girls hand (his aunt, right?) He's still young enough that you will need to have him restrained in some fashion the entire time. I know MY kids like to run all over the place at that age. If the flower girl walked him down, he'd have to be left in the care of a groomsman (probably being held) so he doesn't run off. If it's going to be a long ceremony (anything over 5 minutes) the wagon may be the way to go simply because he will be contained somewhat (and you could probably put some quite activities in there to keep him preoccupied. Let's face it... He's not got a long attention span yet). Also, I'd probably make arrangements for the rings to be put on another persons person till it's time for him to give them over. My 18 month yr old would be likely to eat them still, and I don't think the bride or groom would like to wait for them to pass to get them. Just something to think about.

It sounds fun. Good luck with whatever ends up happening. He won't remember it, but it will be something fun for him to look at pictures of when he's older...

My nephew was the same age as your son and he was the ring bearer at my wedding. He did great. But, I didn't care what he did, I just wanted him to come down the isle. He came down the isle "running" but I didn't care. It's a great memory! I think the wagon is a nice idea if you want to have more control of the situation. Best of luck! He'll be precious so whatever is decided will be fine.

I think it's lovely that your brother wants your son in his wedding, I think the wagon is a good idea. Go for it, I would paint the wagon white or a some color associated with the wedding. Good luck

Yes I have seen this done, they just pulled a little red wagon down the isle, and I think they had a bow fastened to it. don't recall if the little boy was that young, but know he wasn't very old.

I've seen the wagon done before. The big brother was pulling the little sister. It was really cute. But the little girl and the brother got scared, so the Mom (Matron of Honor) ended up holding the boys hand and carrying the little girl down the aisle. It was still cute.

I actually did this at my wedding back in September 07 but I had my nephew pull the wagon and both of them were ring bearers and my son was only 10 MONTHS! He did very well and the wagon was decorated in my wedding colors and he held the pillow as my nephew pulled him down the aisle. When they reached the front the wagon was pulled next to my mother and it was simply beautiful!!!1 Good luck

My daughter was a flower girl before she could walk. They just put her in a wagon and covered it in silk the same color as the bride's dress and it worked great. I think your son could walk if holding another child's hand. It really would be cute!

Hi B., My niece had my 2 great-nephews be ring barrers the oldest was 3 and he pulled the 15 mo. old in the wagon it was adorable & they both did wonderful. I have a huge family and the little ones don't usually walk down unless someone is holding their hand & sometimes that's a battle but the wagon worked very well. Good luck and God Bless you & your family.
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