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1 Year Old in a wedding...motivation to Walk down the Aisle?

My daughter will be in a wedding 4 days before her first birthday (August.) How can I be sure she will walk down the aisle (she's already walking) without being overwhelmed or scared of all the people? My husband is the best man, and there will be a 4 year old boy and another 18mos old girl with her. They may have her sit in a wagon, too. I would just hate for her to "ruin" the ceremony! I will probably be at the end of the aisle where she can see me. The other idea is to have her Dad carry her when he walks down the aisle. Any tips or stories would be wonderful!

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She did great! The wedding was outdoors and the grass was pretty plush which made it difficult for her walk on (even though she is a really great walker for being only 1.) So, she ended up walking out of the house and across the grass towards where all the people were sitting but she was tired by the time she walked that far so my husband (best man) ended up carrying her down the aisle. It was great though! The other two kids were really good as well-but being that they were 2 and 4 you could tell that they were a little nervous and more aware of what was going on. All those people looking at you can be scary! It was a great day...thanks for all the responses!

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When I got married two years ago, our flower girl was almost 3 and she was a bit unpredictable (although totally adorable). My point is that I would plan on Daddy carrying her at least most of the way down the isle, maybe letting her walk the last few rows to you. I take it you aren't in the wedding party and will be holding her for the ceremony? She could throw petals from Daddy's arms... or do what my flower girl did... dump a few at the end of the isle before going to Mommy. (I had our florist put some petals on the runner beforehand anyway.) I'm sure she'll be adorable. The bride must be prepared for little quirks from little folks in the ceremony... that's what makes great memories!

Believe me...If I were to attend the wedding and see a little beautiful girl running around when she is supposed to be walking down the aisle, I would find it so cute. I'm sure she wouldn't ruin a thing. Relax and make sure to video tape it.

E.- my little nephew (aged three) was too afraid to walk down the aisle at my brother's wedding, even though he had been "bribed" with a great prize if he did it. He was just too overwhlemed. My cousin's little girl was also too frightened to do it, and she was four. At my wedding, however, my other nephew did make the walk. He held hands with the flower girl (my cousin's daughter) and enjoyed it. But I really wouldn't stress over it- it won't ruin the wedding at all if she doesn't walk. Most people expect the kids to be too scared when they see all the people. No matter what they do, the kids are adorable, and everyone loves to see them all dressed up. I would plan to have your husband carry her, just in case- she's very young, and it was scary even for the three and four-year-olds in our family weddings. Good luck, and don't worry! Everyone just wants to see how cute your daughter is, whether she walks or not.

hi my sister asked my almost two year old son to be ring bearer at her wedding we practiced him walking alone with a parent at one end (he ran every time) we got him to slow down when the flower girl walked with him he kept giving her back the flowers she was sprinkling but he did make it down the isle and managed to stand in the groomsmen line for a bit then he got bored (long ceremony) he laid down in the alter pews and took a nap but he really enjoyed getting all dressed up and looking like the rest of the guys it was a bear to get him out of his tux and into play clothes for the reception. he also would walk around and go to my parents to get snuggles and he managed to get picked up and held by every member of the wedding party. it was great fun and we all had a great day the bride and groom took everything really well. children can really be great at weddings. and if she doesnt want to go alone have dad or you or someone walk with her it will help with the jitters and she will be fine the only thing i wish i had thought to bring was something for my son to do during the ceremony and a snack he was starving by the time it was done. hope this helps good luck and enjoy the day!

I see you got a lot of response.....been there done that with a 2 year old and I ended up walking with him down the aisle. Either the wagon or your husband would be your BEST bet! Good Luck!

Hi E.,

Our little boy was one month shy of his 1st birthday when we got married. I wanted him to be the ring bearer and walk down the isle so we tried to get him to walk but the day came and he still did not walk. Therefore, my aunt-in-law carried him down the isle at the beginning of the ceremony. As for you, I think you should probably anticipate her walking down the isle. You will know for sure at the rehearsal. I think that if you are sitting towards the front and she is walking with some others that she is familar with she will do fine. And if by chance she does get a little scared and figetty (msp)the guests are just going to think its cute. Well, I hope I was able to give you some helpful advice. Good luck!!

my cousin (by blood...sister by heart) and i both had our "baby" cousin as our flower girl. she got married probably a year before me and during her ceremony she had a kid sized stool for piper and the ring bearer (i think it was my brother but i can't really remember...lol) to sit on. she decorated it for them and got it all pretty cheap i think. at my wedding piper was older and wasn't a problem during the ceremony. pictures and rehearsal were her problem lol.

1 year old is a little young for them to expect that she won't at least have some hesitation. I'm sure they will understand if something unpredictable happens! But, a good way to try to keep it to a minimum would be for someone to do the wagon thing with her, or maybe even to have the two older kids stand on either side of her. The 18 month old is even a bit young to understand what is going on, so I really think that having an adult with them might help. I'd ask the bride what she wants to do before making any plans- just see how she feels about it- if she even cares how they walk, etc. She might have already anticipated it and really might not mind if something happens.

Practice, Practice, Practice
My dtr did it at 1yr&1/2...she was following my nieces and gladly walked behind them (6yrs old) but she was fine. It can work and if things don't go exactly as planned just go with it cuz it's cute..my dtr did a few things at the alter that turned out so adorable...it's great that you are making her part of the ceremony.
Good luck

Hi E.,

My daughter was almost 2 when she was the flower girl at my cousin's wedding. We had practiced with her for a few weeks b4 the wedding and with the dress fittings and the rehersal stuff, she was a pro at walikng down the aisle. I started her off and her daddy and grandparents were at the other end to coax her down but it wasn't necessary cause she loved the attention!!!! the best advice I can give is just practice with her @ home it'll be good....and I'm sure the bride is gonna be happy no matter if she walks or not!!!!!I know my cousin was just happy to have her in the wedding!
Good Luck!

It doesn't matter how many times you practice-- the actual event will be different-- a crowd of people, and everyone going "Awwwww!!"-- Your husband should plan to carry her. And do NOT stress about anything your daughter does "ruining" the wedding!

Hi E.! My one year old niece was in my wedding and we got a really pretty white wood wagon and my other flower girl walked her down the isle (you could have the four year old little boy do it). it was perfect. Her dad was at one end of the isle and put her in the wagon and her mom was at the other end and got her out. It was all very painless and really cute! Hope that helps.

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