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Suggestion for Removing Bowel Movement Stains


I have a beautiful 9 week old little girl that I nurse exclusively. Sometimes her diaper leaks and gets on her clothes. Her clothes get a nice yellow stain on them. Any suggestions for removing the stains would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi T., i have 3 kids (4,2,1) and everytime they stained thier clothes i just soak in oxi clean stain remover it is a powder and chlorine free try this!


As soon as you apply heat (hot water or dryer) the protein in the stain gets cooked into the fabric and will not wash out!

Soak in cold water if you have to. Get that stain out before you put it in the dryer.

You might try washing with Hydrogen Peroxide, which is a wonderful alternative to bleach. It can lighten fabrics, so best to try a test spot with a 30:1 dilution first (this is about the dilution recommended for washing, however, you might be able to do a lesser dilution for spot treating and use the 30:1 dilution ... about 1/4 cup per large load ... for the full load). As with bleach, introduce the HP to the water and let it dilute before adding clothes. I usually let my bin fill about 1/2 way with water, then start loading the more soiled objects first.

Good luck!

V. T

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OXY CLEAN!! I have the same exact problem, but my little girl is nine months old; so she is old enough to have food added to it. What a mess! The only thing that I have found to work is to turn on the water to the machine, add her baby detergent, add the scoop of OXY CLEAN, add her clothes, allow the washer to fill up, then just let it sit for about 30 minutes. Then I go and put the lid down and let it wash. This seems to be the charm! Good luck with all of it!!

Spray n'wash always worked for me. bad "blow outs"... I'd rinse right away. Spray n wash before the laundry, cold wash and not put in dryer until stain gone. Most were gone after the first wash. And these were all breastfed, yellow stains.

Yeah, I'd suggest Oxyclean too. Also, sometimes moving up to the next size diaper helps avoid those blow-outs. (Even if it seems by the weight she's still in the right size.)

Hi. I have a 4 month old girl and had the same problem. I used Spray n Wash spray on the stain and it worked really well. Just spray it on, leave it on for 5 minutes and then wash. If you haven't washed the clothes for a couples of days and the stain sets, use a spray that is especially made for set-in stains (I forgot the name of the product but it will say "For set-in stains"). That really worked well.

I soaked in oxy clean too, works great.

Hi T.,

I've tried a lot of things and found the Baby OxiClean in the Spray Bottle to work the best. The powder is cheaper, but being that time is limited, the spray is really convenient. I hope that helps! Congratulations on your little girl.


I swear by dawn with bleach. The dish soap. I put it directly on the stain that let it sit for a little while. Colored or white clothes and it has always worked well for me. Good Luck!

Shout.. and if that didn't work I laid it in the sun to dry :)

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