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Breast Milk Stains

I have been going through my daughters old clothes for our new little one and I have notices that there are so many stains on the shirts from breast milk. Have any of you had any luck getting these stains out. I have pre-treated with shout and washed them twice, but there are still stains. Any idesa are greatly appreciated.

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IT seems a little expensive but the Baby detergents really do work. My favorite was DREFT. It is specially made to treat Baby Stains.

I have a 15 month old and a newborn. I use Oxyclean (spray) to get out 90% of their stains. It works for me. I also use the Oxyclean powder with my regular detergent.

I always had the best luck when I soaked my babies clothes in Biz over night. You will need to rinse twice to get all the detergent out.

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IT seems a little expensive but the Baby detergents really do work. My favorite was DREFT. It is specially made to treat Baby Stains.

This is the best stuff. It gets out EVERYTHING, from blood to blow outs to breats milk and formula. My whole family uses it.


Hi C.,
My daughter is now 15yrs. old, but we got alot of hand-me-downs when she was born. My friend breast fed and I had the same problem. Try Zout stain remover. If I remember correctly it worked really well. I only use Zout to this day as my primary stain remover.
Hope it works for you.

I used Biz and Oxyclean, soaking anything that had a stain or potential stain, and they both worked great. Another great stain remover is Spray-n-Wash Dual Power. It's gotten everything out except rust. If you've dried it in the drier, though, then the stain may be set and not ever come out. great luck to you!

You need to use something with enzymes in it such as Biz. It is a powder detergent that gets a lot of things out. You let it soak for a while and they usually come out.

It's worked for me just for this exact purpose. I have three children now and it has been wonderful as we have delt with many stains :)

Good luck!


I have the answer for your stains!!! Take one cup of POWDERED clorox 2 and one cup of POWDERED dishwasher soap (any kind). Mix them in a bucket with the hottest water you can get out of your tap. Add the clothes and soak overnight. The next day, dump it all into the washing machine and run a cycle. Then run a regular cycle with your usual laundry soap. It works!

THe Dreft spray works the best--I use it on everything instead of Shout.

Shout never did anything for me- have u tried the Baby Dreft stain remover? I use it on all our clothes that have stains, not just baby stains, and it works great! I just spray it on like normal, and then I wash w/ Baby All detergent (its made for tough baby stains as well). They don't sell it at Walmart anymore, but they do at Target and some grocery stores.

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