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Breast Milk Stains

I have been going through my daughters old clothes for our new little one and I have notices that there are so many stains on the shirts from breast milk. Have any of you had any luck getting these stains out. I have pre-treated with shout and washed them twice, but there are still stains. Any idesa are greatly appreciated.

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IT seems a little expensive but the Baby detergents really do work. My favorite was DREFT. It is specially made to treat Baby Stains.

I have a 15 month old and a newborn. I use Oxyclean (spray) to get out 90% of their stains. It works for me. I also use the Oxyclean powder with my regular detergent.

I always had the best luck when I soaked my babies clothes in Biz over night. You will need to rinse twice to get all the detergent out.

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IT seems a little expensive but the Baby detergents really do work. My favorite was DREFT. It is specially made to treat Baby Stains.

This is the best stuff. It gets out EVERYTHING, from blood to blow outs to breats milk and formula. My whole family uses it.


Hi C.,
My daughter is now 15yrs. old, but we got alot of hand-me-downs when she was born. My friend breast fed and I had the same problem. Try Zout stain remover. If I remember correctly it worked really well. I only use Zout to this day as my primary stain remover.
Hope it works for you.

I used Biz and Oxyclean, soaking anything that had a stain or potential stain, and they both worked great. Another great stain remover is Spray-n-Wash Dual Power. It's gotten everything out except rust. If you've dried it in the drier, though, then the stain may be set and not ever come out. great luck to you!

You need to use something with enzymes in it such as Biz. It is a powder detergent that gets a lot of things out. You let it soak for a while and they usually come out.

It's worked for me just for this exact purpose. I have three children now and it has been wonderful as we have delt with many stains :)

Good luck!


I have the answer for your stains!!! Take one cup of POWDERED clorox 2 and one cup of POWDERED dishwasher soap (any kind). Mix them in a bucket with the hottest water you can get out of your tap. Add the clothes and soak overnight. The next day, dump it all into the washing machine and run a cycle. Then run a regular cycle with your usual laundry soap. It works!

THe Dreft spray works the best--I use it on everything instead of Shout.

Shout never did anything for me- have u tried the Baby Dreft stain remover? I use it on all our clothes that have stains, not just baby stains, and it works great! I just spray it on like normal, and then I wash w/ Baby All detergent (its made for tough baby stains as well). They don't sell it at Walmart anymore, but they do at Target and some grocery stores.

Most breast milk stains, regular milk stains, blood, usually even vomit stains can be removed with hydrogen peroxide. Put the garment in a plastic tub or sink or place the stained portion of the garment in a bowl, so that once the liquid penetrates the fabric, the fabric can still be immersed in the liquid. Soak for 15 to 30 minutes, then launder. For old stains, you may need to rinse with warm water and reapply a few times. The peroxide breaks down the protein enzymes in these stains. Good Luck. You'll have so much fun watching the peroxide bubble up around the stain, you'll be searching for more garments to treat!

Not sure that it will help on old stains now as they might be set but I have been using Zout (not Shout). Zout is kinda hard to find but it's usually at Randalls and Kroger. I can't remember if HEB still carries it or not. But it gets out everything - greasey stains, orange spaghetti sauce and baby milk/formula.

Good Luck,


I love oxy clean powder. You just soak clothes in hot water with the oxy clean in it and stains just lift right out. I usually soak clothes for about a day. The only thing it hasn't gotten out is acrylic paint out of my daughters pants. Good luck!

oxyclean will take it out. rub it on with a bit of water, and let it soak for as long as it takes to get it out. it won't damage the clothing (it's not bleach) but it really worked on my son's clothes -- even the set in stains.

When I pre-treated my stains with Dreft, it worked sooo much better than Shout. I put both hers and my clothes in the bathroom sink and soaked them over night. In the morning they washed right out! Dreft also works great on blood stains and strained carrots!!

Bio-Kleen makes a product call Bac-Out. It works great on all organic stains. You can get it at health food stores or online. I usually order it from drugstore.com because I live in such a small town.

Mix in a large measuring cup 1/2 cup regular bleach, 1/2 cup regular Cascade, and 1/2 cup slightly warm water, mix well. You can pour a small amount directly on the stain or you can fill your sink 1/4 full with warm water and pour the mix in, dip the clothes in then wash immediately after use. This doesn't work well on darks or denims.I used it for years.

I wanted to second the notion of sunning the clothing. I wish I had known this before throwing away many of my absolute favorite clothes due to milk and poop stains. Since throwing them away I have been using cloth diapers which don't always get clean in the washer, but if I sun them the most offensive poop stains come almost completely out- it might work well for breast milk too!

I have had success with putting Dawn dish soap on the area and letting it sit till dry. You need to soak the stain good with the Dawn. This also works to take out mold and mildew stains.

I found Oxi Clean baby Stain Soaker very effective on almost any sort of stains. But, you have to soak the clothes in it at least 24 hours. I actually wait two days and then wash them in the washer and have great results. I strongly recommend it!

All my kids' old baby clothes did that too. It was so annoying. I was able to get it out by spraying it with Dreft spray, letting it sit a few minutes then soaking it overnight (or longer) in the washing machine with a whole scoop of Oxyclean. When I'm done soaking, I just pour in the detergent and let it run its cycle. So far, almost everything has come out.

Hi C.~

The answer is in the Sun.
My daughters clothes and both of my boys had that problem and I just stuck them out in the sun for a day or two with direct sunlight on them and...presto..no more stain.
Then you can skip all the stuff that might actually damage the fabric.
Best luck to you!


I always had the best luck when I soaked my babies clothes in Biz over night. You will need to rinse twice to get all the detergent out.

I got a lot of stains out of clothes... I think it was shout but it's in a small blue spray bottle. I sprayed them and let them sit for about a week and the majority of the stains came out

There are these little yellow bottles in the grocery stores or even Walmart, I think they are named "Rid". I think they are from the same company that make "Rit" die for clothes. They are in the same size bottles. Anyhow, they help get stains out. They come in specific formulas to help different types of stains....one for grass, one for milk (which is a protein), chocolate...etc.

If you are lucky enough to live by a store that carries these, they are a life saver...or atleast a clothes saver. They work! They are very small bottles and cost around $2 or more, but it is well worth it!

I have a 15 month old and a newborn. I use Oxyclean (spray) to get out 90% of their stains. It works for me. I also use the Oxyclean powder with my regular detergent.

Hi C.....the only thing that I found to work and I still use it today on carpets,furniture my clothes and my husbands and both my girls(now 7 and 5yrs) is Dreft spray. You do have to use a lot but it gets everyhting out-anywhere!
Hope this helps you

As a mother of three and having had breast fead all three, I know all to well about these stains. The only thing that worked for me was a stain remover / detergent called ERA. It works for every kind of stain you can think of. It's not to bad in price either if you can't afford the other stain removers. My mom got me using this product and it's great. If that doesn't work the next thing would be spray and wash. This ERA works better than the spray & wash at least for me. Hope it helps.

I also vouch for Totally Toddler, and still use this as my stain fighter even though my daughter is 7 years old now!!

You might try another stain remover, called Zout. It's in a spray bottle, also found in the laundry care aisle, and should by near the spray and wash, as well. I have used it pretty much since my 2 year old was born, including on all the yellow poop stains from when he was in infant. It has worked wonders. I pretreat the clothes, and scrub with an old toothbrush, before laundering in the wash. It's great!

When my children were young I used to use a few things that worked most of the time.

If the clothes are white, use a little bleach, some dishwasher detergent (for automatic dishwasher) and some of your laundry soap, soak over night or for at least 4 hrs.

If the clothes are not white, use oxyclean powder. Make a paste and rub it into the spots, then soak in a bucket or bowl or whatever with about 2 scoops of the oxyclean and just enough water to cover the clothes.

Use the water (from either of these methods) that the clothes soaked in in the washer and fill the washer normally and wash as you normally would.

Most stains will come out with these.

I soak them in Baby Oxy over night, in hot water. Then wash as normal. Seems to work for me! You can get it at Babies R Us or Super Target.

I always use RESOLVE carpet cleaner on my breastmilk and any other food stains on my clothes. It is gentle on clothing and has enzymes that eat biological stains really well. I just spot treat, leave to sit, and then launder. I have kids with very sensitive skin and they have never had any problems with the resolve.

Im not sure if this will help with da breastmilk, but its worth a try. Everytime i have a stain in my clothes i use dish washing liquid. Put some in da effected area(s), nad a little water and rub it in, and then toss it in da wash. Ive save a lot of clothes this way. Good luck

Hi C.. I'm a mother of 3 boys; 1-18yr old, 1-16yr old, and 1-turning 13 on the 16th. I breastfed the youngest one only. There were a lot of reasons I did not nurse the older boys and a lot of reasons why I did the youngest. To address your question; you may want to try dampening the area and taking a regular bar of hand soap-any kind and rubbing it on the area then using your finger nails to scrape at the stain then let it dry, then wash with a regular load of laundry. I know this works a lot of times when the stain is fresh, not sure on an older stain. You might also try powder dishwahing soap, basically doing the same thing as with the hand soap. Both of these work well on many types of stains, including mud and colored stains. Hopefully this will help and good luck and CONGRATULATIONS on both children!!!

I reused a lot of my daughter's cloths, and she spit up a lot. I had washed everything before packing it up, but the protein stains came back when unused for awhile. Most of the stains came out perfectly though. I use Clorox for Colors liquid and Oxyclean powder. Combine a small amount of each to make a paste then rub it on the stain. Let set for several minutes, then wash as normal. Normally I can tell right away if the stain will come out or not, because I can feel warmth when rubbing the fabric with the paste. If it doesn't "heat up", then I know the stain is probably set for good. Good luck.

There are a few things that worked for me. It's a little hard to find sometimes, but Totally Toddler stain remover worked well for me. Babies R Us usually carried that one and sometimes you can catch it at Target or Wal-Mart. Dreft stain remover worked well too, but not as good as Totally Toddler. My kids are older now and I often use this stuff called M-30 stain remover. It works fabulous and it's cheap (only $1)!! The only place I've ever found it is Dollar General. It comes in a tub that is white with labeling that is orange, blue and red. It is a thick, white, creamy stuff that you can rub on the stain and rub into the fabric well. I let it sit overnight and then wash it on the highest temp the fabric can handle. It doesn't smell good but, it gets everything out -- chocolate, grass stains, blood, etc. Hope this helps you out some!

Hi, don't know much about removing breast milk, but there is a product called Soilove (Laundry soil-stain remover). My daughter got me using this. Her mother-in-law lived in CA and she sent it to her here in TX. It is great - will remove most anything. Well then we found it here at the 99 cent Only store. There are several different kinds of cleaners and removers. I highly recommend this for any fabric. It is made in the USA (California). Good Luck - T.

Try putting them outside in the sun. I got a lot o hand me downs which I was thankful for but they also had lots of satins. I washed them all and treated the spots with shout or something like that then the stains that did not come out I hung out on a line that my husband put up for me. This also works great for getting poop stains out also.

Hope this helps

I use some great products: Solumel and Prespot. They both work wonders. They've gotten out blood stains, red wine stains, medicine stains, hot wing sauce stains, and they don't contain any harmful ingredients, toxins or chemicals. So they are safer for me and my family.


OxiClean... it works wonders!!

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