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Does Anyone Know How to Get Poopy Stains Out of Clothes?

My baby has a diaper blow out almost every day and it's taking its toll on her clothes. She is breastfed so the poo leaves a nasty yellow stain. I have tried soaking her clothes and using laundry spot removers but I can't get out all the stains. Any cleaning advice would be appreciated!

PART 2: THANKS SO MUCH for all the great advice!!! Regarding going up a size in the diaper: She is in a size 4 diaper already and she is 8 months old and around 21 lbs. I cant believe she would already be out of a size 4 diaper? I think the blowouts are because the breastfed poopy is so liquidy that it goes up her back when she is sitting.

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BIZ has always worked for me. I let it soak at least over night, stirring it around a few times. Then I usually have to scrub, but it all comes out.

You can try colorsafe bleach, and then just wash again after with the Dreft. As far as preventing the blowouts, have you considered moving up a size in the diapers? Sometimes they blow out because the diapers are too small.

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I have found that Dawn dish soap does wonders on stains. The key is to rinse right away, then rub and scrub with Dawn.

When I was researching cloth diapers, a lot of the websites mentioned that drying your clothes out in the sunshine will remove any stains. We use cloth diapers and rinse out any poopy diapers (my husband connected a sprayer to the toilet...it's just like the sprayer at your kitchen sink, and it easily cleans the diapers without having to touch them too much). If there are still stains, I spray with Dreft, wash and then we hang them outside when it's nice.

Hope this helps!

BIZ has always worked for me. I let it soak at least over night, stirring it around a few times. Then I usually have to scrub, but it all comes out.

Try soaking it in BIZ and your detergent for at least overnight, stirring it once in awhile.

Simple Green works for me. We have the same problem! :)

I used Zout on all of my children's poopy stains. When that didn't work, I would put a dab of lemon juice directly on the stain and put it out in the stain. Be careful with this one and do a spot test first-it may zap some color out of certain items.

Another suggestion is to use Woolite. As soon as your remove the item from your baby, fill the sink with cold water and add a little woolite. Let it soak in there for 2-3 hours. This usually does the trick as well-it works wonders on blood and ketchup stains, too!

Hi J.,
One suggestion *not* on the oxi-clean bandwagon - lol!

Spray-n-Wash. I used it so much the first months for both my boys, I'd buy bottles of refill in bulk!

Here's the sales pitch: I had a yard sale, and a Mom asked me if my babies don't poop: NO stains; and no breastmilk stains on my shirts. Also awesome for spit-up.

Try Resolve, scrub with toothbrush, let set and then apply a bt more and wash.

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